Best players at every position for Week 7

Tom Brady and Ndamukong Suh lead our list of the best players at every position for Week 7.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

(AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

Best players at every position for Week 7

There were some big box score performances on Sunday, as the yards flowed for quarterbacks and the sacks flowed for pass rushers. But going beyond that, who would the tape determine worthy of a place on the PFF Team of the Week roster?

Let’s find out.

Quarterback: Tom Brady, Patriots (+7.3)

“Tom Terrific” showed up on Sunday, as he somehow pushed the Patriots to victory despite his receivers dropping a terrible nine balls. He looks unstoppable right now.

Running back: Todd Gurley, Rams (+4.2)

This might not be the last time we see Gurley on this team. He was incredible in forcing 11 missed tackles, looking like the kind of weapon the Rams have desperately needed.

Fullback: Jorvorskie Lane, Buccaneers (+2.5)

Sunday was ultimately disappointing for Tampa Bay, but a nice showing from the Buccaneers’ fullback was pivotal.

Tight end: Gary Barnidge, Browns (+2.4)

It was tight between Barnidge, Jordan Reed, and Jason Witten, but ultimately what the Browns’ TE was able to do on his six catches won the day.

Wide receivers: Mike Evans, Buccaneers (+3.0) and Amari Cooper, Raiders (+3.4)

If Cooper can play like that every week, he might stroll to the Rookie of the Year title. That’s how good he was in making the Charger’s secondary look silly. Evans is a real go-to weapon for Jameis Winston, and it showed up big against the Redskins.

Tackles: Terron Armstead, Saints (+6.8) and Morgan Moses, Redskins (+3.6)

You think the Saints missed Armstead? Back from injury and with a point to prove, Armstead allowed no pressure, but it was his dominating work in the run game that really stood out. Moses did allow a sack, but he continues to flash the kind of talent that suggests he could be the Redskins’ right tackle of the future.

Guards: Tim Lelito, Saints (+4.4) and Zack Martin, Cowboys (+5.9)

A first-time appearance for Lelito, who was part of the Saints’ left side that crushed the Colts’ defensive line. Martin is no debutant after his excellent rookie year, but his efforts in the Cowboys’ defeat were his best of the year.

Center: Rodney Hudson, Raiders (+6.5)

This was as good of a performance as we’ve seen from a center all year. Spending big money on linemen in free agency can be risky, but if Hudson can build on this game, it will prove worth it.


Each week, we put forward a hybrid defense that features two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers), three players on the “interior” of the defensive line (3-4 defensive ends or defensive tackles), and two linebackers (all inside linebackers and 4-3 outside linebackers).

Defensive interior – ends: Kawann Short, Panthers (+7.0) and Ndamukong Suh, Dolphins (+4.2)

One of the best-kept secrets in the NFL was how good of a player Short is. It’s not a secret anymore, because he’s playing as well as any defensive lineman in the league. Suh annoyed with three penalties, but he also had five disruptions on the quarterback, including two sacks.

Defensive interior – nose: Marcell Dareus, Bills (+4.4)

Not the biggest week for those lined up opposite the center, but Dareus was one Bills’ defender to emerge with credit. He created a sack with his penetration, and was his usual disruptive self against the run.

Edge rushers: Cameron Jordan, Saints (+10.2) and Cameron Wake, Dolphins (+7.1)

“Team Cameron” this week, with two relentless pass-rushing efforts. Wake appears unleashed under Dan Campbell, adding two more sacks to his season total, and a further four hurries. But that paled in comparison to Jordan, who ended the day with nine disruptions and two batted passes. He’s playing lights out right now.

Linebackers: Dont’a Hightower, Patriots (+7.5) and Luke Kuechly, Panthers (+4.3)

It feels like every week either Kuechly or Thomas Davis makes this team, with this week the turn of Kuechly, who narrowly edged his teammate out for a spot. Partnering him, Hightower made seven defensive stops and added a ridiculous seven hurries. You don’t see performances like that very often.

