2014 Projected Lineups

| February 21, 2014

Lineups-featureAs part of our offseason offering, the PFF team has taken on the task of outlining the current state of all 32 lineups as teams head into the 2014 free agency period. We’ve gone position by position through every team to see what shape things are in with Unrestricted Free Agents removed — giving a baseline look and a starting point for the roster moves that are on the way.

Each player is marked with a color-coded rating from ‘poor’ to ‘high quality’ with special designations for the league’s elite and for those who’ve not seen enough of yet to know. Players seen to have distinct potential to climb classes have their markers outlined with a higher color.

We posted a few per day according to the 2014 draft order but have collected them all here so you can easily click to your favorite team and check out your rivals and the rest as well. Who has their foundation in place and which teams still have a lot of work to do? Of course if you want to see actual grades, with a host of unique PFF signature stats, sign up today for 365 days of access to PFF Premium. For now check out the charts:

Projected lineups

 Buffalo100  NewYorkJets100  Miami100new  NewEngland100 EAST  Dallas100  NewYorkGiants100  Philadelphia100  Washington100
 Baltimore100  Cincinnati100  Cleveland100  Pittsburgh100 NORTH  Chicago100  GreenBay100  Minnesota100  Detroit100
 Houston100  Indianapolis100  Jacksonville100new  Tennessee100 SOUTH  Atlanta100  Carolina100  NewOrleans100 TampaBay100
 Denver100  KansasCity100  Oakland100  SanDiego100 WEST  Arizona100  StLouis100  SanFrancisco100  Seattle100



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  1. Jack says:

    May I ask how your “experts” decide who’s ranked as what? Because it’s certain there’s not much logic behind it.

    • Ryan Kelly says:

      I’m assuming they determine the quality of a player through a combination of their grades, signature stats, and an assessment of the context in which that player performed. After all, these guys do watch every player on every snap throughout the season and assess their play through detailed quantitative and carefully-defined qualitative measures. So yeah, that sounds pretty logical to me.

      I’m really sorry if PFF’s research shows your favorite player isn’t as good as the national media have hyped him up to be. But I’m sure you can find plenty of articles based on sound bites and mindless analysis that will tell you he is a wonderful player. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll have to find your “experts” elsewhere.

    • Thomas James says:

      PFF does a great job of gathering different statistic types together and presenting them for compelling arguments, but because these are “projected” lineups these don’t rely purely on the stats and are like the magazines NFL fanatics used to buy in the late 90s/early 00s where half of the predicted lineup would have been benched or cut by the team a week into training camp. Then and now “projected” has always equaled “take with a grain of salt.” It is the offseason, so it is that time of year where every part of the NFL media has to kill a little time before August. We don’t know what is going to happen next year. Jake Locker could throw 60 TDs next season or tear his ACL in the opening game. It is PFF’s opinion of how the player will perform in 2014, an educated guess. Their opinions might be right or they might not be right come the 2014 season. It doesn’t mean they should not be allowed to state them. I mean after all we are all here reading them guessing along with them. :)

    • Perhaps says:

      Perhaps you could tell us who you think is being slighted, or just a few examples.

  2. Nick says:

    I think the problem with PFF’s new “direction” is that they’re trying to become more predictive.

    I really appreciate their analytics and signature stats…but their predictive stats/opinions/whatever is causing them to lose credibility.

  3. Thomas James says:

    I’m projecting that these projected lineups won’t unfold as projected in 2014. Just a hunch.

  4. EddieM says:

    Show the free agents that each team stands to lose somewhere in each info-graphic in appropriate skill-color. Also show the amount of cap space so that we can muse about who we think each team will be able to keep.

  5. ZackD says:

    My suggestion would be to add special teams to the chart

  6. Nick Cortez says:

    Still no update that Jimmy Graham will be a New Orleans Saint…

  7. bcbbc2202 says:

    It would be great to see those updated after most FA moves are done.

  8. Guest says:

    How is To

  9. Can we get the FA skill color now please??

  10. Jack Huber says:

    Hi, are you guys going to update these? thanks.

  11. Vini says:

    Are you planning on updating the Projected Lineups now that free-agents have signed and rookies have been drafted? If so, when? Thanks for the great work.