32 Observations, Week 12

Nathan Jahnke uses this week's 32 Observations to check in with players who moved to new teams for 2014, offering stats for a standout on every squad.

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32 Observations, Week 12

2014-32Obs-WK12Every spring free agency hits. Experienced players join new teams and gives each fan base a reason to believe the upcoming season could be better than the previous year. Some free agent additions and trades work out and others don’t. this week’s 32 Observations focuses on 32 players who played for one team in 2013, a new one in 2014, and are performing well in their new uniform.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Cornerback Corey Graham has allowed just 43.2% of passes thrown his way to be caught; the second-lowest rate for all cornerbacks who have been thrown at 25 or more times.

Miami Dolphins: Defensive Tackle Earl Mitchell has a Run Stop Percentage of 10.4% which is sixth-best for all defensive/nose tackles.

New England Patriots:  Cornerback Darrelle Revis has allowed just 0.64 Yards Per Coverage Snap when lining up from the slot, which is fourth-best for all cornerbacks with at least 100 slot snaps.

New York Jets: Outside Linebacker Jason Babin is one of just two 3-4 outside linebackers with at least 50 pass rush snaps from both the left and right, and at least a Pass Rushing Productivity above 10 from both the left and right.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Running back Justin Forsett has a Breakaway Percentage of 40.0 which is fourth-best for all running backs with at least 65 attempts.

Cincinnati Bengals: After averaging 0.098 players missing tackles on him per catch last year, Greg Little has increased that to 0.4 players missing tackles on him per catch this year.

Cleveland Browns: Inside linebacker Karlos Dansby has allowed a Yards Per Coverage Snap of 0.69, which is sixth-best for inside/middle linebackers with at least 200 coverage snaps.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Outside linebacker Arthur Moats has a Pass Rushing Productivity of 12.2 when lining up on the defenses right. that is third highest for 3-4 outside linebackers with at least 100 pass rushes from the right.

AFC South

Houston Texans: Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has an Accuracy Percentage of 51.6% on deep passes, which is third-highest for quarterbacks with at least 30 deep pass attempts.

Indianapolis Colts: Safety Mike Adams has four interceptions which is tied for second-most among safeties, and three passes defended which is tied for seventh-most among safeties.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Guard Zane Beadles has a Pass Blocking Efficiency of 97.8, which is tied for seventh-best among guards with at least 250 pass-blocking snaps.

10nessee Titans: Defensive tackle Al Woods has a Run Stop Percentage of 11.3 which is fifth-best for all defensive/nose tackles with at least 65 run snaps.

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders has a Yards Per Route Run of 2.58 which is fifth-best for wide receivers with more than 60 targets.

Kansas City Chiefs: Safety Kelcie McCray has a special teams grade of +8.5, which is second highest for all special teams players this year.

Oakland Raiders: Offensive tackle Donald Penn has a Pass Blocking Efficiency of 96.8 which is sixth-best among all offensive tackles with at least 150 pass blocks.

San Diego Chargers: When quarterbacks have thrown to the man Brandon Flowers is defending, they’ve had an NFL Passer Rating of 54.5, which is third-lowest among cornerbacks who have been targeted at least 40 times.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Defensive tackle Henry Melton leads all defensive/nose tackles in Pass Rushing Productivity at 10.6. He has six sacks, four hits and 18 hurries on 213 pass rushes.

New York Giants: Defensive end Robert Ayers leads all 4-3 defensive ends in Pass Rushing Productivity at 15.2. He has five sacks, 12 hits and 24 hurries on 210 pass rushes.

Philadelphia Eagles:  Running back Darren Sproles has a Yards Per Route Run of 2.01 which is tied for fourth-best in the league. He has finished in the Top 7 each year from 2008-2013.

Washington: Defensive end Jason Hatcher has the second-highest Pass Rushing Productivity for 3-4 defensive ends at 10.1; just behind J.J. Watt. He has seven sacks, six hits and 25 hurries on 299 pass rushes.

NFC North

Chicago Bears: Over the last two weeks Ryan Mundy has been thrown at twice. He’s intercepted both passes.

Detroit Lions: Wide Receiver Golden Tate has had 14 players miss tackles on him on his catches, which is second-most to just Steve Smith.

Green Bay Packers: Outside Linebacker Julius Peppers has gone back into coverage on 28 snaps. On those plays he has two interceptions which leads all 3-4 outside linebackers, one pass defense, and has only allowed one 5-yard catch.

Minnesota Vikings: Defensive Tackle Tom Johnson is the only defensive/nose tackle in the Top 10 in both Run Stop Percentage and Pass Rush Productivity. His Run Stop Percentage of 10.8% is eighth-best while has Pass Rushing Productivity of 9.1 is eighth-best.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Guard Jon Asamoah has allowed a sack or hit on 0.86% of his pass blocks, which is 12th-best among guards.

Carolina Panthers: Cornerback Antoine Cason has six run stops which is tied for sixth-most among cornerbacks.

New Orleans Saints: Center Jonathan Goodwin has a run block grade of +3.8, which is 14th-best among centers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Cornerback Alterraun Verner leads the league in Run Stop Percentage at 4.8%. The next highest for any cornerback is at 3.4%.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Left tackle Jared Veldheer is one of just 10 offensive tackles to allow one or no sacks this year.

St. Louis Rams: Quarterback Shaun Hill has an Accuracy Percentage of 84.2% when under pressure, which is the-best in the league. He’s completed 15 of 21 of his pass attempts when under pressure. Of his six incompletions, two were thrown away and one was dropped.

San Francisco 49ers: When Colin Kaepernick has thrown to Steve Johnson, he has a Passer Rating of 122.3. that is fifth-best for a quarterback throwing to a particular wide receiver.

Seattle Seahawks: Tight end Tony Moeaki has caught all five passes thrown his way. He is the only tight end this year with at least five targets and has a perfect catch rate.



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  • techvet

    Regarding Julius Peppers, those two interceptions were also taken to the house.

  • Kevin

    Peppers also nearly had a 3rd INT that went off his fingertips. I knew he was performing well in coverage when he does drop back(Obviously isn’t very often being a little over 2x per game) but I wasn’t aware he has only allowed a single catch for 5 yards. So basically in the last 24 snaps in coverage(Week 3 is when he allowed his lone reception to ex-packer Jeremy Ross that resulted in a -1.0 grade for a 5 yard catch with 8 YAC.. Seems a bit extreme, honestly.) he has two INT for a TD and zero receptions allowed.

    I didn’t know what to expect from Peppers dropping into coverage but I believe he has been out performing what everyone thought he could do in all aspects of the game at this age and playing a new position. I also thought the contract was a 1 year deal but there is no reason for GB to not keep him and let him play out the rest of his contract. He is a very big reason this defense has been so much better this year and obviously the best they’ve been since their SB run in 2010. This is just simply the best Peppers the NFL has seen in quite a few years. He is playing rejuvenated and just simply looking more youthful. IDK if this is because of the new surroundings, change of position etc. but whatever it is it has been a great decision by both parties.

  • Tyler Ferree

    Last I checked they were the Tennessee Titans not the 10nessee Titans, (though as bad as they have been I guess Tennessee could have disowned them).

    • cameronmm

      Haha I actually kind of like how they spelled it, although I doubt it was intentional.