5 Backfields to Target for Zero RB

Shawn Siegele uses the PFF advanced stats to find particularly vulnerable starters and suggest high end backups to target.

| 3 years ago

5 Backfields to Target for Zero RB

Reggie BushAfter a raft of early round busts at running back last season, many fantasy owners plan to select wide receivers early and often in 2014 drafts. There are strengths and weaknesses to such a plan.

I’ve suggested that Zero RB is the dominant fantasy strategy in most PPR leagues, an argument that isn’t really contingent on 2013 results or the tactics of your league mates. On the other hand, it’s important to realize that even if the bust rate for runners appears high in the early rounds, it quickly gets much, much worse. So WR-heavy drafters could easily create a scenario where those who follow the traditional RB-RB start are able to lock down even more value.

Preparation and flexibility are the keys to any successful draft. If you’ve always taken runners early, it’s valuable to consider the opposite approach even if you opt not to go in that direction. If you plan to implement Zero RB, make sure you understand the historical trends and the risk you’re taking on. (Used in the right formats, Zero RB is actually a risk mitigation strategy, not a risk-seeking one, but it’s still important to know the risks to which you’re exposed.)

For those who do decide to follow Zero RB, you need a plan to generate points from the position without using premium picks. Here are five backfields where potential inefficiencies exist in the way players are being valued.

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  • Michael T.

    I am in a PPR redraft league that I figure to use the Zero RB draft strategy. In this league, you can trade draft picks. What are your thoughts on trading like a 2nd & 5th rounder for something like a 1st & 10th?

    The possibility of locking down two top 5 wr’s like Demaryius & Dez or like a combo of Demaryius & J Graham is very enticing.