Best players at every position for Week 6

Jimmy Graham and Carson Palmer lead our list of the best players at every position for Week 6.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Matt York)

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Best players at every position for Week 6

There were some big box score performances on Sunday, as the yards flowed for quarterbacks, and the sacks flowed for pass rushers. But beyond that, who would the tape determine worthy of a place on the PFF Team of the Week roster?

Let’s find out.

Quarterback: Carson Palmer, Cardinals (+5.6)

An ugly interception may have ruined the perception of Palmer’s performance, but despite the Cardinals’ disappointing defeat, he continued his tremendous season with a number of pinpoint throws.

Running back: Chris Ivory, Jets (+2.5)

Another big day from Ivory, who is relishing life under Todd Bowles. He forced another three missed tackles on his way to 146 yards on the ground.

Fullback: Michael Burton, Lions (+2.7)

You wouldn’t think Burton was a rookie with how well he’s taken to the NFL. He was excellent against the Bears, not for the first time this season.

Tight end: Jimmy Graham, Seahawks (+3.0)

The Seahawks may have lost, but they possibly unleashed Jimmy Graham for the first time. The former Saint just beat out Ben Watson for the spot on this team, with his 140 yards on 10 targets.

Wide receivers: Keenan Allen, Chargers (+5.8) and DeAndre Hopkins, Texans (+3.7)

Our two receivers had an incredible 29 targets between them. It’s not about the volume of targets they had, though, but rather what they did with them that got them on this team. Allen caught every single ball thrown his way, while Hopkins is making the Texans competitive on offense with his brilliance.

Tackles: Chris Hairston, Chargers (+4.3) and Chris Clark, Texans (+5.8)

Not two well-known names around the league, but two who nonetheless were excellent in Week 6. Clark is on the team due to the strength of some fantastic run blocking, while Hairston was superb in pass protection, allowing just one hurry.

Guards: Andrew Norwell, Panthers (+4.3) and T.J. Lang, Packers (+4.3)

Cap purgatory has forced the Panthers to outperform the rest of the league come draft season, especially when it comes to undrafted free agents. Norwell highlights this with a big run blocking effort, continuing a season in which he is earning legitimate Pro Bowl consideration. Lang is a more familiar name, and while he has had a couple of poor games by his standards, he was at his best against the Chargers.

Center: Ryan Kalil, Panthers (+5.5)

The best center in the league? It’s been Kalil this year, and performances like the one against Seattle show why.


Each week we put forward a hybrid defense that features two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers), three players on the “interior” of the defensive line (3-4 defensive ends or defensive tackles) and two linebackers (all inside linebackers and 4-3 outside linebackers).

Defensive interior – ends: J.J. Watt, Texans (+7.1) and Kawann Short, Panthers (+5.4)

It was the good Watt this week, who was phenomenal rushing the passer with 11 quarterback disruptions. The excellent Short was fantastic himself, with six of his own along with some strong work in the run game.

Defensive interior – nose: Brandon Williams, Ravens (+5.8)

No nose tackle is playing as well as Williams. He disrupts A-gaps like it’s going out of fashion.

Edge Rushers: Cameron Wake, Dolphins (+7.8) and Cameron Jordan, Saints (+5.1)

Our two edge rushers combined for a somewhat decent seven sacks between them. Not too bad at all. Wake looked unleashed under the Dolphins new management, while Jordan showed his ability to win whatever technique he’s lined up at.

Linebackers: Luke Kuechly, Panthers (+3.5) and Christian Jones, Bears (+2.7)

You think Kuechly was happy to be back on the field? 11 tackles, eight of them defensive stops, highlight a player who was all over the field. Jones wasn’t quite as disruptive, but made a mark with positive marks in coverage and against the run.

Cornerbacks: Malcolm Butler, Patriots (+3.4) and Patrick Peterson, Cardinals (+3.0)

After getting taken to town by Antonio Brown in Week 1, Butler has really delivered as the Patriots’ top cornerback, with his effort against Indy his best yet. Peterson is one of the “name” cornerbacks who is actually playing up to his reputation level, with his grade against Pittsburgh his highest of the year.

