Projected Lineups: Seattle Seahawks

| February 21, 2014

32-lineups-SEAClosing out our review of every team’s lineup as it currently stands, it’s time to cast our eyes over the roster of the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks. Deserving winners of the Lombardi Trophy, they know they face a tough challenge in their division once again, with the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals both having strong years in 2013.

Fortunately for the Seahawks, the have an incredibly talented roster, but they do have some issues they need to address with a couple of key contributors scheduled to be free agents. Their defense has five players considered to be high quality or better, and nobody considered to be below average at this stage in their careers.

–  Player markers are colored per class on a six-step ‘Poor’ to ‘High Quality’ scale based on their overall performance and the league’s elite are marked separately in blue.
–  Colored outlines suggest a potential change in class.
–  Underlined players will be 30+ years old for the 2014 season.
–  Red player names suggest injury risks.
–  Click on the image to enlarge.

Lineups for every team can be found here

Lineup SEA

Roster Notes

–  Russell Wilson had a late season dip in form for the Seahawks, but he remains a very good quarterback with a bright future. Dangerous with his legs and with an arm to match, the Seahawks are set at the position for the next decade it seems.

–  They may not be able to bring Golden Tate back in the end, but the prognosis for the Seahawks wide receivers is good once again. Percy Harvin took his time to get on the field, but when he did his impact was felt. Perhaps the most dynamic offensive player in the game, Seattle will be expecting big things in 2014.

–  The weakest area on the team is the offensive line, where James Carpenter and J.R. Sweezy have struggled at guard. Sweezy did have some good performances down the stretch however, and that will give the Seahawks some encouragement that he is continuing to improve.

–  With Tony McDaniel and Clinton McDonald, both who impressed last year, scheduled to become free agents, the Seahawks are short on players on the defensive interior. Jordan Hill looks like the most logical choice and, while it’s hard to judge a player on just 65 snaps, he did finish with a positive grade on them.

–  The defensive backfield is amongst the most talented of any positional group in the league. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are elite, while Kam Chancellor played at that level in the playoffs. An increased role for Jeremy Lane looks likely but he hasn’t looked out of place when he’s been on the field so far.

2014 Cap Situation

At $850k over the cap, only two teams are in worse shape than the Seahawks. That’s not great news when you’re looking to plug a couple of holes created by some impact players and sign a draft class. They have benefitted by not having to spend big at quarterback and defensive back in recent years, but big contracts for Wilson and Sherman are likely looming too. Thankfully there are some big savings to be made.

Potential Casualties

Cutting Sidney Rice would save them $7.3m straight away, with the money better spent elsewhere. Chris Clemons would free up another $7.5m, allowing them to very quickly put themselves in a much more favorable cap position with just two moves.

Opportunities from the Roster

Byron Maxwell looks like a more than capable starter opposite Sherman at cornerback now, while Lane’s success when he’s been on the field should limit the expected loss of Walter Thurmond. It’s a similar story at wide receiver, where Doug Baldwin’s level of play in 2013 will make the team confident that they can handle the potential loss of Tate. Don’t forget that they spent a second round draft pick on running back Christine Michael, and despite playing sparingly, he did look impressive at times, forcing four missed tackles on nine carries against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3. It gives them some solid depth at the position behind Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin and may even see some teams come in with trade offers to try and pry one of the backups away from them.


Projected lineups by team:



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  1. RamblinHamblen says:

    Put some red letters on there for Percy

  2. guest1guest2 says:

    hmm. I think irvin starts one way or another–either at leo or slb. I do believe clemons will be cut. I believe bryant will be cut as well unfortunately if the seahawks are to pay bennett. So many ways this could go. I also hope that bailey challenges carpenter for the lg spot. Strong chance a rt is drafted in the first round and bowie plays rg. we’ll see. Okung played hurt this year as well..almost had turf toe. But I think he’s worthy of a blue border but he’ll have to prove that this year. You could really say that about a lot of guys on a lot of teams tho

  3. Jack says:

    Lmao, so Wilson gets the blue outline but Rivers, Brady, and Ben don’t?

    • Scott@Seattle says:

      The blue border is better than a solid green. So yes Wilson gets it and they dont.

      • Jack says:

        And he doesn’t deserve it.

        • Richard Sherman says:

          You mad bro ?

        • Scott@Seattle says:

          Because he’s black, why dont you just say it? Thats what it comes down to doesnt it? I remember a whole lot of white QB’s being on fantastic teams and winning the Superbowl, and they had nothing but glory heaped on them.

