2015 Depth Charts: Baltimore Ravens

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2015 Depth Charts: Baltimore Ravens



•  The biggest debate we had when looking at the Ravens offense was Ricky Wagner. Is it slightly generous to call him Very Good at this stage in his career? Perhaps, and that was the debate, but he was amongst the best right tackles in the league last year.

•  Brandon Williams was another second year player to get the Very Good rating, with the nose tackle proving himself to be a force in the middle of the Ravens defensive line last year, outshining everyone including Haloti Ngata.

•  Lardarius Webb was so up and down last year that we didn’t feel we could have him any higher than average. We know he can be better than that, but with several knee injuries in his career, we need to see him prove that once again after seeing his play slip in 2014.

•  Matt Elam has perhaps been played slightly out of position, with the former first round pick seemingly better suited to a role closer to the line of scrimmage that as a deep safety or in the slot. However, his play in coverage has been so poor that we couldnt justify having him any higher.

Team Needs

Cornerback: Even is Lardarius Webb can get back to his best, the Ravens still need support at cornerback. The position was hurt by injuries throughout 2014, but there isn’t really a third cornerback on the roster that you would trust so it would be surprising not to see several new faces in the defensive backfield this offseason.

Wide Receiver: Do the Ravens look to bring back Torrey Smith, and if so how much will it cost to do so? A solid number two for Baltimore since arriving, he might command a price that the Ravens aren’t willing to match and, even if they do bring him back, they could do with adding another solid receiver.

Running Back: Justin Forsett has earned his pay day this offseason with an impressive 2014, and it’s easy to see why the Ravens would want him back. If he doesn’t return they are left with Bernard Pierce, who has struggled since an impressive rookie season, and the relatively untested duo of Lorenzo Taliaferro and Fitzgerald Toussaint.


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  • Vitor

    As a Ravens fan, you were kind on Elam. Wish he can prove me wrong, but he is a bust until now.

    But, IMO, Jimmy Smith was Elite before he got hurt in this season and Very Good by the end of last season.

    • Supychou

      Ravens fan here too.

      I agree for Jimmy Smith being Very Good, for now (soon to be Elite).
      For Elam, I hope he can improve playing at his real position, SS.
      And I have high hopes for Marlon Brown, if he plays more snaps and stays healthy (because I think he is more than average).

      And PFF was almost too kind with Webb and Pierce.

      • Jaguars28

        Jimmy Smith is a great WR :)

      • Vitor

        Yeah, I think is too soon and we didn’t see enough Elite playing to label him that right now, but I’d call him Very Good. He was a stud. The team was so close to beat NE, that maybe this could be the SB champion with him on the field and Rashaan Melvin by the sidelines (not hating the guy).

        I remember this depth chart analysis before the season. There were so few green names. It was a satisfactory season for a team in development and it only gives hope for the next one.

  • Jaguars28

    Love Daryl Smith. This team is a Super Bowl Contender if they upgrade that putrid secondary.

    • Chris

      I had them beating NE, and with Rodgers’ injury I had the Ravens winning the whole thing. They had it in their grasp too, down 4, driving, and then Flaky throws that ridiculous bomb to the end zone that gets picked off.

      I think they had the best defense in the playoffs, in spite of that secondary. Their front 7 is ridiculous. They went light on Jernigan likely because of his snap count – he’s going to be a monster next year. And Upshaw rotates with Dumervil – together I’d likely label them Elite.

      • Jaguars28

        Terrance Brooks, third rounder out of Florida State is another name to keep an eye on on that D. I think he’s gonna be good.

    • Tynan Patrick

      I don’t think their secondary Is actually that bad. You have to remember that Jimmy Smith was a top 3 CB when healthy this year and they had 8 or 9 DBs on IR by the end of the year including Smith. Webb struggled in the no.1 CB role but played well as a no.2. Getting Smith back moves everyone one slot down the depth chart and into better positions for them to succeed, most of their struggles were domino effect from the Smith loss.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Ouch, these WR ratings have been kind of brutal. Does anyone remember when Ngata was called “The best player in the NFL”? Suggs gets my vote for most annoying player in the NFL. Lets hope for zero improvement and missed playoffs next year! Hooray!!

    • Jaguars28

      How are the WR ratings brutal?

      • Riffle,Rod&Fly

        I guess we’ll have a better idea of the spread once all teams are out but I’d say Julio Jones and Steve Smith are both one notch too low. Smith had decent numbers and a penchant for the big play at key moments.

        • Jaguars28

          I agree on Jones, but I think Smith disappeared too often when he wasn’t out to get “revenge.” He’s still a very good receiver, though.

          • Tynan Patrick

            Agreed, the first half of the season Smith was elite, but he had several games down the stretch where he was a complete non factor which is why he probably graded a bit low.

  • PetEng

    Damn…this team is stacked.

  • Chris

    Will Hill has never had a red game (less than -1.0 grade) in his 3 years in the league.

    • Vitor

      He had a great game against NO and Graham. Wish he could have done that with Gronk too, but I think nobody can alone.

      • Tynan Patrick

        Part of that is the huge number of rubs the patriots run for gronk, the saints rub them too but not as often for Graham. It’s really tough for a safety to fight through a rub and still cover gronk.

  • asdf

    Why didn’t they re-sign Arthur Jones? He could’ve been the eventual replacement to Ngata. Jernigan could replace Canty. dumb

    • Vitor

      Cap space problems, but the replacements are there with Jerningan and Brendon Williams. Btw, Ngata wasn’t perfoming good enough to justify his big salary before this season, and the whole PED suspension leaves a doubt if he deserves a contract extension with a pay cut (which is the only thing to be done if the team wants to keep him, since his cap hit for the next season will be $16 millions) or to be cut ties with for the future, with the 2 young DL in position to fill his shoes.

      • Tynan Patrick

        They rarely sign their d lineman back unless they are superstar level players(suggs, ngata), the rest they let go because they replace them at such a high level, Jones got replaced by jernigan.

    • bill

      Because they’ve drafted a ton of dlineman over the last 3 years and don’t need another expensive one.

  • Urganapias

    I don’t think it’s fair to qualify C. Upshaw as ‘below average’. He did a pretty good job this year.