Safeties: Earl Thomas, Seahawks (+4.6) and Marcus Gilchrist, Jets (+4.0)

Our safety combo combined for two interceptions and three pass breakups to make this team. Thomas, in particular, was fantastic, giving a glimpse into why he is regarded so highly.

Kicker: Chris Boswell, Steelers

A reassuring effort after the recent struggles from Josh Scobee.

Punter: Pat McAfee, Colts

His brilliance makes that decision to fake punt all the more, shall we say, interesting.

Returner: Adam Jones, Bengals

Always likely to change field position.


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  • shaunhan murray

    Maybe I didn’t see it right but when I watched the steelers game I saw Antonio brown get open consistently against pat pete unfortunately the throws or the lack there of is what led to bad catches to thrown at numbers. Look at when landry jones came in he could actually pass the ball somewhere physically catchable (sometimes) and brown got catches then

    • JC Harris

      Comma’s and periods are your friend … use them …

      • shaunhan murray

        Thank you for your very helpful comment.

      • Eyeroll

        One probably shouldn’t correct someone else’s punctuation use when one doesn’t understand that apostrophes do not make things plural.

        • Malachi

          lol, got him

    • Sam Doohan

      I think there’s some truth to that. Peterson played good coverage but as soon as someone who could actually throw the ball showed up he looked a bit more mortal. That doesn’t take anything away from Peterson, he did his job really well (like he usually does) but when it’s Vick throwing the ball then you don’t have to do much to stop catches happening. Vick’s line was 3 of 8 for 6 yards and couldn’t hit a wide open receiver let alone put a ball where Brown could make a play on it.

      • shaunhan murray

        Maybe they watched brown and judged his routes but he seemed open enough to make a play. With landry jones he only caught I think one or two passes but he looked throughout the game the winner of the matchup.I remember one pass vick threw were a blitz came and he threw a bullet to brown on a drag…unfortunately he threw it at his ankles.

    • loretta loretta

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    • Malachi

      more than just coverage in the overall grade, run D, any special teams, etc. contribute

      • shaunhan murray

        Yeah but in the steelers cardinals grade recap they say Peterson shut down brown and when it says that I think coverage.

        • Malachi

          no doubt

  • Anonymous

    Used to understand how the game grades worked, but I’m completely lost now. How does Butler get such a positive grade when midway through the game they physically put up the stat “thrown at 5, completed 4, 40 yards TD” and then he proceeded to give up a bunch more catches and get a couple PBU’s. How is that elite coverage? He’s just a guy. Josh Norman (for example) gave up 2 catches on 2 throws for -2 yards. Darrelle Revis has given up 3 catches for 10 yards on 10 targets over the last 3 games combined (according to Nathan Jahnke) yet not once in 3 weeks is he mentioned at all. Even somehow graded as the 17th best corner this season.

    This site has developed a love for certain teams and players. For example, Richard Sherman has been precisely awful this season yet the only thing written about it is that Seattle has had some “mis-communications” in the secondary. The Patriots, are God’s gift to Earth “despite very obvious roster flaws” (PFF’s words, not mine).

    This site used to be awesome and think you need to get back to your roots.

    • Cant FixStupid

      I’m with ya 100%. Look at Carson Palmer yesterday vs Rodgers against KC. Rodgers gets a negative grade for a game they win where he completes 68.6%, 333 yards, 5 TDs and no turnovers. Palmer gets the highest grade of the week in a game they lose where he completes 64.4%, 421 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT’s and a fumble. How in the world is this possible?? Supposedly Rodgers bad throw that could have been picked and his fumble that was negated by a defensive holding in the secondary really hurt his grade. But Palmer does throw 2 picks and does have a fumble credited to him, yet it don’t hurt his grade at all i guess. I sure don’t trust the grading anymore.

      • rxbandit

        Not to mention he missed a wide opened John Brown in the endzone after his CB literally fell down (in the first half) and ended the game throwing at JB again directly into double coverage (int). I did not watch every snap as closely as they did here, but I’m not sure how best grade of the weekend is even remotely possible.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. Like what about Palmer’s play yesterday was anywhere close to what Philip Rivers did? Or Tom Brady did? Or Drew Brees did? I mean give me a break with this.