Cornerbacks: Janoris Jenkins, Rams (+3.1) and Ronald Darby, Bills (+3.1)

Darby is going to keep his stranglehold on our race for Rookie of the Year with another excellent effort that saw him break up three passes. Over in St. Louis, Jenkins edged out LaMarcus Joyner, allowing just three receptions and deflecting two of his own.

Safeties: Reshad Jones, Dolphins (+2.9) and Patrick Chung, Patriots (+2.9)

An All-AFC East pairing, both of whom were particularly good in coverage. Chung made a couple of big plays (including one to prevent a touchdown), while Jones wracked up his second pick of the year in a one-sided victory over the Texans.

Kicker: Nick Folk, Jets

Blair Walsh blew his chances with a missed extra point, but the flawless Folk had no such worries.

Punter: Pat McAfee, Colts

The one Colt to come out of Sunday with credit.

Returner: Dwayne Harris, Giants

One play can often define a game; Harris was the guy to make that play.

For the worst players at every position in Week 7, view Bryson Vesnaver’s Worst Team of the Week roster.

  • ChuckNice

    Go panthers!!!!

  • CountMahdrof

    Brady – 56% completions, 2 TD passes on 54 attempts
    Tannehill – 95% completions, 4 TDs on 19 attempts

    Not sure I’m buying that Brady had a better day, folks.

    • Dildo Baggins

      Did you watch the dolphins game? Tannehill simply just put the ball in the hands of either Landry or Miller and they did all the work. Im pretty sure Rich Eisen could have scored on that 54 yard screen.

      Brady actually had to work for it. Not a knock on Tannehil at all, but he didnt do much in that game, because he didnt have to.

      • Riffle,Rod&Fly

        Tannehill fanboys are almost as bad as the Brady fanboys. Save your breath.
        It’s amazing, the writing is right there on the wall. They can’t win on his arm, they were embarrassed in all these games where he threw it ~40 times under Philbin’s circa 2010 offense and they still don’t see it. It may be the southeast’s special brand of willfull ignorance. I’m from there and unfortunately quite familiar with it.

      • CountMahdrof

        Perfectly placed to receivers running in stride who went for big yardage. Yeah, that’s not as good as completing 34 of 54 for two fewer scores. You Brady sycophants are something else. Since you can’t defend his integrity, you have to try and make him more than he is as a player.

        • Call it like ya C it

          Tune in Thursday nite to see who is the better QB .
          As for Brady having to get ANYONES approval….. PLEASE

        • crashby89

          And the level of competition was what? I’m no Brady fan but you cant compare the Texans Defense to the Jets defense.

        • Big Iron

          Was sycophant the word of the day on your ‘I hate the Patriots (the current NFL champs and dominant team in the NFL) dbag vocabulary use big words to make me sound smart calendar’?

          • Malachi

            booooom, lol

        • [email protected]

          I agree 100%

      • WillDawg24

        Now I see why they call you dildo. Must be a Brady butt pirate.

    • JC Harris

      But…it’s Brady…all hail Brady ….

      Tannehill out played him by far. Of course, Dolphins games seem to always be the last graded (unless they play the Patriots) so still waiting on the ratings.

      • Jared

        In what way did 17 outplay 12?

        • CountMahdrof

          One incompletion compared to 11? 4 TD passes compared to 2? Or is basic math difficult for you? Sycophancy is a disease.

          • crashby89

            Apparently understanding more than a box score is difficult for you.

      • Greg Riehl

        You realize Tannehill’s 4 passing TDs (which were for 53, 50, 10, and 54 yards) were only thrown for an average of 5.5 yards downfield right? That’s not Tannehill having a great game, that’s the receivers making plays.

        • CountMahdrof

          You realize Brady had 11 incomplete passes to Tannehill’s one? So Tannehill had a worse day because he took what the defense gave him? Those passes may have only travelled 6 yds, but they were perfectly placed, allowing the receiver to gain a TON of YAC. PFT is NOT objective, and if you believe they are, vote for Hillary, because she never lies.

