32 Teams, 32 Observations

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32 Teams, 32 Observations



Buffalo Bills: Despite rushing the passer 92 times, Chris Kelsay has produced just five total quarterback pressures. That’s one for every 18.4 attempts, a very low number.
Miami Dolphins: Just six times has Chad Henne attempted a pass of longer than 20 yards, with just two of those complete.
New England Patriots: The 15 pressures Sebastian Vollmer has given up this year are already two more than he gave up in the entire 2009 season.
New York Jets: Mark Sanchez may have only completed 54.8 percent of passes when blitzed, but six of his touchdowns have come in this scenario. He’s better for having fewer men in coverage.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens’ front seven has missed just three tackles all year.
Cincinnati Bengals: Nate Livings’ 13 total pressures allowed this season (in 176 pass blocks) is already five more than Evan Mathis allowed in 334 snaps pass blocking in 2009.
Cleveland Browns: The Browns have two of the more productive pass-rushers in the league. Matt Roth averages a quarterback pressure every 5.05 pass rushes, and Shaun Rogers averages one every 6.1 attempts.
Pittsburgh Steelers: Come back Big Ben, say the Pittsburgh wide receivers. Between them they’ve been targeted just 34 times. That’s less than 13 individual receivers and every other team.

Houston Texans: Kevin Walter’s catch rate (20 balls caught from 22 balls thrown at him) of 90.9 percent leads all receivers with two or more catches.
Indianapolis Colts: Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are responsible for 64.44 percent of all the pressure Indianapolis has applied (and 100 percent of the sacks)
Jacksonville Jaguars: Any intention on rotating defensive personnel? Aaron Kampman has missed just six defensive snaps, while Tyson Alualu has missed just twenty.
Tennessee Titans: Sacks aren’t everything. Jason Jones has more quarterback pressures (12) than every tackle except for Brandon Mebane (who has played more snaps).

Denver Broncos: Perrish Cox’s five pass breakups lead the league (alongside Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie)
Kansas City Chiefs: Thomas Jones has forced just two missed tackles. In 18 fewer carries, Jamaal Charles has forced eight.
Oakland Raiders: Despite dropping into coverage 115 times, Nnamdi Asomugha has been targeted just seven times.
San Diego Chargers: Mike Tolbert leads the league in yards after contact for a running back (4.3 per carry) and is forcing a missed tackle every 3.9 time he touches the ball.

Dallas Cowboys: Quarterback Tony Romo has been excellent throwing under 20 yards (84 out of 105) but has only completed 5 out of 15 of 20 or longer.
New York Giants: The Giants’ got 41.38 percent of their total pressure on the quarterback against the Bears.
Philadelphia Eagles: No cornerback has missed more tackles than (drum roll, please) … Asante Samuel (five)
Washington Redskins: DeAngelo Hall’s allowing of 24 receptions on 28 targets is the worst rate (85.7 percent) of all starting cornerbacks.

Chicago Bears: No defender has made as many defensive stops (22) as Brian Urlacher. Conversely, no middle linebacker has missed as many tackles as Brian Urlacher (six).
Detroit Lions: No quarterback has suffered more dropped balls than Shaun Hill (16).
Green Bay Packers: Clay Matthews got 70.77 percent of his OLB-leading 26 pressures came in the first two weeks of the season.
Minnesota Vikings: With one less game than his nearest challenger, Adrian Peterson has forced more missed tackles (24 rushing and receiving) than any other running back in the league.

Atlanta Falcons: No receiver has been thrown to more than Roddy White (47 times).
Carolina Panthers: Only two defensive tackles have made more defensive stops than the 10 that Derek Landri has made.
New Orleans Saints: The Saints’ starting defensive ends have piled up an utterly underwhelming 11 quarterback pressures on the year … combined. Less than some players get in a game.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs’ pass protection has given up 73 total pressures as they aim to make life as difficult as possible for Josh Freeman. The tackles were responsible for 43.84 percent of that pressure.

Arizona Cardinals: No set of tackles has given up as much pressure as the Arizona starters (nine sacks, seven hits and 20 pressures). No set of outside linebackers has accumulated as little pressure as the Arizona starters (two sacks, four hits and right pressures).
St Louis Rams: Just one sack and three quarterback hits may not seem great, but Chris Long has a further 22 quarterback pressures. That’s more than any other defensive end.
San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith has thrown the ball farther than 19 yards on 8.27 percent of plays while throwing it 9 yards or less 71.43 percent of the time.
Seattle Seahawks: With four sacks, seven quarterback hits and 18 quarterback pressures, Chris Clemons has more combined sacks, hits and pressures than any other defensive end. That said, 62.07 percent of these came against the Chargers.

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