Backs & Fronts – Week 4

Scott Spratt uses FAYE, a measure of running back effectiveness relative to defensive fronts faced, to evaluate the running back performances in Week 3.

| 3 years ago

Backs & Fronts – Week 4

eddie-lacyBefore the season, I introduced a pair of new statistics, front-adjusted yards over expectation (FAYE) and front-adjusted yards over expectation per carry (FAYE/C). The idea behind them is simple. Running backs perform better when there are fewer defenders in the box. That means that backs who play for teams who consistently see fewer than seven men in the box have a nice advantage. It also means that not every back with an above-average YPC mark is an above-average back.

The ongoing subplot of the Raiders’ refusal to try to stop the run had me captivated through the first two weeks of the season, but Week 3 continued several high-profile offensive failures that have dramatically impacted the top of my running back rankings. But first, the teams.

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Scott Spratt was named Newcomer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. He also writes for RotoGraphs and contributes to ESPN Insider as a research analyst for Baseball Info Solutions. Feel free to ask him questions on Twitter – @PFF_ScottSpratt

  • Anthony

    You should factor offensive line grades into your analysis if you haven’t already