2015 Depth Charts Update: Chicago Bears

A breakdown of the Chicago Bears' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

| 2 years ago

A breakdown of the Chicago Bears' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

2015 Depth Charts Update: Chicago Bears



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  • There are still question marks at offensive tackle, more so on the right than the left, but the interior of the Bears offensive line looks solid at this point. All three of Matt Slauson, Will Montgomery and Kyle Long have shown themselves to be better than average at this point in their careers.


  • The wide receiver group is interesting, with Brandon Marshall gone after a down year and Kevin White drafted early in the first round of the draft. Eddie Royal takes over in the slot, after averaging 1.31 Yards Per Route Run in that role in San Diego in 2014, good for 13th amongst slot receivers. The problem however, is that outside of Alshon Jeffery and Royal, we really haven’t seen much of the depth chart at all, which could be a big concern if someone goes down injured.


  • The switch to a 3-4 has seen the Bears do some shifting on defense, with Lamarr Houston, Willie Young and Jared Allen all moving to outside linebacker. How they take to their new roles will be key, but the Bears also invested in Pernell McPhee, our second highest graded 3-4 outside linebacker last season, this offseason. What will be interesting with McPhee though, is how they use him. The Baltimore Ravens got the most out of McPhee by moving him around, and he was effective as an interior pass rusher too, so leaving him exclusively at outside linebacker might be a mistake.


  • Another question mark in their new defense is at inside linebacker, where neither Mason Foster or Jon Bostic, who graded poorly in coverage in 2014, and poorly against the run in 2013, stand out as capable starters. Christian Jones looks the leader to start at one spot, but we haven’t seen much of him, while Shea McClellin had his best season in 2014, but that was driven entirely by his work against the run.
  • Jason Williams

    sooner or later the Bears are going to start hitting on some of these draft picks. if and when that happens, we’ll see a more competitive team.

    The Bears have been the worst drafting team in the NFL for 20 years now. Almost all their good players have come from other teams. Really rooting for Pace to get it figured out.

    Don’t sleep on Bellamy – he reminds of Steve Smith with his feistiness. Would be great if his play also resembled Steve Smith.

    I have no idea on this Alan Ball guy – like the rating though.

    Would love to see Grasu win that starting C job – seems to be a lot of chemistry with him and Long.

  • theowl

    I always thought Lamar Houston was 4-3 DE/DT, so he would fit in as a 3-4 DE… and McClellan’s best position was the one he played in college, 3-4 OLB… I think it puzzled many people who thought he was drafted into the wrong scheme.

  • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

    curious to see if lamarr houston can actually play OLB, he’s a gigantic person

    • Dalen Erickson

      very curious. He’s heavier than many 3-4 ends so I thought they would slide him inside but it looks as though they have him set to play OLB. Then again I thought it was foolish when the Eagles did that with Trent Cole who was close to 300LBS at the time and that panned out ok. It will be interesting to see how these pieces fit. Definitely a case of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole

      • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

        agreed, he must be shedding weight fast tho

  • AJ

    Are the Bears really going to give Lamarr Houston significant snaps without his hand in the ground? His 300+ pound body type doesn’t bode well for a linebacker.

    • http://www.dabearsbeat.com/ Johnathan Wood

      he played a lot in a 2 point stance in Oakland before coming over, and he’s 265-275 now, not 300.

      They said he’ll be OLB in base package, which I think is key phrasing. He’ll play a good bit of DL in nickel looks, IMO.

  • Chris

    This team has literally no idea what they’re doing on defense.

    • Jaguars28

      Or offense, seeing as Jay Cutler is throwing interceptions on that side of the ball.

      • Tim Edell

        Says the Jags fan..haha

        • Jaguars28

          Hey, I didn’t say our O is any better.

      • Chris

        Cutler may be inconsistent but he definitely has talent. But you can’t compare the talent all-around offensively to whatever they’re trying to do on defense.

        • Tim Edell

          Fangio and Fox are definitely improving the Defense. Bringing in McPhee, Alan Ball was a cheap value signing, Rolle will give us a veteran presence in the secondary. Eddie Goldman has gotten nothing but raves from the players at OTA’s- so to say the have no idea what there doing is an idiotic statement

          • Chris

            I’m all about McPhee, but he’s never been a run defender. He’s a pass rushing specialist who lines up all over, not a guy who’s going to line up and give you 1000 snaps on the outside.

