32 Observations, Week 2

Nathan Jahnke offers his weekly look into the PFF database and shares an interesting nugget for each team.

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32 Observations, Week 2

32-obs-wk02We are now two weeks into the season which means we have twice as much data as we did last week. While we’re obviously not looking at season-long trends, it is enough time to find more things to keep an eye on as the season progresses. Here are 32 Observations that would have been hard to predict two weeks ago.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: There are 10 inside/middle linebackers in the league who have yet to miss a tackle. The only pair of teammates are Kiko Alonso and Arthur Moats.

Miami Dolphins: The tight end leading the league in Yards Per Route Run is Charles Clay at 3.08.

New England Patriots: Quarterback Tom Brady has an Accuracy Percentage of 62.5%, which is the league’s third-lowest mark, just ahead of Josh Freeman and Blaine Gabbert.

New York Jets: Second-year undrafted nose tackle Damon Harrison has a Run Stop Percentage of 14.8, which is the second-best for all defensive/nose tackles.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: In 2008, Terrell Suggs had a 10.7 Run Stop Percentage which was second best amongst 4-3 defensive ends. It has decreased every year since then and was down to 5.8 last year. In 2013, he apparently has found the fountain of youth, as his RS% of 22.6% is leading all 3-4 outside linebackers.

Cincinnati Bengals: After being one of the best five defensive tackles in Run Stop Percentage in 2012, Geno Atkins has yet to have a run stop in 2013. He is one of just two defensive/nose tackles that has played at least 30 snaps without one.

Cleveland Browns: In 2012 as a rookie Mitchell Schwartz played every single offensive snap at right tackle and allowed just 33 pressures on the entire year. In just two games, Schwartz is already over half way to that number with 18 pressures allowed. His five sacks allowed this year has already matched last year.

Pittsburgh Steelers: After a sub-par 2012, Lamarr Woodley is having a strong start to 2013 with a Pass Rushing Productivity of 16.4% which is third-best for 3-4 outside linebackers. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter much who is lining up on the other side of him as Jason Worilds has yet to have a pressure while Jarvis Jones just has two.

AFC South

Houston Texans: The running back who has taken the lead in Elusive Rating at 138.9 is Ben Tate. This is thanks to a high 6.39 yards after contact per attempt.

Indianapolis Colts: New safety LaRon Landry has eight stops on the year, which is two more than any other safety has so far in 2013.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Both Alan Ball and Will Blackmon have two of the highest catch rates in the league at 85.7% and 80.0%. However they both also have two of the lowest yards per catch allowed at 6.8 and 6.3.

Tennessee Titans: While the Titans duo of new guards has been helpful in the run game, they have made their fair share of mistakes in pass protection. Rookie Chance Warmack has an 89.9 Pass Blocking Efficiency which is second-worst in the league for all guards, while Andy Levitre is third-worst at 90.4.

AFC West

Denver Broncos: The combination of center Manuel Ramirez and right guard Louis Vasquez have yet to allow a single pressure.

Kansas City Chiefs: One role player who has stood out is Akeem Jordan, who has a run stop in one in every five run plays he has been in for.

Oakland Raiders: When Terrelle Pryor takes 2.5 seconds or less to throw the ball, he completes 82.8% of his passes. When he takes 2.6 seconds or more, he only completes 43.5%.

San Diego Chargers: In his first year as a starter, Shareece Wright has allowed 219 receiving yards; second-most in the league.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Running back DeMarco Murray has had nine player miss tackles on his 13 catches. That is three more than any other back.

New York Giants: The Giants have a number of veteran newcomers at defensive tackle this year that have been paying off. Mike Patterson (+4.6 Run Defense) and Shaun Rogers (+3.1 Run Defense) are both in the top six for all defensive/nose tackles in run defense.

Philadelphia Eagles: The leader in Yards Per Route Run of those with at least 10 targets is DeSean Jackson at 4.43. Teammate Riley Cooper is second worst at 0.57, while Jason Avant is also near the bottom of the league at 0.88.

Washington Redskins: Left tackle Trent Williams is now at five consecutive games without allowing a sack or hit, and six consecutive games of allowing no more than two pressures.

NFC North

Chicago Bears: After dropping 13 passes last year, which was third-most for wide receivers, Brandon Marshall has yet to drop a pass in 2013.

Detroit Lions: From year to year, Matthew Stafford has been wildly inconsistent in terms of his Accuracy Percentage. In 2011 he was fifth in the league at 74.7%, and he has also finished near the bottom of the league at 65.4%. So far this year he is leading the league at 82.4%.

Green Bay Packers: There is only one wide receiver with at least 200 receiving yards while lining up in the slot, and that is Randall Cobb. He has 236 yards on 16 targets as well as two touchdowns.

Minnesota Vikings: In 2012, Christian Ponder had just 269 passing yards from deep passes, which was second-lowest in the league. In 2013 he already has 151 passing yards on deep passes, which is fourth in the league.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: In 2012 Matt Ryan completed 69.1% of his play action passes, which was the sixth in the league. So far in 2013, Ryan has increased that to 89.5%, currently the league’s best.

