2015 Depth Charts: Miami Dolphins

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts: Miami Dolphins


•  Ryan Tannehill can be a Very Good quarterback, but he needs to improve on his consistency in order to get there. He had some really good games in 2014, but was so up and down that it’s tough to have him any higher than what we have right now.

•  How good is Brian Hartline at this point? He had an impressive season in 2013, but there was a major drop off in 2014, finishing the season with just 477 receiving yards. Can he be anything more than a solid receiver again? Time will tell. 

•  Brent Grimes wasn’t as good as we’ve come to expect in 2014, but based on his career we felt it would be harsh to drop him below Very Good. He definitely needs to improve in 2015, but given what he’s done throughout his career at this point, we expect him to do so.

•  At safety, Reshad Jones has really impressed in two of the last three seasons, making it tough for us to have him as anything other than Very Good. This past season he graded positively in coverage, against the run and as a pass rusher.

Team Needs

Wide Receiver: Mike Wallace is a good deep threat, but this team still lacks a No. 1 receiver. Their current cap situation makes going after any of the top receivers, provided they hit the market, unlikely, so this is a position that they may need to look to the draft to address.

Guard: Both guards under performed in 2014 and this is now a definite position of need heading into 2015. Even adding a solid starter which didn’t break the bank would make a lot of sense.

Defensive Back: With Grimes and Jones they have two Very Good starters in this group, but not a lot outside of that. The only other player we have seen enough of is Cortland Finnegan, who is on the downside of his career.


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  • Vitor

    Ellerbe was so important in the SB run that I thought his loss would hurt us a lot. Thank God he asked for a lot of money…

  • Joe

    Hartline’s efficiency has remained pretty constant, but his production fell off due to lack of opportunities in a new system. I also wonder how James would be graded based solely on his RT performance and ignoring the LT debacle.

  • Zev

    Phins should try to trade away Gibson, or Hartline. Gibson is redundant as a solid slot receiver now that we have Landry. Hartline simply doesn’t get the touches that he deserves playing opposite Wallace, heis more valuable to a team that needs help at the #2 spot.

    • DrAWNiloc

      Agreed, but this may not be the year to do this. Miami will need to concentrate on O-Line in the draft. (I have them taking LSU’s OT La’el Collins then Duke OG Laken Tomlinson.) They’ll miss out on the bumper crop of rookie WRs and, for now, will have to make do with one burner and some short targets.

      • Jordan MacGeever

        This maybe the dumbest plan ever….horrible doesn’t even do it justice.

      • Jordan MacGeever

        There is more chance in the Jags winning the Super Bowl than the Dolphins drafting a OT in the first round. And Tomlinson is a pure power blocking OG everyone with brains knows Miami run a ZBS who relies on smaller athletic OL.

        • DrAWNiloc

          Learn tact, grammar and football.

    • Tim Edell

      You must not know much about how the cap works. Nobody was gonna trade for those 2 overpaid average wrs, thus they were both cut.

      • Zev


  • Jaguars28

    Mike Wallace should be green. Better than Miami fans give him credit for.

    I’d be worried about the O-Line. Albert is over thirty and coming off injury, the guards are terrible, and James was a major reach. I think they’re even worse off than the 2013 season.

    • Riffle,Rod&Fly

      I saw an overrated one trick pony in Pittsburg but he is useful in a good group. I wasn’t completely surprised by his lack of production in Miami. He needs a QB who can accurately throw the long ball. They finally got some more use out of him at the end of this season. It was ultimately a bad fit for the team and another poor Fireland hire.

    • Tyler Ferree

      Wallace does 1 thing he can run, but that is about it. While it has value, it isn’t worth 13 per year, he has 1 of the 3 worst contracts in the NFL, the others being Mario Williams and Jay Cutler.