          • Jack says:

            No, it is because the other three are better QB’s. This is no knock on Wilson. But IMO, the six best QB’s are Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Brees, Ben, and Rivers. Wilson is likely falls in the 9th and 10 spot.

            Good QB, but he isn’t a borderline elite QB IMO.

          • Chris says:

            Agree with you. PFF has had a love affair with Wilson for a while now that I can’t seem to understand. They can’t even criticize him without offering a “but, [praise]” at the end. He’s nearly as efficient as any QB in the NFL, but he’s never asked to carry the load like these other QB’s. Efficiency decreases with volume, but that doesn’t seem to apply here because their grading is based on volume. At one point in the season they had Tannehill as a top 10 QB.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            PFF has a “love affair” with Wilson, because some of them actually watch some of his games. Unlike his detractors who have probably never seen a football game in their lives.

            You do know that all but 1 of PFF picked Denver to win the Superbowl? So thats not what i would call a love affair.

          • Jack says:

            Wilson is exactly why I take PFF grades with a grain of salt. I love their statistics, but their individual grades is just hard to take seriously.

          • Richard Sherman says:

            “but he’s never asked to carry the load like these other QB’s.”


            So it’s a weakness to play for a extremely well balanced team ? PFF has had a love affair with Wilson because he fits mentally & physically in the QB position to the perfection.

            NFL Stats suck.

          • Brandon Purdy says:

            Swap Ben with Mat Ryan. Then Wilson comes in 7th. Ben is around 9 or 10.

          • 1coolguy says:

            Scott. Please quit posting and just go away. Your racist rants are pathetic.

          • Jubair says:

            It’s not about race. Wilson had as much to do with the Superbowl title as the Ravens QB did in 2000 and the Tampa Bay QB did in 2002. Trying putting Wilson as the Raiders QB and see what happens.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            Thats total BS. Russell Wilson was a huge bandaid for the offense. The offensive line was decimated by injuries and he still got them to 11-1 with his mobility and play making.

    • Thomas James says:

      That is a brilliant point Jack, although I would take Russell over Ben at this point. Apparently even PFT can’t always defeat the inevitable post-Super Bowl winner bump in all NFL player grading systems.

      • Thomas James says:

        PFF, not PFT. Sorry about that.

      • Scott@Seattle says:

        A mannequin could have won the SuperBowl with the Jimmy Johnson Dallas Cowboys but nobody said that at the time. It was the great Troy Aikman.

        Is it because he’s short, or from Seattle or black?

        • Jack says:

          Bull shit.

          People still give Aikman crap for being a complementary piece on a stack team.

          • 1coolguy says:

            Aikmans numbers: td 165 int 141 yards 31k qbr 81. Yes Troy was on a stacked team. These are not hof numbers. They are actually poor numbers.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            A QBR of 81 is not poor, that means your team should win 81% of the time. QBR is just a statistic though, and we all know there are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

          • osoviejo says:

            “A QBR of 81 is not poor, that means your team should win 81% of the time.”

            Well, I’ve seen that said but it’s not true, nor could it possibly be true. QBR is not a zero-sum stat.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            Well, that is what QBR is supposed to mean, of course thats silly. I’m just saying that 81 is really good. 100 is the max. If you’re talking passer rating, then 81 is mediocre.

        • Thomas James says:

          Lol, playing the race card. These are all projections so it is very possible Wilson will outplay every other QB in the NFL next year, but based on 2013 form that would be taking a leap of faith. I have a whole bunch of respect Wilson, he physically reminds me of a young Donovan McNabb with better throws when under pressure and superior leadership qualities. I don’t think Aikman was the best QB from the 90s so you are preaching to the quire here as far as that goes. 😀

          • Thomas James says:

            Oh right, I can’t use black people as examples. Ok, Wilson reminds me of Jeff Garcia except with a far better physical skill set and he isn’t a complete a*s to everyone he ever worked with.

          • Brandon Purdy says:

            Yea and Tebow reminds me of P. Manning except he is not accurate. Idiot.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            How soon you forget, the Seahawks started 11-1 with a thrashing of Drew Brees (9-2) and Russell Wilson was a MVP candidate. They coasted a little down the stretch, there really wasnt much to play for.

          • Thomas James says:

            Well, sort of an MVP candidate. Right or wrong I think we all knew Peyton was going to be the MVP a month into the season. Wilson got the last laugh on that one! 😛

        • 1coolguy says:

          Quit your racist posts and just go away Scott. You are an ignorant fool.