Carolina Panthers: Tight end Ben Hartsock has a +3.1 Run Block grade, which is the best among all tight ends.

New Orleans Saints: In the pre-season the Saints had the top two 3-4 defensive ends in Pass Rushing Productivity, and great play from the position has carried on into the regular season. Cameron Jordan has the second best Pass Rushing Productivity at the position at 14.0, while Akiem Hicks is fifth at 9.5.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Over two games, Doug Martin has managed a -0.03 Yards Per Route Run which is by far the worst in the league. He has ran 33 pass routes and has been targeted on seven of those passes, but has just two catches for -1 yard and three drops.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: When quarterbacks have targeted Patrick Peterson, they have a perfect Quarterback Rating of 158.3. They have completed eight of 10 passes for 134 yards and two touchdowns without an interception.

St. Louis Rams: In his first 31 games in the league, Robert Quinn had three games with six or more overall pressures. In his two games in 2013, he has had six or more pressures in both games.

San Francisco 49ers: In 2012 Colin Kaepernick was one of the most accurate passers under pressure with an Accuracy Percentage of 71.2%. In 2013 he is the least accurate in the league at 37.5%.

Seattle Seahawks: Last year Red Bryant had one of the worst Run Stop Percentages in the league for 4-3 defensive ends at 4.4%. This year he is leading the league at 14.8%.


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  • Anicra

    Seattle Seahawks: Last year Red Bryant had one
    of the worst Run Stop Percentages in the league for 4-3 defensive ends
    at 4.4%. This year he is leading the league at 14.8%.

    It is amazing what you can do when you are not dealing with plantar fasciitis for the whole season. The guy is a monster when healthy.

    • Kevin

      He has been wildly inconsistent his whole career injuries or not. Only two games in but he has looked very good so far. Then again he was good the first 2 games of last year also before becoming one of the worst graded DL last year.

      If I remember right the injury happened midway through last season. outside of the first two games he graded out just as bad the 1st half of the season as the 2nd half. from week 2-9 Bryant graded out -12.8. The next 7 games he graded -9.2. So I’m not sure how much you can use the injury as an excuse. I know it is an incredibly painful injury but if you go by nothing but his grade there wasn’t a drop off after the injury.

      BTW he graded out +6.8 the first two games last year and finished with a -20.3 grade. He is +5.6 through two games this year.

      He’s also never graded out positively over a full season. His injury shortened season in 2010 was the only time he had a positive grade while playing enough snaps to matter(A little under 300).

      Not saying he isn’t a solid player because he is but I do think he is a bit overrated by SEA fans.

  • Ben Fitzgerald

    Patrick Peterson insanely overrated?

    • Lelouch vi Britannia

      He was really good last year if I remember correctly. 10 passes are an extremely small sample size, so let’s wait and see.

  • Ozymandius

    The note on PatrickPeterson is a commentary on the weakness of PFF’s evaluation methods.

    • donnie johnson

      Nope. It’s just a commentary that he got destroyed by Calvin Johnson on Sunday.

      • Ozymandius

        *checks Casey Heyward’s 2012 ranking on PFF*

      • George McDowell

        Johnson caught four-of-six targets with Peterson in coverage, including two touchdowns. That’s not getting destroyed, sorry. Maybe by Patrick Peterson’s standards it is. And when one considers how little Calvin saw the end zone last year, then maybe a Megatron fan would see those 2 TDs as destroying Peterson.

    • George McDowell

      Nonsense. It is just one metric. There are other metrics that show how effective he is at not having a QB target him to begin with.
      And frankly, if you think a player is great, but the numbers consistently show otherwise, then he’s not great. Period. But Peterson is special.
      As for Calvin Johnson, all those yards last year resulted in just 4 TDs. FOur! In no way was his season anywhere near as good as Eric Decker, let alone Jerry Rice.

      • Alex Reno

        He was tackled inside the 5 yard line a ton of times last year. Are you kidding me? He’s already had 2 TD’s taken away from him this year. He’s just gotten a bit unlucky, but saying he wasn’t as good as Decker is just being ridiculous. He’s the best WR in the NFL, and it’s not even close.

  • Brian

    Since I no longer have the luxury of watching any game I want (I just had to move out and thus lose Dad’s NFL package) I have to take PFF at their word, but I’m OK with that. They are suepr fair always. Like when Peterson was a rookie they said he was poor in coverage, but last year was very very good. People seem to think they are biased or flawed but their analysis of the Giants ALWAYS matches up with what I observe.
    I’ve said for a bit our o line, esp Diehl, was terrible, how players my fellow fans love (Webster, Rolle) got burnt all the time etc and only PFF said these things. Or they were the first/most in depth at least. So yeah they are spot on with the team I watch every week and much of what they say/predict is true/comes to light. I trust PFF.