All-Star Team of the Week: Week 11

With the best of Week 11, Gordon McGuinness assembles a full lineup of standout performances.

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All-Star Team of the Week: Week 11

2014-TOTW-WK11Another week is almost over and we’ve got a division where everyone is over .500 and a division where everyone is under .500, such is the parity in the NFL. More importantly, we’ve had another week with some big-time performances throughout the league.

So who made the Team of the Week this week? Let’s find out.

(Note: Team will be updated as needed after Monday Night Football and by Wednesday when All-22 footage helps us study plays in even more detail.)


Quarterback: Andy Dalton, CIN (+6.8)

While it’s never good for the Bengals when “Bad Andy” makes an appearance, this was him at his best. Terrific throughout, it was the complete opposite of the debacle we saw on Thursday Night Football last week.

Honorable Mention: Aaron Rodgers, GB

Running Back: Jonas Gray, NE (+5.3)

With 38 carries, Gray had a heavy workload and he made the most of it, churning out 199 yards and four touchdowns with six missed tackles forced on the ground in the process. One of the strongest showings you’ll see from the running back all year.

Honorable Mention: Le’Veon Bell, PIT

Fullback: Ryan Hewitt, CIN (+1.8)

Another strong performer in the Bengals’ win in New Orleans against the Saints

Honorable Mention: Will Johnson, PIT

Tight End: Heath Miller, PIT (+4.5)

A solid night as a receiver for Miller, with five catches for 71 yards. He really stood out as a run blocker on Bell’s big night though, something which pushed him above the other tight ends on the week.

Honorable Mention: Coby Fleener, IND    

Wide Receivers: Mike Evans, TB (+3.4) and Alshon Jeffery, CHI (+3.7)

Evans is fast becoming something to behold, and went to another level this week as he racked up 209 yards through the air. Jeffery might not have quite his those heights but he did manage 11 receptions for 135 yards, and a touchdown.

Honorable Mentions: Kelvin Benjamin, CAR and A.J Green, CIN

Tackles: Kelvin Beachum, PIT (+5.0) and Sebastian Vollmer, NE (+5.7)

A fantastically well rounded performance from Beachum on Monday night, shutting out the Titans pass rush at left tackle and making some big blocks in the running game. Vollmer allowed a hit, but it was his work as a run blocker that caught our eye, with the Patriots’ right tackle dominating as a blocker for Jonas Gray’s big day.

Honorable Mentions: Jason Peters, PHI and Ryan Harris, KC

Guards: Ben Jones, HOU (+5.0) and Brandon Brooks, HOU (+3.1)

A Houston double act man both our guard spots, with both men managing to avoiding allowing any pressure. If that wasn’t enough, they also put in stellar showings as run blockers in the Texans win in Cleveland.

Honorable Mentions: Logan Mankins, TB and Joe Berger, MIN

Center: Chris Myers, HOU  (+4.0)

Another player who had a big game as a run blocker, Myers finds himself here for the second time this season. The best run blocker we saw at center this week, he was also perfect in pass protection.

Honorable Mention: Rodney Hudson, KC


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  • Randy0101

    Did you remember to give Gronk an extra +1 for winning the dance off?

  • Richard Light

    You need to make a correction: Louis Delmas doesn’t play for Detroit anymore.

    Also, it’s definitely nice as a Pats fan to see multiple OL making these lists….

  • Kevin

    Such a dominating performance from GB yet not one player made the team on offense or defense(Hyde made the list as a returner). Guess it means it was a very good overall performance from the team in general and not all on one specific player. I say that knowing that GB surprisingly didn’t have one player grade in the green on defense while the offense only had 4.

    IMO for a team to allow zero TD’s in the 1st half and not allow a TD until the game was already far out of reach, with the defense playing vanilla and about to start pulling starters(if they hadn’t already I honestly don’t remember), it just seems like it would take some better performances from a couple key players instead of everyone grading out as average to below average. You just don’t completely shut down a dynamic offense like that by being average.

    • Al

      Well, it can happen if the opposing offense doesn’t execute. But PFF’s grades frequently are not that accurate on a game to game basis – I feel they’re better over a season.

      • Izach

        Sounds a lot like generic stats too tho, big games, bad games, strength of schedule, who played who, when they played who was hurt, and all that other stuff aside, at the end of season stats Gives you an idea of a players level of performance. Grades give you another idea one key is putting those together to get what you believe is the truth

        • [email protected]

          Stats don’t tell you anything. Watch the games.

      • [email protected]

        Lumping together inaccurate data doesn’t make it any more accurate. PFF’s grades are a steaming pile.

  • SeattleSteve

    Jason Peters honorable mentioned?
    Dude looked like he got away with a ton of false starts in that game.

    • Brian Dugan

      I made this same point to some friends during the game. He also straight fell over on one play, letting Clay Matthews have a free rush into the Sanchize.

      • rogue

        Subjective observations (Steve) and anecdotal plays (Brian) is proof positive that PFF don’t know nuthin’!

        • Brian Dugan

          Rogue clearly doesn’t know the definition of anecdote. I guess you think that drive-killing plays that get your QB killed right after the snap shouldn’t downgrade an offensive lineman’s performance? You’re right, the Eagles didn’t desperately need points early in the game. Let’s upgrade Peters for letting Shady McCoy get 5 yards/carry vs. a dime defense in garbage time!!

          • Jon hill

            Best Tackle in football.

        • [email protected]

          Do they know something? If so what?

  • Chris

    Gonna have an update with Le’Veon Bell?

  • Jake

    The CB texst says Culliver, but he is not one of the finalists. Something about the section is incorrect.