All “Had a Bad Day” Team, Week 10

| 6 years ago

All “Had a Bad Day” Team, Week 10

Sometimes there are performances that are so bad, you know as soon as you watch a game that a guy will be making this team. Which is why this opening is dedicated to the performance of Brandyn Dombrowski, who, by picking up the second-lowest grade we have ever given (he already owns the first), made my life a lot easier.

Still, this team isn’t just about those guys who have the ultimate bad day, it’s about holding those to account who think they have got away with it. That might be a tight end who forgot how to block, or a defensive end who generated no pressure. It doesn’t matter – if they had a bad day they’re in contention.

So let me introduce a bunch of guys who just couldn’t cut it in week 10. Read on if you want to see All-Pros, rookies, and … well, The Dombrowski, get their due.



Quarterback: Joe Flacco, BAL (-3.4)

For some reason the Ravens decided to throw 52 times. Are you kidding me? Flacco responded by almost throwing a pick-six, and then not seeing the underneath coverage that tipped a ball into the arms of David Hawthorne. Then there were the overthrows, not good at all.

Running Back: Marion Barber, CHI (-1.3)

Barber wasn’t terrible, but in a decent week for running backs his 2.1 yards per rush, and 1.3 yards per rush after contact make him the default option.

Fullback: Mike Cox, ATL (-1.9)

Cox can prevent his coach making a bad decision by both not fumbling the ball out of bounds, and getting upfield to the first down marker before making his cut. His blocking wasn’t as great as the commentators wanted you to believe either.

Tight End: Billy Bajema, SL (-6.0)

You’re a blocking tight end, you earn a -5.4 grade for that alone. Yep you’re going to make this team and somehow keep Anthony McCoy out of my crosshairs.

Wide Receivers: Roddy White, ATL (-5.4) and Jeremy Maclin, PHI (-2.6)

White did pick up 62 yards. He also dropped two passes, committed three penalties and was poor with his run blocking. That’s letting your team down, while Maclin had just the two catches or six yards and dropped a pass. He didn’t step up like the Eagles had hoped for.

Tackles: Brandyn Dombrowski, SD (-13.1) and Barry Richardson, KC (-6.6)

Some advice for Norv Turner. Never play Dombrowski when the opposition has any sort of speed rusher. Kamerion Wimbley abused him with the Charger giving up an incredible four sacks, one hit and nine pressures. Richardson wasn’t quite as bad but still got taken to the woodshed by Von Miller.

Guards: Tyronne Green, SD (-6.7) and Chris Chester, WAS (-3.9)

Green narrowly beats out David Diehl after the hammering he took at the hands of the Raiders. On the right side Chester is proving quite the waste of money for the Redskins right now.

Center: David Baas, NYG (-3.3)

He got his QB drilled twice and was poor with his run blocking. Baas was meant to stabilize the center spot. Imagine that.



4-3 Defensive Front

Defensive Ends: Raheem Brock, SEA (-3.8) and Adrian Clayborn, TB (-3.7)

Call me crazy, but I like my defensive ends to get pressure. Brock, in addition to giving up a penalty, generated just the one as he was kept largely in check. Clayborn struggled with the Texans running the ball so much, and it seemed to slow him down when he was rushing the passer. That and two penalties, earn a spot on this team.

Defensive Tackles: Vince Wilfork, NE (-3.5) and Dwan Edwards, BUF (-3.3)

Safe to say this is the worst year in the career of Vince Wilfork. He hasn’t looked anything like the player that was so dominant for so long and continued that trend against the Jets. Edwards got handled by the left side of the Cowboys’ line, and did very little to slow DeMarco Murray.

Linebackers: Scott Shanle (-6.3), JoLunn Dunbar (-4.9) and Jonathan Casillas (-3.7), NO

They were so bad they almost made me wish to see Jonathan Vilma on the field. Remarkable that the Saints can win games with such terrible performances from their linebackers.


3-4 Defensive Front

Defensive Line: Ziggy Hood, PIT (-3.6), B.J. Raji, GB (-3.8) and Kendall Langford, MIA (-2.9)

Ziggy Hood, you bore me. Once again the former first-rounder fails to make an impression in a Steelers game. Langford had similar problems, though he did add a defensive stop (and a missed tackle) to his stat sheet. After the first quarter of the season there hasn’t been a more disappointing player than B.J. Raji. Wasn’t he meant to dominate?

Outside Linebackers: Brian Orakpo, WAS (-2.9) and James Harrison, PIT (-2.4)

Two players that normally grade so well had a tough Sunday. Orakpo found a Jake Long returning to form, while Harrison appears to have had a rare off day. First time he’s ever made this team.

Inside Linebackers: Na’il Diggs, SD (-3.1) and Sean Lee, DAL (-3.1)

Neither man should really be on the field, though for very different reasons. Diggs just isn’t talented enough, while Lee’s injury prevents him playing in the manner that made him such a standout in the first half of the season. No excuses in this team though, so both make it.


Cornerbacks: Drayton Florence, BUF (-3.1) and Quentin Jammer, SD (-1.6)

Both our cornerbacks gave up two touchdowns to earn their spot on this team. That will always land you on our “Bad Day-dar”.

Safeties: Eric Smith, NYJ (-5.7) and Reed Doughty, WAS (-4.1)

Might be an idea not to match Smith up with Rob Gronkowski in future. Just doesn’t have the tools to cope with him. We must have cursed Doughty with our praise of him in 2009 – he hasn’t been so good since then.


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  • throwtoheath

    Harrison did force Andrew Whitworth into 2 Holding penalties, did he not?

    Also, as you all have contested, Whitworth is one if not the best LT in the league. Can’t see how Harrison belongs here while I’m sure some other OLB did less against better competition.

  • throwtoheath

    worse competition*

  • sgtrobo

    might want to learn how the Steelers play their 3-4 before you criticize their defensive ends. Your weekly criticism of him makes it apparent you just don’t include schematic responsibilities in your analysis.

    • johnny_s


    • drgarnett

      We’ve had this kind of conversation before regarding N.Suh and the Lions’ defeneive scheme.

      Face it — this site is basically all about grading player performance without regard to coaching or scheme, mostly to serve the fantasy player. You will never hear any discussion of coaching on this site. Get used to it.