          • Treyante Blackston

            Dude. The Pat’s had 10 drops. If those balls were caught, Tom Brady only has 1 incompletion

          • eleary21

            He had 10 incomplete passes not including the drops. 20 with the drops..

          • plasticduckarmada

            PFF is not the place for you. Maybe Fox sports? You probably get your news there anyway.

          • Mark

            Tannehill’s passes traveled a lot farther than 6 yards. Several on outs, slants, crosses, etc that had perfect ball placement and allowed receivers to catch them in stride; the design of the offense. Sorry haters, I’ll take 95% completion, 282 yds and 4 TD’s any week. He has proved that he can deliver as long as he is not getting pummeled. Brady is incredible and one of best ever. That doesn’t mean Tannehill sucks. Should be fun Thursday.

    • alexander

      yeah but tannehill receivers made big plays with short passes, his receivers made him look good

    • King Pelé

      PFF is not about raw stats. Tannehill got favored by an absurd amount of yards after catch, Brady stats got hurt by 10 total drops by his receivers including one in the end zone by Edelman, Tannehill got the help of Lamar Miller who rushed for 175 yards in 14 attempts (12.5 yds/att) while the Patriots RBs combined for 1 total rushing yard. Jets defense is also much better than Texans defense. And you’re still wrong, Brady completed 63% of his passes. Do i need to say more?

    • Riffle,Rod&Fly

      Tannehill played efficiently and showed how good they pick their throws. PFF grades difficulty of throws and Tannehill’s were not difficult. I have a lot of qualms with PFF’s QB grading but this was the right call.

    • JustinC83

      34 of 54 is 63% and 9 of the 20 incompletions were drops.

    • crosseyedlemon

      PFF has decided that Brady should get a grading bonus for being able to adjust to footballs that aren’t deflated.

    • GPH


    • Brian

      First of all your math is atrocious. Brady’s completion % was 62%. Second if not for the drops it would have been 80%. Also his yardage total would have been over 400 yds & he would have 3 passing tds to go along w his rushing td instead of 2. He was also facing the best defense in the league and tanehill was facing houston. Also brady completely carried his offense. He acounted for 99% of the pats offensive total yards as he also led the team in rushing. They only handed the ball off to rbs 5 times. It’s a well known fact it’s impossible for qbs to win games when they attempt over 50 passes as every other qb in the history of the league is 3-82 when attempting over 50 passes. Brady has won numerous times attempting over 50 passes. I can’t remember his record but he either hasn’t lost when attempting 50 passes or has lost once. Either way that’s amazing and what he did to the Jets was amazing and no other qb in the league can do what he does. Sure taneheill had a more efficient statistical day but his passes didn’t even eclipse over 50 yards. His receivers did all the damage w yac. The dolphins dominated the Texans in every aspect of the game. Brady completely carried the patriots to victory in a way no other qb can. U cant even compare the performances. The biggest brady detractors and the biggest taneheill supporters could not argue that taneheill had the better day. It’s not even close. If u didn’t watch their games I can understand the assumption but if u watched either game then u lack the understanding of the qb position and the game in itself.

      • David

        How can Brady have won more than one game with over 50 passes thrown if what your saying makes sense? 3-82 in history but your calculations says only Brady and maybe one other QB has won? Makes no sense since QB’s like Marino, Elway, Montana, Favre, etc, won multiple games while throwing over 50 passes!

        Brady is great no question, but Tannehill had a better week! Maybe Brady should have used a deflated ball and his WR would have had better chance to catch soft ball?!!!

