Best catches from preseason Week 1

Mike Renner shows you the top three catches from Week 1 of the preseason.

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Best catches from preseason Week 1

The top catches list was probably the easiest of all of these to compile. Even a person who has never watched a game of football in their life can recognize what makes a catch spectacular. There wasn’t a great selection of jaw-dropping receptions in the first week of the preseason, but all three of these are superb in their own right.

  1. Miles Austin, Eagles: 1st quarter, 1:17


Austin dominates the Colts’ Chance Casey off the line of scrimmage and then adjusts perfectly to the underthrown ball to wall off the defender. Casey ends up hooking Austin’s right arm at the catch point, making for an even more difficult reception.

  1. Bennie Fowler, Broncos: 4th quarter, 10:12


Fowler displays impressive body control here as he lays out on a dead sprint to get over the top of Seattle cornerback Triston Wade.

  1. Rasheed Bailey, Eagles: 3rd quarter, 0:10


Casey makes his second appearance on the countdown. He had significantly better coverage this time, but once again couldn’t stop the end result from being a highlight reel catch in his face.

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  • nonono

    What is graded higher in your grading system? Ball adjustment or catching the ball in good coverage/traffic?