2017 fantasy storylines: Expect a slide from Terrelle Pryor

The ex-quarterback was a big fantasy contributor in 2016, but Mike Tagliere highlights why he might not repeat that in 2017.

| 3 months ago
Browns WR Terrelle Pryor

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2017 fantasy storylines: Expect a slide from Terrelle Pryor

(This week, some of the PFF Fantasy team will be offering up their forecasts for some of the biggest storylines of the 2017 season. It’s Time Machine Week.)

There’s always that one player that pops up on the fantasy radar later in his career, only to disappoint the following years. Some wide receivers that come to mind over the last decade would be Brandon Lloyd, Dwayne Bowe, Ted Ginn and even Brandon LaFell to an extent. All of them broke out later in their careers, only to falter the following seasons.

Turning 28 in June, Terrelle Pryor may be one that fits this description. I get it — he’s extremely athletic, he’s fast, he’s tall, he’s all that and then some. But he wasn’t brought up as a wide receiver, and to say that just because someone is tall, fast and athletic that they should be good at the wide receiver position is something of an insult to great wide receivers.

“But Mike, he totaled 1,000 yards and finished as the No. 22 wide receiver in 2016!” I’m not going to sit here and say that he can’t finish as a top-30 option once again in 2017, because there’s guys like Tyreek Hill and Adam Thielen who also finished inside that range. What I am saying is that he won’t help you win fantasy titles, considering he offers zero consistency.

Pryor scored 132 fantasy points in 2016, but 43.7 of them (33.1 percent) came in just two games. Those two games came against the Dolphins (25th-ranked pass coverage) and the Titans (26th-ranked pass coverage). Wide receivers will obviously get plus matchups from time to time, but these games also came in Weeks 3 and 6, before Pryor was viewed as a legitimate threat. I won’t say that teams did not account for him, but he wasn’t someone you gameplanned around. It was also during the time that Corey Coleman was out with a broken hand, leaving Andrew Hawkins as the only starting Browns wide receiver competing for targets.

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  • Sufferfortribe

    Did you take into account who the QB was when Pryor had good games versus bad?
    Kessler was his better option.

    • Fred Kruse

      Kessler QB’d both the Dolphins and Titan’s game.

      • Sufferfortribe

        Which was the point I was making. Griffin seemed to prefer Barnidge.

  • Chris Barber

    wow, really appreciate this honesty and good analysis. totally logical. one caveat might be his QB. he would likely be more desirable if, for instance, Romo were there.

  • Alan Mazz

    Terrelle Pryor is either bigger than or more athletic than all the players cited as examples, and he is just as likely to keep improving as not. Most skill position players have their stats inflated against weak competition as well.