        • Brian

          My statement makes total sense & is completely accurate. Qbs not named tom brady are 3-82 when attempting more than 50 passes. Brady has won multiple games and might be undefeated or has lost just once, can’t remember. Your statement that elway montana Favre marino have all won multiple games when attempting at least 50 passes is completely inaccurate. This exact fact has been ran on just about every media sports outlet since Sunday so I don’t know how exactly u have come to this false conclusion. If u want to make an argument that tanehill had a better week then at least have 1 true statement and not just make up lies. Statistical tanehill had a more efficient game but anyone who actually has real knowledge about the game of football and the qb position would say that he had a better day than brady. Tanehill in no way shape or for carried his team. Rishard matthews, Jarvis landry, and lamar miller did 90% of the work on tanehill’s stats. The dolphins defense also played outstanding. And they did this against one of the worst teams in the league. Brady played against one of the better teams in the league and the best defense in the league. He carried his team to victory despite multiple drops from his recievers, a patch work offensive line, an atrocious 3rd down defense, and no semblance of a running game. Brady was in fact the leading rusher for the pats. Brady also was lights out in the 4th quarter leading 2 clutch 4th quarter td drives one of which was the game winning drive much resembling his 4th qtr in tje super bowl. So let me put it like this…. tanehill had the better and more efficient statistical day. But as far as clutch play, command of the offense, carrying the team, brady did far more. Now if your argument would have been based on tanehill did what he needed to to give his team the win I could concede that. Bc he did in fact do what was needed to help his team win and he did it perfectly. It’s just that while his numbers are near perfect, he didn’t need to do much. I’m not saying that tanehill should be penalized for this but I don’t think it proves as much as what brady did thereby in a lot of opinions was inferior to brady’s day. Which goes back to that other qbs not named brady are 3-82 when attempting 50 plus passes and Brady has a near perfect record. When a qb is attempting 50 or more passes most times he is trying to completely carry his team. His defense has probably given up a lot of points and or he has no running game. Brady is the only qb in the history of the nfl that has proven he can carry a team in this way. On the other hand there have been guys like mark rypien and Phil simms who have had near identical statistical days as tanehill. I don’t mind debating about anything. I love debating football. I don’t even like brady more than tanehill. I’m unbiased and objective. But I can’t debate about something that is completely untrue especially when someone is claiming a fact untrue as well

        • Brian

          And I was referring to in the playoffs. Brady is 4-1 in the playoffs when attempting at least 50 passes. All other qbs have won only 3 times in the playoffs when atempting 50 passes. Elway montana marino favre have never won in the postseason when attempting at least 50 passes. Overall brady is 16-7 when attempting 50 or more passes. Noone else has won more than 5 which was moon who is 5-5 and marino who is 5-15. Montana is 2-3, manning is 4-12, elway is 1-1, Favre is 4-9. My point is when a qb has to attempt more than 50 passes in a game he typically doesn’t have a running game and or his defense has given up a lot of points. In these games it really falls on the qb. They r being asked to completely carry their team most of the time bc all other phases of their team is failing. Brady is the only qb in the history of the nfl to not only be able to consistently do that but excel at it.

    • Michele

      Are you looking at the right stats for Brady? 34 completions on 54 attempts (C%=69.4%, aC%=87.8%) for 355 yards, 2 passing TDs & 1 rushing TD. I agree with another comment that Landry and Miller did all the work. Tannehill’s aDOT was only 2.4 for week 7 – lowest in the league.

  • JudoPrince

    Did anyone watch the Patriots/Jets game? I did. The difference maker in the game was the Calvin Prior injury, who was tasked with defending Gronkowski. He was doing a great job, which allowed the Jets to send in effective blitz packages, making Brady and the Pats look mediocre for much of the first half. But with Prior leaving the game, the Jets were forced to replace him with a below avg player who was recently cut by another team. I seriously doubt the Pats would have got it going the way they did had Prior been healthy the whole game.

    • Riffle,Rod&Fly

      They’re going to lose to the Dolphins Thursday Night. Every NFL fan should be watching, it will be a great thing to see!

      • JudoPrince

        Any team can be beat, we know this. Credit to the Dolphins for playing well the last few weeks. But assuming they are going to beat a solid all around Pats team after destroying the horrid Texans is pretty baseless.

