49ers release LaMichael James after giving him just 139 snaps since drafting him

| 3 years ago

49ers release LaMichael James after giving him just 139 snaps since drafting him

PFF-headlinesThe 49ers released running back Lamichael James today just 29 months since selecting him with the 61st overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

James apparently requested his release in an effort to actually earn playing time somewhere else in the league and the 49ers apparently were fine with that. The two snaps James played in Sunday’s game were probably the final straw for the former Oregon product.

In fact James’ playing time has been going steadily downhill, and it wasn’t starting from a particularly high point to begin with. In 2012 James got his first taste of NFL action as a rookie in Week 14 against the Miami Dolphins, playing 16 snaps. He played in every remaining game of the season including a dozen snaps in the Super Bowl, averaging 14 snaps a game.

Things were supposed to improve in his second season but 2013 saw him play just 136 snaps all season, cracking double-digits just once.

James has carried the ball just 41 times in the NFL for 184 yards, adding five receptions for 45 yards while a score in the NFC Championship game as a rookie remains his only NFL touchdown.

He remains however a talented player and impressive athlete, and should at least get looked at by teams needing an injection of pace and playmaking ability on offense. The bottom line with James is that we have seen too little of him in the NFL to accurately assess his career one way or the other.

The bad news is that the only people for whom that is not true are the San Francisco 49ers, and they were happy enough to release him and let him catch on anywhere that would give him an offer. That is far from a ringing endorsement.

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  • Terry Wilson

    Think Carlos Hyde made the decision a no brainer for the niners…

    • loosenut

      They are completely different players with completely different skill sets.

      • eYeDEF

        True, but word on the street is that LMJ was the source behind the “Harbaugh is losing the locker room” article we saw just prior to opening day. That and LMJ skipped OTAs in protest, he was obviously not happy, and that made the decision to release him a no brainer.

        • loosenut

          100% on the mark.