2015 Depth Charts: New Orleans Saints

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts: New Orleans Saints

NO DCNotes

•  At wide reciever, Marques Colston and Brandin Cooks are both at roughly the same level now, though their careers are going in opposite directions. Colston looks like he’s on the downside of his career while Cooks was solid with flashes as a rookie.

•  Zach Strief remains quietly one of the best offensive tackles in the league. He doesn’t get nearly enough credit but delivers time and time again, providing stability on the right side of the Saints offensive line.  

•  Cameron Jordan is an interesting player to look at. His 2013 season was very good, but it’s been sandwiched between two less than impressive seasons in 2012 and 2014. Can he get back to that high level again in 2015?

•  Kenny Phillips might seem like a strange choice to be unknown, but we simply haven’t seen enough of him recently to know what sort of player he is anymore. On our most recent evidence he can be very good indeed, but how have injuries impacted his career?

Team Needs

Center: How much faith do they have that Tim Lelito can get the job done as a starter? We haven’t seen much of him, with just two starts at center in 2014 and at this point it’s tough to say how good he would be over the course of a full season.

Linebacker: As position where the Saints could upgrade at two spots at least, middle linebacker is the biggest concern, with Curtis Lofton continuing to struggle and just the untested Jerry Franklin behind him.

Cornerback: 2014 was a down year for Keenan Lewis, but he has a difficult job and has shown himself to be a quality corner throughout his career. There are questions beyond him at the position however Stanley Jean-Baptiste young and untested, and Corey White struggling.


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  • Ryan Wilson

    I know Tim Lelito personally he is a great guy they had a story about him in Sports Illustrated not too long ago, He has started also at guard (2013) and I tried to watch those games he does a great job in the run game getting to the second level, maybe if you get his grades from 2013 you might have something to grade him on.

    • Gordon McGuinness

      Just two starts at right guard in 2013, including a -7.4 game in Week 1. If we were grading him based of that it wouldn’t be favorably, but I think it would be harsh seeing as he hasn’t played much consistently and his worst play has come at guard as opposed to center, hence the unknown.

    • Chris

      He was a fairly average center this year and was admittedly a better run blocker than pass protector, which helps explain his comparative struggles at guard last year.

      Interior pass protection is crucial for Brees.

  • Chris

    A very confusing team last year. The Sproles Effect and a pretty subpar back seven?

    • Riffle,Rod&Fly

      I thought it was the most disappointing team of the year but they seem to have been in decline since the scandal.

      I like “The Sproles Effect”! When will teams learn!

  • Tom Downes

    Crazy how bad this D has been ever since that SB win, even then they were only good at causing turnovers. DC after DC and shuffling players has not worked.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    So is Byrd still very good or just living off his amazing Rookie year? Thoughts? I’m curious.

    • Common Sense

      PFF takes in account the whole body of work…and he’s been in the league for six years… his rookie year accounts for solely one year…so via the process of deduction and logical reasoning…he must still be very good.

      • Riffle,Rod&Fly

        I can see what grade PFF gave him. I want to know what people who’ve watched closely think of his post-rookie career. I’d call you a smart-ass but that would probably be too much of a compliment.

  • Jaguars28

    If Peyton Manning isn’t elite, then Brees shouldn’t be elite.

    • Dildo Baggins

      Peyton Manning: +10.4 passing
      Drew Brees: +33,7 passing

    • Vitor

      No way, man. Brees was the reason why this horrible team had merely a chance last year. The defense was awful and couldn’t stop anything. If I’m not mistaken, Drew was the leader in almost every category of pass completion (long throws/under pressure/normal) and in passing yards, for example (yeah, stats don’t mean a thing, nevertheless..).
      Graham as a elite TE is pretty overrated IMO, though. Maybe a elite pass catcher, but – considering the position as a whole – I didn’t appreciate his season that much.

  • DrAWNiloc

    Based on who will be available when the Saints draft, we can probably pencil in UCLA ILB Eric Kendricks as their second pick. Many think they’ll take Michigan State CB Trae Waynes in the first round but my money is on Clemson OLB Vic Beasley.

  • AJ

    For people using the Saints’ record as a team as an argument against Drew Brees, take a look at the team he is working with and maybe you’ll realize that winning football games is about more than just the quarterback.

    • Riffle,Rod&Fly

      That argument, which I’m kind of tired of, isn’t even necessary here. Brees had a ton of production and rarely was a liability. His grade is unquestionable. The team strategy may be, but he did his part.

  • Nick Cortez

    Updates to make for this roster for now: – LG Grubbs (probably pencil Lelito in that spot currently), + C Unger, – TE Graham (slide Hill there), – MLB Lofton, + MLB Humber, + CB Browner (move SJB to back-up), – RB Pierre Thomas, + RB Ingram, – DT Walker

    • Nick Cortez

      More edits: – WR Stills, + MLB Ellerbe, -CB White, +RB Spiller

  • UncleTuna

    If I’m paying for a subscription, why should I be subjected to ads that slow my browsing experience?

  • mike

    Where’s mark Ingram