        • Riffle,Rod&Fly

          The opposition was poor but you can see how well rounded they were in those performances. The talent on this team is unquestionable. It just had not clicked under Philbin. I see a number of advantages over Belichick, first being that he hasn’t had a lot of time to decipher the new look Dolphins. The best thing is that we don’t have to wait very long for the answer.

          • Zachary Mills

            Patriots are at home, don’t have to travel like the Dolphins do, which is especially important with so little rest, and Campbell is a rookie HC. Great start, but Miami had better outplay the Pats on ST and not turn the ball over or it could get ugly.

    • snoth cambin

      Brady was going at Pryor when he was in the game Pryor. He also went at revis if edelman doesn’t drop a clear touchdown Bradys stats against revis would have been 4 of 5 for 54 yards and a touch down that one incompletion was a lafell drop. So saying they wouldn’t have done what they did if Pryor was 100% is not accurate since they attacked the Jets linebackers and safeties the entire day anyway.

      • JudoPrince

        When you play the Pats, the main priority from a defensive perspective is figuring out how to limit one the best receiving threats in the league in Gronk. Their plan was based largely on Calvin Pryor’s ability to roll coverage on him — especially in goal line situations and mid range plays over the middle, where Gronk tends to roam. I’d say it is 100% accurate to say the game changed when Pryor went out….it forced the Jets to scrap and adjust the central element of their game plan.

        • snoth cambin

          Pryor getting injured hampered the defense but the patriots game plan from the get go was attack their linebackers and safeties if pryor didnt get injured they would’ve attacked him regardless. They attacked revis a few times and wouldve had more success on him if it wasnt for drops. Im not sure how easy those completions were. that pass in the middle of the field on the 3rd and 17 was anticipation at its finest the pass over i think it was cromartie to lafell that was called a first down but was called back. None of those were easy the defense didnt give the patriots easy passes.

    • Nik Hildebrand

      I also watched the game, and I thought that Ivory pulling up lame inside the first quarter was more of a turning point.

    • [email protected]

      Absolutely TRUE!

  • FruitoftheLoom

    Allen Robinson (Wr) was +4.0 and Aaron Colvin (Cb) was +3.3. Both should be listed here in place of others

  • Sylvain Pauly

    Miller not top RB of the week?

    The man run for 175 yard 1TD and 60 in the air in 14 carries with 1 TD force 8 tackles, if I’m right, and, somehow, he is not the best RB of the week. 12.5 ypc…


    That’s where you see that PPF can be really absurd. Ridiculous…

    • CountMahdrof

      New England sycophants from the UK. Driving force behind relocating the NFL to London. I used to think they meant something until I started seeing real-world results not matching grades on a weekly basis.

  • PH1NS_FAN85

    We are forgetting one small thing. Who has a better offensive line Miami or NE!

  • GPH

    Stats are stats…..we don’t make the rules. Tannehill should have been rated higher this week plain and simple.

    • Engaged Reader

      What you’re arguing is that a QB that makes an easy throw for 5 yards that the receiver runs for a 50 yard touchdown is a better play for the QB than a difficult throw for 20 yards without a score. You’re missing the point entirely. The point is that you have to isolate what the QB actually did, not what the result of the play was. If a QB throws a perfect pass that is dropped by his receiver, and then a terrible throw a cornerback drops, they’re both incompletes. But clearly one was a better play for the QB specifically.

  • David

    I feel like Desmond Trufant gets punished in these grades because QBs simply don’t throw the ball at him. He’s the least targeted corner in the NFL yet rarely makes the best of team.

    • Malachi

      it’s a cumulative system, so it can hinder him from generating a higher grade, but they love him and mention him often just not on these lists

  • blacknite761

    Brady edges Tannehill this week….

  • rictus hood

    lol, brady had to work for it with gronk and edelman and amendola,… sure, god you guys are rediculous.,..