          Aaron Rodgers gets a negative grade because they were “easy throws”. Well what part of the grade goes into recognizing the coverage they’re in a changing the play to make it an easy throw? The one TD to Cobb was supposed to be a running play and he just gave Cobb a signal and threw it. Everyone else, including the offensive line and RB were expecting it to be a run.

    • Chris from the Cape

      A: Having watched every snap of that game, PFF credited Butler for a very good effort, they said nothing of ‘elite.’ Indy chose to go at him again and again, completing some contested throws, but Butler made them earn most every yard.
      B: Statistics, as well as the eye test will show that Tom Brady has been BETTER since the 2nd half of the AFCG: That being a given, I don’t know where this “God’s gift to Earth’ bit is coming from, besides the petty jealousy that is the norm for the other 31 fanbases.

      • Anonymous

        A) That is my problem, the grading used to be objective. Now it seems that certain players or certain teams get rewarded with better grades just for being that guy or from that team. Example, Bashaud Breeland caused 3 turnovers against the Jets and gave up a TD to a SICK play by Brandon Marshall. He only gets a +2.1. Malcolm Bulter gives up at least 60% completion percentage into his coverage, causes zero turnovers and gives up a TD yet gets a +3.4? How does that work? And the reason I said ‘elite’ because they put him on the the BEST players of week 6 article. He was no where near one of the best 2 CB’s that played this weekend. He’s just a guy. But because he’s on the Patriots, he got credited with a “very good effort” (your words, not mine).

        “Nice job Malcolm, you tried very hard and only let them catch 60% of their passes against you and only gave up 1 TD, you’re one of the two best CB’s this week!”

        JJ Watt is another example. Everything he does is golden.

        B) The “God’s gift to Earth” comment is the entire article dedicated to the Patriots being favorites to repeat despite “some very obvious flaws in their roster” (PFF’s words, not mine). Which is an article that is up on the PFF website since yesterday.

    • Adrian Edwards

      The grade that worries me most is Todd Gurley’s overall of 51.4 after he ran for 19-146 and 30-159 the last two weeks. I’m not expecting him to jump to best RB in the NFL, but that’s a terrible grade for big time production.

      • Malachi

        stats don’t matter here, he’s getting good blocking and not breaking tackles to make those yards the after contact variety. he’s a good player tho, obv, and that’s all that matters if you’re a rams fan

        • Adrian Edwards

          I get that, but how do you run badly enough to get a 50.0 grade and still gain so many yards? His blockers aren’t all getting 90+ grades.

          • Malachi

            it’s about going beyond the expected on any given play. i haven’t watched him enough to truly give you a good read on him tho, esp in the passing game. his grade is def one of the more eye-catching ones out there this year, no doubt

          • Adrian Edwards

            He made 161 total yards that included 71 after contact against a Cards defense that had allowed 3.08 yards per carry before that game. After that game his running grade was 47.7. I understand they start at zero, but come on!

          • Malachi

            yea, that’s crazy, idk exactly why

  • Jim Winslow

    I don’t know about palmer that last interception was a pretty bad decision, I have trouble thinking he was the “best” player.

    • Michael

      Agree. Few weeks back they give Rodgers a negative rating when he threw for 333 yds and 5 TDs just because he fumbled and made a bad throw. Here Palmer is 1:2 TD/INT and with a ugly decision into double coverage. To me, Rivers outplayed him. Even Brady was better. Sometimes I don´t get those grades.

      • Jim Winslow

        Yeah playing in the clutch is something hard to give an actual grade too.

      • Jim Winslow

        Yeah playing in the clutch is something hard to give an actual grade too.

      • Chris from the Cape

        I haven’t seen the Cards this week, but Rivers and Brady alike got little cooperation from their receivers this weekend.

  • crosseyedlemon

    The Packers probably could have started K.D. Lang at guard and beaten the Chargers.

    • Scott

      Dude we got lucky to win that one…

  • Kason Edell

    Wow, a lot of Panthers on this list!

  • alexander

    Brandon Willians brightest spot this season for ravens

    • Malachi

      he’s a stud

  • chicagoinfl

    I’m a Cards fan and I agree with Arians’ assessment of Palmer against the Steelers: “Average to Poor”

    • Rubye Hannah

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