      • Izach

        Wallace is being used poorly in MIA that’s a coaching/scheme problem. Sure he doesn’t dobthe jump ball, and his route tree is limited but his speed needs to be used more than just a decoy, also try getting miss matches with him instead of always trying to have him with within a route. Things like moving him to slot, crosses, Go, double moves and please get the man a play action once in while, all in all tho Wallace impresses me with his TD count despite getting almost no deep looks, the phins seem content on using him as a route runner who ocasionally goes deep instead of a deep WR who can occasionally run a good route, cut him let chip kelly and the Eagles, the panthers, or Redskins get him and he will put up numbers again, heck if he’s cheap enough Id take him back in the burg

    • mutzki

      Doesn’t it all depend on Tannehill?

    • Jordan MacGeever

      Branden Albert is 30 and was great for half a season so dumb.

    • Jordan MacGeever

      Saying there worse off than 2013 is truly idiotic

      • Jaguars28

        1. Don’t call something idiotic when you don’t use proper grammar.
        2. Enjoy that O-Line. It’s just getting worse.

        • Jordan MacGeever

          Getting worse? You obviously haven’t got two clues what your talking about. Pouncey back at C wasn’t healthy last year Turner has potential at RG. Albert is an elite LT when he’s back. All they need is a LG and that probably come in FA. You’re logic is completely horrendous. Also James was a decent RT before he had to move but we all knew he wasn’t a LT anyway.
          It’s patently clear you know nothing about the Dolphins. Stick to the coke oh right you’re a Jags fan that explains everything.

          • Jaguars28



      That’s ok Albert is still fat, and has good technique. That’s all you need for an offensive lineman.

    • Jason

      James was a reach? Given the normal production out of rookie tackles and his work as a RT, I’d be interested in yourr argument here. I thought he performed well at a rookie RT and has no qualms with him heading into next year.

  • Tom Downes

    Another 8-8 season and there will be a new coaching staff in 2016. A reset on the OLine after the bullying is probably going to keep them at that level.

  • Chris


    Best pass rusher in the league.

    • Devin

      You’d take him over Watt or Houston?

      • Chris

        It’s close with Houston. Wake does it from a tougher position – 3-4 OLBs get to start from a wider angle and speed rush, while 4-3 DEs have to deal with LTs/RTs more often.

        And obviously I’d take Watt, but they play different positions. Watt is an interior lineman.

        • mutzki

          Since they start from a wider angle they also have further to go to get to the QB. And they also have to go up against the Tackles most of the time.

          • Chris

            Wider angle = longer distance sure. But 3-4 OLBs are usually faster too. And they might be matched up against tackles, but most 3-4 OLBs speed rush the edge while 4-3 DEs tend to have more inside outside moves.

            Just my opinion, but I think the job Wake has to do is slightly more difficult so I give him the edge.

          • Alejandro Caballero

            But olb also drop more to coverage, soy they Rush significantly less the qb

          • Chris

            We can keep going back and forth lmao. Yes Houston dropped into coverage more often (about 100 times more than Wake), but that doesn’t mean he rushed the passer less. Because he played more overall snaps.

            Houston played ~300 more overall snaps than Wake. There’s a lot more rotation on the DL because it’s a more tiring position. In the end they rushed the passer about the same number of times.

            Wake: 449 pass rushing snaps, 36.3 grade
            Houston: 462 pass rushing snaps, 37.6 grade

          • Izach

            That’s not exactly true, depends on system but a lot of teams use one 3-4 OLB as just a rush guy, guys like Demarcus ware, tamba hali, Elvis dumerville and even cam wake (when mia used a 3-4) rarely drop in coverage, they’d usually always rush maybe a soft flats/ contain coverage but noting a 4-3 DE could do as well

  • davathon

    The grades on Jelani Jenkins and Juwan James really surprised me. I thought both were good. I thought they’d both be green.

  • will

    does the (rumored) addition of Suh push them to the best d-line in the NFL if it goes through? Bills and Jets are the only other teams with two “blue” players on the defensive line.