            Ball was cheap, yes, but I’d also call him average at best. Not exactly somebody you want to be lining up on the outside more often than not. Also I think Below Average is generous for how Fuller closed the season – the situation at corner looks pretty dicey.

            Guys are out of position (Houston, Allen, McClellin). Zero quality ILBs. No proven NT, which is one of the toughest and most important positions in a 3-4.

          • Tim Edell

            Fuller was injured the second half of the year and is definitely going to be a stud CB. If Jennings and Ball can get back to how they played in 2013 it will be a much improved unit over what we had last year.
            Our all the pieces in place for the Defense? Of course not as we have been terrible on that side of the ball the last 2 years. But Fox and Fangio definitely have a plan and with the additions of McPhee, Eddie Goldman, and a veteran in Rolle(even though he is nearing the end) to have us going in the right direction.
            I will agree with a lot of players especially Willie Young, Jared Allen and Lamar Houston being out of position but that is what they inherited and has nothing to do with not having a plan.

          • Chris

            To me the starting 3 at CB isn’t really the issue. Jennings never was able to stand on his own as a #1. He’s pretty good opposite a #1 (Tillman), but fell short when he was asked to carry the group. As of right now he’s the top corner on the team – I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call Fuller a ‘definite stud’ with how he played last year. But the problem is there’s zilch behind those 3. Literally zero.

            As I said I’m a big fan of McPhee, I just don’t think he’ll be able to provide what he’s going to be asked to do. And Goldman hasn’t played a down yet – I wouldn’t count on him for anything right now.

            To me, IMO, I just don’t see the pieces for a 3-4 right now. You need quality ILBs and a NT to do that. All they have is a plethora of edge rushers.

            I say swap back to a 4-3 this year. Get everyone back where they belong. Then take a MLB early in the Draft and find a DT to play next to Goldman (assuming he proves his worth this coming year). Then I say make the switch.

          • RichS.

            Spot on, couldn’t have said it any better myself.

        • Richs.

          Also if Cutler didn’t have to play from behind so much he wouldn’t throw as many interceptions.

    • Jason Williams

      read through all your comments – respectfully disagree.

      Though you do make good points.

      I think at the end of the day effort and attitude and toughness count for so much and I think John Fox and Vic Fangio will bring that. That’s what I’m hanging my hopes on.

      And if it happens I think this is a playoff team. I know that opinion isn’t shared by any, but for shit’s sake, the football gods owe me a damn favor :)

      • Chris

        I’m a Cinci fan first and a Bears fan second. Most of my family are Bears fans. So I’m definitely not hating on them for no reason haha.

        I just feel you need a quality Nose and ILB before you try to go 3-4. Goldman may pan out, but that’s a lot to ask in his rookie year. And they don’t have really any talent at all at ILB and a 3-4 means you need 2. JMO

        Gonna be a tough division again. GB’s not going anywhere, MIN should be on the upswing with Teddy Football and Zimmer coaching up the defense. DET should falter a bit with their losses on the defensive side of the ball.

        • Jason Williams

          the reason I love the NFL so much is that how you draw it up on paper is never quite how it works out in the end :)

          can’t wait to get started.

          and condolences on your fanship of the Bungles 😉

    • MorganW

      Holding Aaron Rodgers to 189 yds. and the Pack to 322 yds total doesn’t look like they have no idea, to me…it’s first year of a rebuild and they have to deal with some players that just don’t fit. So far, it’s not as woeful as the analysts have made it out to be but then, they still think that the coaching changes don’t count for anything. they were actually laughing at the Bears chances on the NFL Network.

  • theowl

    What’s up with Jaquizz Rodgers’ poor rating? He hasn’t had a negatively rated season since he has been in the league.

  • Jello

    How is Alan Ball rated as good? In eight years he’s played all 16 games three times and has defended over six passes just once. His tackling also doesn’t seem to be anything worth writing about. I certainly know nothing about him outside the stats, however. Is this an accurate rating? It seems far too optimistic.

  • Tim Edell

    To have Alan Ball and Kyle Long rated in the same category is laughable.