Best throws of preseason Week 1

Mike Renner shows you the three most impressive throws from Week 1 of the preseason.

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Best throws of preseason Week 1

What were the best throws made in Week 1 of the 2015 NFL preseason? We’ve identified the top three for this highlight reel, taking into account the following traits: positioning, timing, velocity and difficulty.

  1. Luke McCown to Brandin Cooks, Saints: 2nd quarter, 9:26


This throw shows why ball placement along the sidelines is so important on go routes. Cooks didn’t win on the route until right at the end, but because McCown tucked the ball so tight on the hash the defender had no chance of ever making a play on it. The play was called back by some sloppy footwork from Cooks, who stepped out before the catch.

  1. Charlie Whitehurst to Andrew Turzilli, Titans: 3rd quarter 6:20


On this deep corner route versus cover-three defense. Whitehurst displayed great anticipation as he released the ball on the receiver’s break to the corner. Turzilli had over-the-top leverage and the throw was in stride, but unfortunately this throw was also called back by an unnecessary shove from Turzilli.

  1. EJ Manuel to Deonte Thompson, Bills: 3rd quarter, 2:03


You couldn’t walk out there and place it in a much better position than where Manuel fit this throw in. With a quarters concept to that side, the deep post was the perfect route after the safety bit up on the run.

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