2015 Depth Charts Update: Carolina Panthers

A breakdown of the Carolina Panthers' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

| 2 years ago

A breakdown of the Carolina Panthers' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

2015 Depth Charts Update: Carolina Panthers



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  • The Panthers have addressed the wide receiver position in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that things are completely set there yet. While Kelvin Benjamin made some big plays as a rookie, he also had the third worst drop rate of all starting receivers, dropping 11 of the 84 catchable passes thrown his way. He needs to improve on that in 2015, while the same questions will be asked of rookie Devin Funchess. A big target, it looks like the Panthers see him as a “big slot” receiver, which makes sense, but he too comes with concerns about his hands, which will be something to look out for.
  • They also addressed their need for a starting left tackle, but consider us amongst those who aren’t convinced that they’ve made the right move. Michael Oher is slated to start on the left after finishing 2014 with our 10th-lowest grade among all OTs. More concerning is that Oher’s grade has declined in every season since he impressed as a rookie at right tackle.
  • The Panthers have an interesting blend up front, where we feel three of their four starters, Charles Johnson, Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short are all good enough to be classed as high quality, forming a formidable defensive line. We aren’t high at all on the fourth starter in Wes Horton, who managed just 14 total pressures in 2014.
  • Completing an impressive front seven are linebackers Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, both who we feel are good enough to be classed as elite. Kuechly, our highest-graded inside linebacker in 2014, impressed both against the run, and in coverage, where he again lead all inside linebackers in terms of coverage grade. Similarly, Davis finished 2014 tied for the highest grade in coverage at 4-3 outside linebacker.


  • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

    suprised oher is employed at all, let alone at LT. lol, runnnn cam

    • Dalen Erickson

      i know man. How far he has fallen. I love the guy as a person so Im always rooting for him but his career is all but over. Perhaps he can mentor one of their younger tackles and provide some value there

  • Jaguars28

    Oher and Martin form the most interesting offensive tackle combination in the NFL.

  • JT

    I don’t think Cotchery is even gonna make the roster….I’m pretty sure that Ealy will start this season at RE i’m not sure why he’s considered poor he wasn’t that bad. Kind of wish there was also a grading system for each rating too since we all know that Norman could easily be high quality if he continues what he has been doing for a whole season so maybe there could be a sign to show what are they leaning towards.

  • buckeyeMK

    What kinda snap/PT-share might we expect from Philly (“Corey”) Brown?? Love to see him atop RWR, at least til figuring out what 2 do w/ Funchess…but is it realistic to expect him having a viable opp. 2 be on the field in 2-wide sets?? He showed out time n time again when they went to him last yr, I was pleasantly stunned to see him actively targeted by end of LY…as a Buckeye thru & thru!

  • Keoni Pleasants

    Why is the number two TE in the league not considered elite? He consistently gets better every year. SMH

  • Kevin Hart

    Pretty sure Funchess is gonna start over Cotchery, and Shaq is going to start over Klein, and likely a competition for RE among Ealy, Addison, and Horton

  • Darrell G.

    Ealy is not poor … his game came around toward the end of the year. He will come into his own this year.

  • JudoPrince

    ugh…the offensive line is a disaster. Way to protect your franchise QB, Panthers

    • Dalen Erickson

      Cam is gonna be running for his life AGAIN. Their lucky hes such an amazing athlete or they would be dead in the water

  • Dalen Erickson

    Shouldn’t Ealy be listed as not enough info? You have players that are grey who have played WAY more snaps. For instance Coleman, the FB for the Hawks, has started for 2 years and he is still listed as grey. Jonas Grey (ironic) is also listed as grey even though he played like 166 snaps over the last two years which is quite a bit more than Ealy did I think. Just curious