2015 Depth Charts: Tennessee Titans

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts: Tennessee Titans


•  Justin Hunter flashed serious potential as a rookie in 2013, but his performance dropped off in 2014. He definitely has the physical tools to be better than that, but we just need to see him prove it on the field.

•  At right guard, Chance Warmack finished his second season strong. After some struggles early in his career, he was our 6th highest graded player at the position in the second half of 2014.

•  The move to 3-4 defensive end hasn’t hurt Jurrell Casey much. Another strong season saw him finish the year as our 6th highest graded 3-4 end, with his ability as a pass rusher on show once again.

•  Jason McCourty didn’t have a great season at cornerback, allowing 1,041 yards through the air, but he impressed in the two seasons previous so a drop below Good would be harsh. He’ll want to rebound in 2015 and get back to where he was before though.


Team Needs

Quarterback: Jake Locker’s time in Tennessee looks to be coming to an end, but who will start at quarterback for the Titans in 2015? Zach Mettenberger didn’t look great in his time as the starter in his rookie season, so it wouldn’t be a shock to see them draft a quarterback with their first round draft pick.

Wide Receiver: Regardless of who starts at quarterback, they need to to find some more targets for them, with Kendall Wright the only player at the position who stands out at this point. Hunter may come good, but that’s a big gamble to take.

Cornerback: We’re giving McCourty the benefit of the doubt that he’ll bounce back, but even if he does, the Titans still have holes at the position, with Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Coty Sensabaugh both struggling last year.


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  • Jaguars28

    Once we start getting good again… I think the Titans will as well.

    • Chris

      This roster looks terrible to me. A decent DL but the rest of the defense is one giant trashbag. The offense has an okay line and a couple decent skill position players, no running back, and a below average QB.

      • Jaguars28

        It looks terrible now… but they have some young pieces to build around (Wright, Hunter, Lewan, Warmack, Casey, Williamson, and McCourty). A few good drafts and free agent hits and they’ll look a lot more dangerous.

        • Garrett West

          Everybody can say that, every team has young players they hope to build around, but as of right now the Titans have one DL, a TE, and a bunch of unknown who might produce but are still unknown

  • Tyler Ferree

    You know a team has a problem when they have 3 recent Jets castoffs filling out skill positions, Gates, Ford, and Greene.

  • Guest

    Walker should be dark green, or maybe even blue based on last year. I would also give Taylor Lewan and Avery Williamson at least light green, while knocking Levitre down to yellow and bumping up Mett to yellow. It’s interesting to me that you have Jacoby Ford rated even though he hasn’t played one snap for us.

    • Tyler Ferree

      Its based on career, so essentially what i’ve spent the last 6 months telling giants fans when i rank madbum outside my top 10 starters, large sample trumps limit sample applies.

  • cole

    chance warmack as a second year player was the 6th best guard in the second half of the season and gets a light green, but tj mcdonald was the second best of all safeties in the second half of the year (higher than the elite harrison smith and eric weddle) and is rated as average? can we be a little more consistent here

    • Tyler Ferree

      Simple McDonald was a career red player, and wasn’t even that good the second half, 4 PDs, 1 Int, meaning all his impact HAS to come in the run game since hes doing little to nothing in coverage.

      • Jack Casey

        You can’t say he did nothing in coverage because he didn’t have a lot of pds or INTs…. A lot of guys who are good on coverage don’t even get targeted.

        • Tyler Ferree

          They still account for the bigger + grades, and since i don’t actually see the grades overall (i can just make an educated guess based on what i know) i can’t see his YPCS, which would be the main thing that would keep a player’s coverage grade afloat without those impact plays.

          • cole

            his coverage grade was in the green, along with his run game and pass rush grades. he also didn’t lose any points due to penalties. and saying a “career red player” is a little off base considering it’s his second year and he only played in 10 games as a rookie.

          • cole

            McDonald also posted a coverage grade of +5.4, in ONE game this year, against the Broncos. The latter half of the year, he was anything but a liability in coverage.

  • Tyler

    Mettenberger, walker, lewan, casey and williamson all need to be one higher