3TFO: All Games, Week 7

The PFF team offers this set of previews that looks at every game to give you three keys to focus on.

| 4 years ago

3TFO: All Games, Week 7

2013-3TFO-All-Games-WK07The season’s mid point in coming into view and this week’s matchups will go a long way to cementing the top teams in place or shaking up the standings. There’s going to be a lot to see and we’re here to help get you into position to take in the best of it.

The PFF team offers this set of game previews known as our Three to Focus On series and in each you’ll find a trio of key matchups that you can use to steer your attention as the day unfolds.

With so much action coming your way, a read through these ‘3TFOs’ will trim the time you need to be fully up on Week 7’s must-see battles… all brought to you with PFF’s unique brand of insight.


● Seattle at Arizona (TNF) ……….
St. Louis at Carolina
● Tampa Bay at Atlanta
● San Diego at Jacksonville
● Cincinnati at Detroit
● San Francisco at Tennessee
● Houston at Kansas City
● Baltimore at Pittsburgh
● Buffalo at Miami
● Cleveland at Green Bay
● New England at NY Jets ● Denver at Indianapolis (SNF)
● Dallas at Philadelphia
● Minnesota at NY Giants (MNF)
● Chicago at Washington



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