2015 Depth Charts: New York Giants

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts: New York Giants


•  Coming into this series I would have found it difficult to call any rookie Elite after their first season, but this year I think there are two who it’s impossible to have any lower considering how well they performed. The first of those is Odell Beckham Jr. who took the league by storm with a series of sensational catches and an impressive consistency to match.

•  Justin Pugh struggled after a solid rookie season, and at times looked a bit overmatched against stronger defensive linemen. How he responds in 2015 will go a long way in determining how his career is likely to go.  

•  Robert Ayers performed well in 2014, and it will be interesting to see how he performs if he is asked to be an every down defensive end in 2015. The Giants have indicated that they’ll do whatever it takes to bring Jason Pierre-Paul back, so that likely leaves Ayers and Damontre Moore fighting it out for that other starting spot.

•  Cornerback is arguably the strongest position on the Giants roster, with three players who we consider to be at least Good. There are some question marks lower down the depth chart but most teams in the league would gladly swap their top four corners with the Giants.

Team Needs

Interior Offensive Line: Where the need lies here is mainly at Center, but the Giants might opt to move Weston Richburg into the middle of the line in which case the bigger need would be at left guard. J.D. Walton struggled big time last season and Dallas Reynolds doesn’t look likely to push him for the starting job so help is needed here.

Linebacker: Devon Kennard has a solid season and deserves to keep him starting spot, but the Giants could use help on the other side and in the middle. Both Jon Beason and Jameel McClain have struggled and there isn’t any known depth behind them at this point.

Safety: Right now the starting safeties would be Nat Berhe and Taylor Cooper, who have seen a total of 37 snaps in their young careers. That would hint that the position at least needs some veteran presence in depth, if not in the starting lineup.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/jaterrance.young JaTerrance Dwayne Young

    Cmon Gordon…one season you guys already putting OBJ in the same breath as Calvin Johnson and others. I highly disagree with your notion. You are the ones that said “body of work” when taking these rankings in consideration

    • Gordon McGuinness

      Like I said above, I thought I’d have a hard time putting any rookie in that bracket. However, saying he’s anything other than that wouldn’t be right given the level of play he produced last year. His receiving grade for last year is up there with the best we’ve ever seen since we began grading and that’s the only season we have to go on, so his entire body of work is elite. Is it possible a bit soon? Perhaps, but for me he’s already up there with the best receivers in the league.

      • charlie_g68

        at least you let the numbers speak and it wasnt an impulse ~ aka giant fan

    • Jaguars28

      Watch ODB play. He’s already elite. Extrapolate his stas over a full season, he had over 2,000 yards and, like, 20 touchdowns. That’s insane.


      Dude you can’t argue over how he produced this season, over 1300 yards, 13 touchdowns in only thirteen games. If he played all season he would be top in most categories (or at least tied). Plus he has played one season and was elite. His body work can only suggest he is elite.

  • Alfredo Cota

    If the other elite rookie is Aaron Donald and not Khalil Mack you lose some credibility.

    • Jaguars28

      Why? Mack was on one of the worst defenses in the league, and had 4 sacks. Sure he was a beast in run support, and he’s better than his raw stats show. I’d say he’s very good.

      Donald was a beast in both phases. I’d rank him as the third DT in the league behind Suh and McCoy.

      • Tyler Ferree

        I’d take Richardson (DT would be his position in an even front) ahead of him also part of that would be Donald likely wouldn’t fit a big 3-4 due to his size (the funny part was everyone seemed to be saying that Richardson was too small for the Big 3-4 when he was drafted despite him being 6-3 295), and scheme versatility has value.

        • aa

          Dareus is better than McCoy and Donald.

          • Tyler Ferree

            Hes a nosetackle, not a 3-tech different position.

          • aa

            Dareus had ten sacks in a 4-3 alignment last year. He’s like Kevin Williams in Williams’ prime; both can play 3-tech and nose tackle exceptionally well.

          • Jaguars28

            No he isn’t, nice try, though.

        • Graniterlm

          You’d be retarded to take anybody besides Donald at this point in their careers. Donald is like Suh minus the drama. Nobody has the speed he has and he’s strong as hell to boot

          • Tyler Ferree

            Just a hint, go actually watch Richardson play, he’s a bigger stronger Donald, just SLIGHTLY less explosive.

      • Alfredo Cota

        Being on a bad defense and getting double teamed constantly should bolster you status because you still make plays in spite of the offense game-planing to avoid you. Donald, on the other hand, played in arguably one of the best fronts of the NFL so he was able to make plays. Mack’s sack total is irrelevant: look at all the pressures he had and how teams constantly ran against the Raiders (mainly because they were trailing early). Last but not least, look at his PFF rating. At least both Donald and Mack should be elite, though I disagree with such an high praise for rookies: the elite label should be for proven players who have many seasons of continued excellence.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Not a lot of depth anywhere except WR. I wonder if the Giants and the Saints are a little guilty of living in the past. The league started to favor some more balance this year.

  • Damo9099

    Wait now… don’t contradict everything else you say in your other depth charts to make OBJ elite. When he draws double team rates of +85% like Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones then maybe. Not in his first year.

  • Tom Downes

    Wait a minute, Eli’s elite..he said so.

  • heem

    So Beckham is elite but not Julio Jones…

    • Mido

      Everyday yes.