2015 Depth Charts: Seattle Seahawks

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts: Seattle Seahawks


•  He might not quite be at that Elite level, but Russell Wilson is still one of the better quarterbacks in the league. His performance as a passer this year is what keeps him out of that top bracket, but he’s shown himself capable of it in the past.

•   Max Unger was limited by injury in 2014, but his work as a run blocker when he was on the field was very impressive. If he can stay healthy he’s one of the best centers in the league, and a force in the middle of the Seattle offensive line.

•  If we were only looking at him as a defensive end, Michael Bennett wouldn’t be dark green, with his work soley at that spot a bit underwhelming. But as an all-around player, who is utlized perfectly by Seattle, he is one of the league’s best pass rushers.

•  How much has Brandon Mebane fallen? He was awesome in 2013, standing out as a pass rusher and against the run, but he wasn’t as good (and was held back by injuries) in 2014. Even if he can’t get back to what he was the year before, there were still enough flashes to suggest that he’s Good at worst.


Team Needs

Wide Receiver: Doug Baldwin is the team’s best receiver, while we’ve seen various flashes, but not a lot of consistency, from players like Jermaine Kearse and Chris Matthews. Adding a reliable veteran target would make a lot of sense, with the Seahawks one of the better fits for Andre Johnson if he is indeed traded away by the Houston Texans.

Offensive Guard: A position that his given them some trouble in recent years, there are question marks at both spots. On the left Alvin Bailey looks like the likely candidate to start right now, with not enough known about him to know how that will go. On the right, J.R. Sweezy has improved slowly but he’s still not consistent enough, though the team may continue to let him develop in the starting lineup.

Left Guard: Strange as it may seem, the position which was once a strength for the Seahawks now has several question marks. Richard Sherman remains one of the best defensive players in football, and Jeremy Lane is a solid starter, but who starts with them? Tharold Simon struggled in the playoffs, and he might not be ready for a starting role yet.


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  • JaTerrance Dwayne Young

    Gordon can you give us the grades for Bennett as a 4-3 DE compared to DT. I thought he would be an Elite player but based off what you said I am intrigued as to what is underwhelming about him at his listed position.

  • Jaguars28

    Love that defense… they play great as a unit.

    • Chris

      Depth is even more of an issue this year than it was last year. A byproduct of having to pay everyone on a SB winning team.

      • atyler2011

        Absolutely agree. For some reason people do not talk how this team won the West and the whole enchilada two years ago because of its depth. It was evidence last year during the stretch run and the big game. If this defensive unit was the same as in 2013, given the same conditions in the SB, they probably are still “partying” right now. This will be on going issue moving forward w/ big contract for RW and BW.

      • Jaguars28

        They could use some depth on the D-Line… But they’re fine otherwise IMO.

        • Chris

          How can you say depth isn’t an issue?

          Last year they had Bennett, Avril, Bryant, Clemons, Mebane, McDonald, and McDaniel on the DL. Sherman, Browner, Maxwell, Thurmond, and Lane at corner.

          5 of those guys went to start for other teams, and replaced them with nearly nothing (Kevin Williams?). There’s a reason Bennett and Avril saw their snap counts increase by like 300 this year, because when they went to rotate the dropoff in talent was much greater than in 2013.

          And nowhere was this more evident than at corner. Last year when they lost Browner and Thurmond, two quality starters this year for different teams, they brought in Maxwell and Lane and had almost no dropoff in performance. How many teams can lose 2 of their top 3 corners and have almost no dropoff?

          Fast forward to this year when they lose Lane, and all they have is Simon and Burley and there’s a noticeable dropoff.

          Now look at that unit up there. The starters look like the 85 Bears. But they have exactly 1 player who is a known quantity in the league. What happens if they have an injury in the secondary or at LB again? Can you rotate much on the DL when you only go 5 deep?

          • PetEng

            But this year they do have an extra 4 comp picks…they have drafted well late for defensive talent.

          • Chris

            They definitely have I agree. Champions are built through the draft and they are a perfect example.

            They drafted very well those previous few years, and several turned into bargain super stars. Now they’ve had to pay all those guys and they aren’t bargains anymore, so they’ve had to let some depth go.

            They’ll have to keep drafting well to fill some depth or it’s going to catch up to them even more.

          • Jefferson

            Depth overall is rather good, compared with other teams, and must be assessed on a unit by unit basis

            OL depth is far better than it was in 2013. Far better. In 2013 the OL was a general catastrophe and depth proved to be a total disaster. This year backups at center, guard and tackle performed quite well, all things considered.

            LB depth is not bad at all. Kevin Pierre-Louis looks to be a very promising addition and Coyle and Morgan are decent utility players.

            DL depth is even reasonable in comparative perspective. Sure it’s worse than it
            was in 2013, because it was ridiculous that year. In 2014 it hardly mattered what depth they had at DT in quality because the quantity was insufficient to fill in for injuries (would be for any team). Even when they resorted to grabbing scrubs off the street and putting their fullback into the defensive line, it merely brought a high-performing unit down to average+ levels for a time. DL will definitely get attention in the offseason.

            CB depth may be the greatest concern, at least to us outsiders. We haven’t seen enough of the newest stock of DBs. They may once again demonstrate the Hawks’ drafting and developing talents in the secondary, but there is no proof of that yet behind Sherman, Lane and Simon. Competition will be added there too.

  • Vitor

    The third team need is cornerback, not left guard, right?

    • Vitor

      Btw, really tought Bobby Wagner was a no-brainer elite at his position.

      • Jacob B.

        Their “elite” designations are a bit fishy,

      • Jefferson

        Wagner is elite by many standards.

        And yes it should CB as the #3 need (arguably #1 if Lane will be gone at the start of the season). A close #2 is upgrading WR and hoping Richardson makes it back early. Guard and DT depth is distant #3/#4, but they at least have a decent option in Baily at LG if Carpenter leaves.

        With Lynch extended and a huge ‘roster’ coming off injury reserve, the Hawks are stacked and fairly deep. They should have little problem plugging holes and upgrading certain units over last year with their 11 draft picks and the chunk of money they are set to use in free agency.

  • PetEng

    Why are two of the CBs not graded? Virtually all the other positions look to have a 300 snap minimum before being graded. Is CB different?

    Tharold Simon: Either average or below average (405 snaps played including playoffs).
    Marcus Burley: Average (328 snaps played including playoffs).

    • Jefferson

      It’s really too early to say for either. Simon should be Average+, or even Good, if you go by performance to date. He had trouble against Edelman and Kelvin Benjamin, but in most games he was in lock down mode. PFF signature coverage stats for the regular season had him #1 or #2 in several of the key metrics. He is not top 2, of course, and he’s a hothead, but the Seahawks have high hopes for him I think.

      • PetEng

        418 snaps is too early to grade a player?

        They graded Phillip Gaines (376 snaps) of KC and K’Waun Williams (341 snaps) of Cleveland.

  • Jack Casey

    I think a healthy Chancellor might be blue. Every one knows how physical/good against the run he is… But I think he has become excellent in coverage as well.. The elite safeties to me are him, Thomas, McCourty and Weddle.