All “Had a Bad Day” Team, Week 12

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All “Had a Bad Day” Team, Week 12

Come on guys. The season is coming to an end and a number of you are about to be negotiating new deals. You think making this team is going to help you?

Yes, it’s business time in the NFL and with plenty of glory on the line – both as part of a team and individually – some players just are not getting it done. Whether you’re the franchise QB turning the ball over with bad decisions or a safety who is feasting on play action, we’re calling you out in the hope that next week we don’t see your name pop up here again.

So here’s our list of guys who ‘Had a Bad Day’ in Week 12. The ultimate weekly name and shame.




Quarterback:  Matthew Stafford, DET (-4.0)

Is it the thumb or is it the bad decisions? Either way, Stafford is holding his team back. He edged out Blaine Gabbert for the nod here, mainly because of the long overdue mercy benching of the overmatched rookie.

Running Back:  Arian Foster, HOU (-3.7)

Anytime you fumble the ball twice you’re likely to make this team. Foster is meant to be one of the reasons why the Texans can cope without a top-quality quarterback, so Texan fans must be hoping this was an aberration.

Fullback: Tyler Clutts, CHI (-4.4)

As if his blocking wasn’t bad enough he commits an after-the-whistle penalty? Can the Bears offense really afford that?

Tight End: Randy McMichael, SD (-5.0)

To think, McMichael is meant to be the blocking specialist in San Diego. His grading, which was earned with his blocking entirely, suggests otherwise.

Wide Receivers:  Greg Little, CLE (-3.1) and Santonio Holmes, NYJ (-3.2)

Sorry Santonio, one touchdown isn’t going to make up for catching 2-of-9 balls thrown your way. In the same way a touchdown won’t make up for Greg Little dropping four balls. Yuck.

Tackles:  Max Starks, PIT (-6.4) and Anthony Davis, SF (-4.5)

Starks had his hands full with Tamba Hali, giving up five pressures and two more penalties, while failing to make much of an impression in the run game. Davis went to sleep thankful Terrell Suggs plays in the AFC after the Raven (and his teammates) victimized Davis to the tune of three sacks and two hurries.

Guards: Will Rackley, JAX (-7.9) and Joe Hawley, ATL (-4.9)

As bad as Blaine Gabbert has been as a rookie, as has Rackley. Another poor game where he saw his QB hit three times and pressured five more. If there’s any consolation he can’t get much worse than how he’s playing right now. Hawley was simply overmatched with the Vikings using Kevin Williams and others (Everson Griffen picked up a sack on him) to exploit the weak link on the Falcons line.

Center: Roberto Garza, CHI (-4.8)

Centers aren’t meant to give up three pressures in a game, so while Kraig Urbik was far worse with his run blocking, Garzas’ ‘comeplete’ display gets him the nod.



4-3 Defensive Front

Defensive Ends:  C.J. Ah You, STL (-5.1) and Robert Ayers, DEN (-3.4)

He was only on the field for 30 snaps but Ah You managed to struggle backing up Chris Long, and make any sort of impact as a DT in the Rams’ nickel. In fact, his move inside in the nickel seems to be an open invitation for teams to run directly at him giving his lack of size and marginal NFL talent. The lack of impact Ayers makes compared to Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil in the passing game means he needs to make some plays in the run game. He isn’t doing that right now.

Defensive Tackle: Derek Landri, PHI (-3.7) and Linval Joseph, NYG (-3.2)

I’ve always thought of Landri as something of a boom-or-bust player. He’ll get up field and make a play in the backfield or at the line of scrimmage, or get ridden out of the play with ease. Take a guess what happened this week. Joseph found out that life against Jahri Evans is pretty tough as he got put to task by the Saints’ interior. He did make some plays, but was all too often beaten.

Linebackers:  Brady Poppinga, STL (-3.5), James Laurinaitis, STL (-4.4) and Thomas Howard, CIN (-2.3)

Poppinga had particular difficulty against former colleague Daryn Colledge when he attached the line of scrimmage, while Howard took too many bad angles and missed too many tackles (two) in a week short on truly poor play for the outside linebackers. Inside was another matter as Laurinatis had one of his worst games as a pro against the Cardinals.


3-4 Defensive Front

Defensive Line: Mike Neal, GB (-1.8), Earl Mitchell, HOU (-1.6) and Ziggy Hood, PIT (-1.4)

Nothing stood out as truly bad this week on the defensive end front, with Neal struggling to make much of an impact, and Hood losing more battles than he won. Mitchell only played 18 snaps but with no truly bad displays his grade earns him a spot here. He doesn’t look all that cut out for what Houston want from him.

Outside Linebackers:  Shaun Phillips, SD (-2.7) and Jason Taylor, MIA (-1.5)

Phillips comes back and Antwan Barnes goes out. Has San Diego learned nothing? A bad move on their part with Phillips not looking anything like his best. Taylor didn’t get on the field much but at this stage of his career you wonder if the Dolphins aren’t better off giving some of the younger guys some more snaps rushing the passer to see what they’ve got.

Inside Linebackers:  Na’il Diggs, SD (-3.3) and DeMeco Ryans, HOU (-1.7)

Diggs got on the field for 41 snaps, and in those 41 snaps all he did is make everyone wonder why he’s seeing more playing time than Donald Butler. Ryans has had a very quiet season and it continued with another game against the Jags.


Cornerbacks:  Patrick Robinson, NO (-4.0) and Joselio Hanson, PHI (-3.9)

Not a great day for Robinson who gave up 8-of-1o balls thrown his way for 104 yards. Hanson, a slot cornerback, was pushed into starting outside. How do you think that went against the Patriots?

Safeties:  Antrel Rolle, NYG (-5.3) and Nate Allen, PHI (-5.2)

Allen played about as badly as you can expect a safety to. He took bad angles, bit on play fakes and just generally did everything wrong. Rolle was helped somewhat by Saints drops, but continues to be one of the most overpaid players in the league.


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