Advanced Targets – Week 4 Wrap

Shawn Siegele gives you the Week 4 fantasy football breakdown of PFF's target, pass route, and snap data at the wide receiver position.

| 4 years ago
Jerome Simpson

Advanced Targets – Week 4 Wrap

Jerome SimpsonAdvanced Targets goes behind the scenes and provides snap and pass route splits in addition to target numbers. Yards per route (YPRR), targets per snap (TA/SN), targets per route (TA/PR), and pass routes per snap (PR/SN) are exclusive PFF metrics that will help inform your start/sit, waiver wire, and trade decisions in a way no other service can.

Last week Advanced Targets recommended picking up Robert Woods only to see him generate a massive breakout performance. That’s the value added by pass route data that just isn’t there in the raw numbers. Let’s see what actionable intelligence we can uncover this week.

My favorite split in the Advanced Targets toolbox is targets per pass route, so that’s where we’ll start.

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Shawn Siegele is a lead writer for PFF Fantasy and creator of Money in the Banana Stand. He also contributes to RotoViz and FanSided. You can follow him on twitter @FF_Contrarian.

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    Shawn, play in a 10 team league, with 20 roster spots, only starting 1QB, 2RB and 3WR (along with D/ST and K), so the benches are very deep and trading is almost non-existant. The leauge is in it’s 25th year, and bringing change is a process. When it first started the stats had to be hand computed. Again, these guys are reticent to change, so even our archaic scoring system hasn’t changed much. Yardage isn’t very valuable: 1yr/30 rec. However, one quirk is how we value…um, over value longer TDs (I know TDs aren’t that predictable..let alone long TDs). 0-29yd TDs are worth 5, 30-49 worth 10 and 50+ worth 15 (yes, if you have a WR who dominates a game with 12 catches, for 160 yards and a short TD, that 13 points get trumped by someone who may have been lucky enough to catch 1, for a 60yd TD (would be worth 17). I agree with you on Bowe being a buy low. I just think teams are going to start giving KC the ‘Chad Pennington treatment': They’re going to pack the box and basically say: ‘go ahead, beat us outside the numbers and down the field…we double dog dare you’. However, I’m considering a trade (again, very uncommon because of roster size) where I’d get Antonio Brown, who I simply see as a better option for longer TDs…thoughts?