ADP: Defense/Special Teams

Josh Collacchi takes a look at defense/special teams and their value at their current ADP.

| 3 years ago

ADP: Defense/Special Teams

5057eb51bcc79.imageWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fantasy football?

Chances are it has something to do with value and draft strategy. Luckily, this piece contains each of the two aforementioned topics. As we all know, PFF Fantasy’s own Mike Clay publishes some of the best rankings on the Internet. Take a look, as he has been among the industry’s most accurate in the last few years.

These are PFF Fantasy’s official projections that are updated almost every day, so be sure to bookmark it and keep it handy for your drafts.

In addition to these projections, it’s a good idea to look at ADPs (average draft positions) for each position, and for the draft board as a whole. Ignoring ADPs will lead to a lot of reaches, or missing out on a few steals.

The following chart is a tool that shows current projections and current ADPs. What can you do with them? Value. This shows our projections, the current ADP for each player, and a number representing each player’s value at those projections with current ADP. For those players who lack ADP data, an ADP of 175 will be used.

Defense/Special Teams can win or lose you a week, which makes all the difference.

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  • Robin Strick

    I have trying to determine which defensive teams may be stronger or weaker than last year. Due to personnel moves, coaching changes, perhaps playing more offensive scoring teams. Any suggestions on where to look for this? tia

    • Josh Collacchi

      Thanks for reading, Robin.

      This can be found in our premium section under last year’s statistics. You can find the depth charts online, and then the new faces can be looked at last year, for example Malcolm Jenkins’ rating with the Saints. As far as individual analysis, some great work on team previews can be found hereL

      Thanks again for reading!