2015 Depth Charts Update: Philadelphia Eagles

A breakdown of the Philadelphia Eagles' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

| 2 years ago

A breakdown of the Philadelphia Eagles' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

2015 Depth Charts Update: Philadelphia Eagles

PHI Offense

PHI Defense

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  • The offensive line in Philadelphia is a dream scenario for new Eagles running back DeMarco Murray. He walks into a situation where his offensive line is as good as, if not better than, it was in Dallas. The left side of the line is where they are strongest, with both Jason Peters and Evan Mathis consistently among the best at their position. Consider this about Mathis, he missed 7 games in 2014, but still finished the season as our second highest graded offensive guard.


  • Replacing LeSean McCoy with Murray gives the Eagles a running back of a similar talent level, but one that they feel fits what they want to do offensively much better. What’s impressive though, is that in Murray, Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews, the Eagles have depth at the position, with Sproles a dangerous weapon as a receiver and on special teams too.


  • On the defensive line Bennie Logan has shown himself to be a solid, capable nose tackle, but the Eagles are strongest on the line at both end spots. Fletcher Cox was our sixth highest graded 3-4 defensive end, while on the other side the combination of Cedric Thornton, who stands out against the run, and Vinnie Curry, who does his damage as a pass rusher, works well too.


  • Both safety spots are interesting for the Eagles. At one spot Malcolm Jenkins has found life easier in Philadelphia, with a slightly different role allowing him to excel in his new home. The current favorite to start next to him is former cornerback Walter Thurmond, but his change of position and relative lack of playing time in the last three years makes him somewhat of unknown quantity.
  • http://www.facebook.com/jaterrance.young JaTerrance Dwayne Young

    I would have assumed the way you all graded Murray last year that he would be Elite

  • Dalen Erickson

    Why is Thurmond III listed at SS? Run support is the weakest part of his game. Im assuming its because Nate Allen had the majority of slot duties last year (though I think that was mostly because Boykin was hurt) and Thurmond is a nickelback. Still though, that seems bazaar to me. I don’t think he will take any snaps at SS. Quite peculiar. Anyway, go Cowboys

    • Stewart

      he said publicly he was moving to safety

      • Dalen Erickson

        I never saw that article. Thank you for the clarification. You can see how I would be skeptical though right? a 190 lb nickel corner listed at SS

    • Mike

      It doesnt really matter if its SS or FS in Chip/Billy’s defense. They want guys that can cover the slot and be versatile. If anything though, Jenkins is the SS and Thrumond would be the FS.

      • Dalen Erickson

        That makes perfect sense.

    • Mike

      and when was boykin hurt? Typical lost Cowboys fan…

      • Dalen Erickson

        My bad. It was the year before. Typical lost Cowboys fan? I would hope you would know a LITTLE bit more about your team than I do. Clearly I know a fair amount about them knowing Allens role last year. Tell me about the Cowboys then expert. How many games did Claiborne miss? What is Barry Church’s role?

      • Dalen Erickson

        He was so non existent I guess I thought he was hurt. Looking at his numbers now I can see why. I just thought he was still good but apparently he just wasn’t playing great

      • Dalen Erickson

        good luck with Bradford by the way. If he can play a game or two you might have a chance to come in second in the division

    • Mathew Keen

      Eagles don’t have a SS or FS they just have 2 S.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Tebow, Solid O-line, Dynamic Running backs. Dare I say it???
    …Tebowmania 2.0
    It could happen. The refs may have to start picking up flags in Dallas early this season.

    • Mike Mitchell


    • PHILLLYMan

      Tim Tebow is a bum it’s all about Mark Sanchez man.

  • 370HSSV 0773H

    ESPN has stats where the run game was better when Mathis was out last year and got worse when he returned.