Browns: Time is key for the secondary

| 3 years ago

Browns: Time is key for the secondary

PFF-headlinesIt’s the Cleveland Browns’ first season under head coach Mike Pettine, and it’s taken the defense a little while to settle. It was much the same at Pettine’s previous stop, as defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. The Bills’ secondary was slow to respond to Pettine’s tutelage, they combined for a -15.3 overall grade in the first half of last season, before they turned it around with a combined +22.6 grade for the second half of 2013.

After a similarly rocky start, the Browns’ secondary seems to have reached it’s turning point a little earlier in the season, with a cumulative -12.3 grade for the first four games, compared to a +30.6 grade since. That improvement that has been most visible through the changing fortunes of cornerback Joe Haden.

Through the first five games, Haden had conceded 21 receptions for 329 yards and two touchdowns, allowing 1.65 Yards per Cover Snap, 61st among starting corners. In the four games since Haden has conceded 15 receptions for 127 yards and zero touchdowns; his 0.75 Yards per Cover Snap is ninth-best among corners in that period. It’s crucial for the Browns’ playoff hopes that Haden and the rest of the secondary maintain their impressive form.

  • Jason Williams

    and then there is Buster Skrine… who you can’t coach, you can only bench…

    • LesFleursDuMal

      You’re crazy. Skrine is solid.

      • Jason Williams

        the only thing that Skrine is solid at is the blank stare and hands on hips after he just got roasted for yet another touchdown. The sooner that Gilbert gets up to speed, the better.

        • Phantom of the Oprah Winfrey

          You’re both crazy, Skrine sucks but Gilbert’s definitely not better.