    • ariphin says:

      Wilson is better than at least Ben at this point, imho. Best young QB right now.

      • Jack says:

        No, he really isn’t.

        Ben is much better pocket passer then Wilson(more accurate and a much stronger arm).

        • Scott@Seattle says:

          Such an ignorant remark. Russell Wilson throws 50 yards downfield on a dime on a regular basis. Why dont you just admit that you hate him because he’s black?

          • Jack says:

            Ben can complete passes with top tier velocity with 300 pound men trying to bring him down.

            Again, I don’t know why you keep bring race into this.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            So can Russell, whats your point? He just doesnt let them grab him usually. Points to Ben for lacking elusiveness?

          • Jack says:

            lmao, no he can’t.

            Wilson is elusive, but he isn’t country boy strong like Ben. He isn’t going to complete 30 yard bombs with 300 pound defensive line-man pulling him down.

            Hell, Aaron Rodger can’t even do that.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            Ok, watch this video i made last year.. tell me Russell Wilson doesnt have a strong arm?

            Watch the throw against Miami, against his body, from the far hash he throws a 20 yard out on a dime on the sideline. Who else can do that?

          • Jack says:

            Literally bringing him down, I have seen d-line men struggle to bring Ben down and he still can completes the pass with top tier velocity…..that is arm strength.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            You’re really hung up on that? Yes Ben is strong. I never said he wasnt. We’re talking arm strength, ie throwing the football not wrestling with linemen.

          • Brandon Purdy says:

            Yea an Wilson avoids the 300 pound men. It’s more than one way to skin a cat.

          • 1coolguy says:

            Your comment proves you’re ignorant.

        • Dude Manly says:

          Says the guy who’s never watched a game of football in his life. That’s just clown talk.

  4. Rafael says:

    why are there 12 on the offense?

    • Scott@Seattle says:

      Thats how we won the Superbowl, didnt you hear about the 12th man?

    • Hannah Hayes says:

      I believe teams with fullbacks gets twelve to account for the fullbacks. Though they might also be putting a second TE or WR on teams that don’t utilize FBs as much.

    • Thomas James says:

      You should be a coach on the sidelines! 😛 They have done that with all the teams, listing three WR and two TE along with an HB (six eligible football handlers; you are only allowed to have five maximum).

  5. Guest says:

    Russell WIlson is blue and green, baby!

  6. Scott@Seattle says:

    I think this is too pessimistic about the Seahawks resigning players. The cap is going up. There is a very good chance the Seahawks resign both Bennett and Tate. John Schneider said Tate is a priority and they have a very good chance to resign Bennett. If you follow the team you know that they are very straightforward with their public comments, no misdirection so far.

    • Hannah Hayes says:

      This only takes guys currently on contract into effect. They very well may resign certain players, but those players aren’t currently on the team.

  7. Scott@Seattle says:

    How is Percy Harvin not solid blue? Are we downgrading for injuries now? Every time he’s on the field he’s one of the top players in the NFL. Did you see the SuperBowl?

    • Hannah Hayes says:

      The answer to your question is in your own post. A guy can’t be elite if he can’t be counted on.

    • Thomas James says:

      As a Broncos fan, I would like to point out the entire Seahawks roster looked like it should have been rated neon bright blue during the Super Bowl. Pretty sure the ‘Hawks mascot had a touchdown at one point.

      • Scott@Seattle says:

        Dont feel bad, they do that to everybody. I kept hearing the Seahawks havent seen an offense like Denver? Really? The Patriots with Gronk and Hernandez? New Orleans twice? Aaron Rodgers in 2012 with all his receivers healthy?

        The Seahawks defense dominated every one of those games.

  8. Anicra says:

    I would have gone with G, WR (speed and size), 3techDT and 5tech DE/DT (Red Bryant situ dependent )

  9. Scott@Seattle says:

    I’m 41 years old and ive seen a lot of Superbowls, the only QB’s who were treated like they did nothing really to contribute to it by the national media were Russell Wilson and Doug Williams. They just both happen to be black, if you want to tell me this is because of some other reason i wont believe you.

    • Jack says:

      Oh please, it has nothing to do with race.

      Wilson is being treated similarly to the way Brady was in 2001, and Big Ben when he won 2005 and 2008.

      • Scott@Seattle says:

        You’re so full of it, you trot out patently false arguments like “Russell Wilson doesnt have a strong arm”, either you are ignorant because you know nothing about football or you are ignorant because you are a racist.

        Whats next? Usain Bolt: not very fast.

