Advanced Targets – 1st Quarter Wrap: Part 1

Shawn Siegele uses the PFF advanced route data to find buy low and sell high candidates a quarter of the way into the season.

| 3 years ago

Advanced Targets – 1st Quarter Wrap: Part 1

JordyNelsonWith a quarter of the season in the books, I’m going through and looking at the 26 teams with four games played. We can use the current route numbers to get a sense of opportunity as well as target and yardage efficiency. With stable schemes, these results help us get a feel for players who should bounce back or those who won’t be able to maintain their torrid pace. On teams with new coordinators, we’re now starting to see how their offenses will affect the receiving talent. It’s still too early to draw definitive conclusions, but we’re also beginning to get a feel for which breakout candidates will be win leagues in 2014 and which were overdrafted on the hype.

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Shawn Siegele is a lead writer for PFF Fantasy and creator of Money in the Banana Stand. He also contributes to RotoViz. You can follow him on twitter @FF_Contrarian.

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