2015 Depth Charts: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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2015 Depth Charts: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB DCNotes

•  With the first overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft the Bucs are widely expected to grab a quarterback. That’s understandable, but Mike Glennon hasn’t been as bad as some seem to think. He’s been fairly average throughout his short career so far, and would definitely start for some teams around the league.

•   It truly was the year of the rookie wide receiver and, while Mike Evans might not have hit the height of Odell Beckham Jr., he did find his feet very quickly in the NFL. So much so in fact that he’s already the best wide receiver on the roster, ahead of Vincent Jackson.

•  We’ve still gone with Elite for Lavonte David, but it’s clear that his 2014 season didn’t quite match what he did in 2013. Still, he was very good last year, and we expect him to be closer to his previous level this season.

•  Alterraun Verner was our seventh-highest graded cornerback in 2014, so why is he just Good in our eyes? Well, his coverage grade (-0.8) was actually very average, with his run defense bringing his overall grade up. He was the best in the league against the run amongst cornerbacks, though, so anything less than that would be doing him a disservice.


Team Needs

Left Tackle: Anthony Collins is rumored to be a potential cut soon, and it’s hard to argue against that based on how he played last season. He did well for the Cincinnati Bengals before leaving as a free agent, but he failed to do a good enough job at left tackle for the Bucs.

Cornerback: Verner has one spot locked down, but who starts along with him in the secondary? Johnthan Banks has struggled in his first two seasons in the league, while Leonard Johnson hasn’t maintained the solid start he made to his career.

Defensive End: They invested heavily in Michael Johnson a year ago, but he failed to bring much of a pass rushing presence. If he gets back to his best he’s a very good run defender, though, so it would make sense to bring in a pass rusher opposite him.


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  • Jaguars28

    This team is way more talented than their record indicates.

    • Vitor

      They’ve got some very good pieces all around, but IMO are still far from being a legitimate contender at this point.

    • AJ

      Lots of positions are just big name players that aren’t actually impact players. They have some good building blocks in certain areas but still too many holes (not just at quarterback) to be a true contender, but in that division maybe 6 wins could win in. Who knows?

    • bobrulz

      No QB, no chance.

      Still don’t get why they went with McCown over Glennon for so long. Lovie must be delusional.

  • AJ

    Could the underlying problems here simply be the coaching? Lots of these guys were better players prior to arriving in Tampa and then suddenly declined once on the Bucs. To name a few, Dietrich-Smith, Collins, Dashon Goldson, Michael Johnson, probably a few more as well.

    Just to begin, they need to start playing to the strengths of the guys they have instead of forcing players into a scheme that doesn’t maximize them. Notice how their 2 best players are the ones who are perfectly fit for a Tampa 2 scheme. Redesign the scheme to fit the players they have, just like New England always does, which is why the Patriots have been so good for so long.

    • Riffle,Rod&Fly

      Lovie Smith and the Bears were better before he arrived in Tampa.