        • Jack says:

          Can you read?

          Where the hell did I say Wilson had a weak arm? I said Ben’s arm is much stronger, which is just a fact. Ben can complete passes with guys hanging on him, that isn’t a knock on Wilson, very few guys can do that.

          I seriously don’t know why you continue to play the race card, no one is bringing Wilson down because he is black. The guys I listed are just better QB’s at this point and that is no knock, two of them are hall of famers(Brady and Ben) and one is borderline(Rivers).

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            This is exactly what i’m talking about. If you want to criticize Russell WIlson just be factually accurate.

            No current QB has a “much stronger” arm than Russell Wilson. Certainly not Rothlisburger, and he’s clearly less accurate than Wilson.

            In fact, if you look at everything Rothlisberger did through his first two years Russell Wilson is better.

          • Jack says:

            Jesus, spit or swallow?

            There are several QB’s whom have a stronger arm then Wilson. Rodgers, Ben, Cutler, Flacco, Newton, Kap, Stafford. That is just seven guys off the top of my head.

            Wilson has a good arm, but he isn’t an elite arm talent, that just a fact.

            And Ben is far more accurate passer from the pocket and on the run… isn’t even really a debate to be honest.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            Saying things are a fact doesnt make them one.

          • akmac61 says:

            Arm or body strength is only a small factor. Wilson is a winner, who else has a better record the last 2 years. Granted, a 2 year career does not prove greatness at a HOF level, but the kid has met every challenge.

          • Jack says:

            Oh here comes “he is a winner” garbage. I would think we would be above that on here.

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            I’d think we’d be above ridiculous arguments like “Russell Wilson has a weak arm” too.

          • RM says:

            Apparently what you want to hear is that compared to Russell Wilson, all other Quarterbacks in High School, College, and the Pro’s are total Pieces of Crap and should be executed for their pathetic worthlessness. The Hall of Fame should take the busts of all the Quarterbacks and destroy them. All living greats such as Montana, Staubach, etc. should be publicly flogged for their overwhelming patheticness…. haha You are 41? My God you must be from Seattle…

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            So is anything i say not factual? You talk in abstract terms because you know that everything i say is 100% correct.

          • RM says:

            Had family move to Seattle…. it took a few years but they turned into absolute arrogant d-bags,,, Russel Wilson Percy Harvin, and Kam Chancellor are all tied to my home state. Seems to me they have a great future. Seeing how comparing Quarterbacks is about as subjective as judging “ice dancing” ( its not like boxing where they enter a ring and fight each other) it is a matter of opinion. Opinions can not be presented as fact. I know this is a shock to a person from Seattle… you are not 100% correct

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            What i’m saying is that i am offering a valid argument. Example: Peyton Manning is a terrible QB. Thats not a valid argument he clearly is not. Peyton Manning doesnt get it done in pressure situations. Thats a valid argument true or not.

            If you want to say that Russell Wilson lacks prototypical height and it will catch up to him eventually, fine, i disagree but its a valid argument.

            To say that he has a weak arm is just dumb, its clearly not true.

          • RM says:

            Fair enough… btw I have very little to say about Russell Wilson. I was just reading the comments and jumped in. I do know he is practically worshiped by Colin Cowheard, Mike & Mike and Peter King. I have not heard anything bad said about him. Now message boards like these are a different story… Find an article on PM or Tom Brady, and half the comments would make you think they are total losers…

            Anyhow congrats to Seahawks fans… final reached the NFL promised land!

          • Scott@Seattle says:

            Thank you, i can see you’re not a troll like the others. I would say that Russell Wilson is treated differently. Peyton Manning throws a pass right to Kam Chancellor and what does Troy Aikman say? Sometimes that happens.

            Russell Wilson throws 3 straight completions converting 2 first downs and Troy Aikman is still talking about the first pass he threw where he missed by 6 inches.

          • RM says:

            In my opinion it has allot to do with where they are in their careers… PM and Tom Brady are wrapping up HOF careers. They ARE being treated differently, I would say it comes from respect. Many QB’s have had a few great years… But not too many had an entire career of greatness. Time will tell with Wilson. He is off to a great start and seems to have the discipline and character to have a great career…

    • 1coolguy says:

      Wow Scott. Quit your racist postings as they truly show what a fool you are. Just go away. Please

  10. Chris says:

    Interesting that according to you guys, the 49ers have more solid and above players (19) than the Seahawks (17). They also have more cap space and the most draft picks in the NFL. The Seahawks deserve to be favorites going into the season, but anyone talking dynasty needs to slow down.

