2015 Depth Charts Update: Detroit Lions

A breakdown of the Detroit Lions' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

| 2 years ago

A breakdown of the Detroit Lions' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

2015 Depth Charts Update: Detroit Lions



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  • We expected Manny Ramirez to step in as the team’s starting center ahead of Travis Swanson, who struggled in 2014, but it seems like his first battle is with first round draft pick Laken Tomlinson at left guard. This is one to watch over the summer though, and we won’t be surprised to see him wind up as a starter at either spot by the time the season begins.


  • How the Lions split carries at running back will be interesting, and a true running back by committee approach between Joique Bell, Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick looks like the best approach. Bell is a talented runner, but based on the past three seasons, we’ve seen his production drop as his usage goes up. Riddick saw just 174 snaps in 2014, but finished with a grade of +6.2, with his work as a receiver being particularly impressive.


  • After losing Ndamukong Suh to the Miami Dolphins in free agency, the Lions had a gaping hole at defensive tackle. For that reason alone, the decision to trade for Haloti Ngata made sense and, despite his advancing years, Ngata can still perform at a high enough level to help the Lions defensive line. Suh wasn’t the only loss though, with C.J. Mosley and Nick Fairley also departing. That leaves new addition Tyrunn Walker as the current starter next to Ngata, with the former undrafted free agent impressive on limited snaps the past two seasons in New Orleans.


  • How long can Rashean Mathis continue to perform at this level? We keep expecting a drop off from the player heading into his 13th year, but he continues to prove us wrong. Our 11th highest graded cornerback in coverage in 2014, he’s joined by Darius Slay, who continues to improve after entering the league in 2013.
  • Jason Williams

    dying for more Christian Fauria end zone dances.

    • WTFReally?

      His nephew is pretty good too

      • Jason Williams

        I just made a boo boo didn’t i? It’s Joseph Fauria. *mortified*

  • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

    i’d hope for their sakes they start van noy at SLB

  • Mike Parrott

    Bell’s “production has dropped as his usage goes up”?? How does that explain his 4.6 YPC average over the last 8 weeks of the season?

  • WTFReally?

    Levy – “Just Good”. When are you guys going to give him the respect he is due?

    • thabe331

      your username is appropriate

      • Dalen Erickson

        I think were all big boys here

        • thabe331

          I was just making the easy joke

    • Dalen Erickson

      I agree. He excels in every aspect of the game. Premium coverage backer, top 3 in tackles both of the last two years and can get after the QB on occasion. Very underrated

  • Jaguars28

    This defense is still really good, especially with Tulloch coming back.

  • Derek Mack

    I can’t tell whether Levy isn’t getting the accolades he deserves because of his quiet demeanor or because of the devaluation of the 4-3 outside linebacker position. Either way, it’s preposterous to categorize him as merely ‘good.’ Levy is the best 4-3 OLB in the NFL. He’s the only player in the NFL who is athletic enough to smother #1 Wide Receivers and yet physical enough to dismantle top ranked rushing attacks. Levy (not Suh) has been the Lions best and most versatile defender over the past two seasons. Playing in a scheme that doesn’t call for him to rush the passer shouldn’t elicit an evaluation that relegates him to the ranks of solid starter when he’s clearly an elite player.

  • ToreBear

    There is an error on Tyrunn Walker. On the New Orleans depth chart from February he is listed as good(green), while now for Detroit he is listed at yellow(average). Either someone made an error or something happened to Walker on the flight to Detroit?!

    Otherwise Well done getting the depth chart more or less correct. Yes it will be interesting to see how the C and LG spots look at the start of the season. I think Swanson played well enough in his one start at C that him beating Ramirez is not out of the question.

    As for Levy, I saw the points in the depth charts from February. I think he belongs in the Very Good category. But I’m not going to explain why until he has signed an extension…

    Thanks for the update!

  • Jason Pevitt

    Xavier “The Proctologist” Proctor just got moved to o-line today, presumably tackle

  • Dalen Erickson

    I hope they put these TEs to use finally. They have 3 pretty good guys. I thought they would do a better job of getting them involved last year. Having Fauria healthy will be a boost to that unit

    • thabe331

      The offensive line was injured and not very good so they had to stay in to block frequently. That and all 3 had injury issues of some kind

  • Jack

    That left side is a big question mark.