  11. Scott@Seattle says:

    Rothlisberger in the Superbowl:
    9-21 for 123 yards and 2 INT Rating = 22.6
    21-30 for 256 1 TD 1 INT Rating = 93.2

    18-25 for 206 2 TD 0 INT, Rating = 123.1

    Now which one is a future hall of famer?

    • Jack says:

      The guy with two rings and a career passer rating of 92 and has been one of the 5-6 best QB’s over the past ten years.

      Christ, your homerism is laughable.

      • Scott@Seattle says:

        Russell Wilson has a career passer rating of 100.6 and 1 SB in two years. Not to mention he played a lot better in it.

        What else you got? Anything Rothlisberger can do Wilson can do better.

      • Picklejuice says:

        I think Rothlisberger would make the Hall of Very Good, but not the Hall of Fame. Might also make the Hall of Infamy if he continues to mistreat women during the 4 year waiting period after her retires.

  12. Elly says:

    Wilson has finished top 5 in the past two years in their rankings.
    Of course he’s going to have a blue outline. He’s consistently shown he deserves it.

  13. plyka says:

    Holy moly, looks like we got a Ben homer on the board. Wilson isn’t the best QB in the league, but he is damn good. Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Brady, etc. But to say Ben is better than Wilson is quite laughable. Ben is a good QB, not a great one, not a top ten QB that’s for sure. He fit the Steelers perfectly, and they won 2 SBs, so you can’t say he isn’t quality. But to act like the guy is Rodgers is very homerish.

    • Jack says:

      I am actually a Chargers fan.

      Ben Roethlisberger is easily a top 10 QB(at worst he is the 6th best QB in the NFL) and the comparison to him and Wilson isn’t even close. Ben is asked to do far more on offense then WIlson is for the Seahawks. Ben is a better pocket passer and just a better overall physical talent.

      • Thomas James says:

        I agree that Ben is asked to do more with a worse supporting cast at the moment, but they both have extreme physical talent despite what the draft people said about Wilson. Ben is country strong like Elway was (except more injury prone and slightly less mobile) while Wilson is more of a Cunningham/Jeff Garcia/Derek Jeter cross who can make powerfully accurate and acrobatic baseball like throws with a football. I have never seen the latter from any previous NFL player in the 90s and 00s.

    • Thomas James says:

      Ben would prefer to have Wilson’s supporting cast, I’ll say that much. It is an odd comparison because it is between generations and with all the rule changes the past eight years it is very difficult to do. As far as who should be #6, #7, and #12, couldn’t care less. There are only two types of players in the NFL, those that are part of the problem and those that aren’t. Wilson and Ben both clearly belong to the former category.

      • Thomas James says:

        Whoops! Mistyped again. I meant they both are not part of the problem. Apparently my typing is part of the problem though. 😛

        • Scott@Seattle says:

          Agreed, i like both QB’s. I think Wilson’s supporting cast is overrated. Sure the defense is fantastic but there are real problems on offense that he has to overcome.

  14. SoE says:

    What about Jesse Williams. I’m sure they’ll take a look at him in the interior D spot. He had some crazy workout numbers as I recall. Also had a solid college year before draft.

    • Scott@Seattle says:

      I was excited about Jesse Williams when they drafted him. I’m very worried about his knees, the Seahawks sent him home to rehab. Not encouraging.

  15. Joe_madre says:

    Dooods… leave the little seasquaks fans alone. They have their super bowl title and so, like little children, they sea everybody on their team as the best there is. They can’t simply accept that they have a great team with a good system that an average qb such as Wilson can thrive in. So long as he doesn’t have to pick the team up and carry it to the finish line he’s solid.

    • Scott@Seattle says:

      Seattle has a great team? Thank you, it takes quite a few good/great players to make a great team. If Russell Wilson is just average, then you’d agree that the Seahawks should have a lot more solid blue players?

  16. Scott@Seattle says:

    Say what you want about Russell Wilson, if you switched the QB’s in the superbowl that game is a lot closer. Russell Wilson is not as easy to shut down as Peyton Manning.

  17. CaptainClutch says:

    @scottseattle:disqus You are a damn joke! everybody here knows it. Just because we think other QB’s are better than wilson doesn’t mean we are racist you crack head, grow up.

    • Scott@Seattle says:

      Wow i’m a crack head? So you’re assuming that because i’m against the racist treatment of black quarterbacks that i’m 1) Black, 2) on crack. Nice.