2014 PFF Pro Bowl Selections

The voting has finished and hopefully you’ve done the right thing with your Pro Bowl ballot. For us, though, we’re renegades. We can’t be confined by a ballot...

| 2 years ago

2014 PFF Pro Bowl Selections

2014-Pro-Bowl-SelectionsThe voting has finished and hopefully you’ve done the right thing with your Pro Bowl ballot.

For us, though, we’re renegades. We can’t be confined by a ballot and as such we’ve changed the structure of the positions to respond to a more versatile NFL, ensuring the right players get their due.

You’ll see how shortly, but for now sit back and enjoy the PFF Pro Bowl Roster.



Starters: Aaron Rodgers (GB) and Drew Brees (NO)
Reserves: Tom Brady (NE), Matt Ryan (ATL), Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) and Andrew Luck (IND)

Breakdown: Rodgers has, Buffalo game aside, been the standout QB this year but Brees has pushed him hard. The woes in New Orleans have detracted from this, but it’s been a huge effort from the Saints’ QB to keep them competitive.

Running Back

Starters: DeMarco Murray (DAL) and Le’Veon Bell (PIT)
Reserves: Marshawn Lynch (SEA), Justin Forsett (BAL), Eddie Lacy (GB) and Jamaal Charles (KC)

Breakdown: The hardest question was who to drop from the starting lineup, with Lynch just missing out. Then it was just a case of deciding between Lacy and Arian Foster for the last spot, with the greater work by Lacy in the passing game pushing him in.

Wide Receivers

Starters: Antonio Brown (PIT), Dez Bryant (DAL), Jordy Nelson (GB) and DeMaryius Thomas (DEN)
Reserves: Emmanuel Sanders (DEN), Odell Beckham Jr (NYG), Julio Jones (ATL) and T.Y. Hilton (IND)

Breakdown: So many players to choose from, some were bound to miss out. Its telling just how good Beckham was that he was close to a starting spot despite missing so much time, though it’s worth noting A.J. Green and Calvin Johnson missed more time and were close themselves to cracking the list.


Starters: Anthony Sherman (KC) and Ryan Hewitt (CIN)

Breakdown: Two years on the bounce for Sherman who has gone from afterthought in Arizona to the league’s best fullback in KC.

Tight End

Starters: Rob Gronkowski (NE) and Greg Olsen (CAR)
Reserves: Martellus Bennett (CHI) and Jason Witten (DAL)

Breakdown: Olsen just edged out Bennett for the second starting spot, with no doubts whatsoever that Gronkowski would be in there. A down year (by his standards) for Jimmy Graham, injuries to Dwayne Allen and Julius Thomas, as well as a lack of playing time for Travis Kelce derailed their bids.


Starters: Joe Thomas (CLE) and Ricky Wagner (BAL), Jason Peters (PHI) and Sebastian Vollmer (NE)
Reserves: Andrew Whitworth (CIN) and Jared Veldheer (ARZ)

Breakdown: The three best tackles in the league this year were hard to separate, so we feel a little guilty with Whitworth not being down as a starter, but we’re steadfast in our belief that right tackles are worthy of some respect to. The last spot on the bench saw the excellent Veldheer just hold off the superior run blocking from Joe Staley to highlight his impressive debut season as a Cardinal.


Starters: Marshal Yanda (BAL), Kelechi Osemele (BAL) Joel Bitonio (CLV) and Zack Martin (DAL)
Reserves: Josh Sitton (GB) and Brandon Linder (JAX)

Breakdown: No change here from our earlier Pro Bowl cheat sheet. Yanda has been superb all year in arguably his finest season as a Pro, being one half of a tremendous tandem in Baltimore. As for the three rookies making the list, that just goes to show it’s not just the wide receivers who look like a special group from the 2014 draft class.


Starters: Nick Mangold (NYJ) and Corey Linsley (GB)
Reserves: Travis Frederick (DAL) and Rodney Hudson (KC)

Breakdown: Mangold is back to his best and Linsley stunned us with his consistency in his rookie year. Quite the impression for a guy who was only starting because of injury. Special nod to Max Unger who has playing lights out but had his playing time limited through injury.


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  • Dave

    You have Suggs, and he deserves it, but where is Elvis Dumervil ?? He only leads the NFL in sacks and has a legitimate shot at Strahans record… who is in charge of this stuff ??

  • Fintasy

    I thought Antonio Cromartie would have snuck in here somewhere

  • Turd

    No elvis dumervil? I guess leading the league in sacks is worthless

    • Scow

      He has done literally nothing else. He has a negative score in stopping the run, coverage, and penalties. Complete one-trick pony.

  • Troy J Orourke

    So J Hankins is what, your #2 rated DT, yet he isnt on the “team”? lol

  • Scow

    While I love seeing all of the Badgers making the PFF Pro Bowl, where is Chris Borland? That dude can play half a season and still be one of the 3 or 4 most dynamic ILB’s …. He had more stops than Hightower in 300 less snaps (more than Collins as well with 360 less snaps), gave up a lower passing rating in coverage, and leads the NFL in suplexes with 2. He is also 3rd in ILB PFF rating, while only playing half the year.

    • Scow

      Oh, and he has more stops than Bobby Wagner in 60 less snaps, too. Borland is the clear DROY, regardless of missed time …. the same goes for Beckham on the offensive end. Donald, Mack, and others had great years as well.

      • Paddy

        I think dependability has to come into play when considering full season awards. When healthy, he was an absolute freak of nature though. That guy is going to be special if he can stay healthy.

  • Richard

    How is Elvis Dumervil not included here?

  • Paddy

    Um, the Seahawks are again the most dominant defense in the NFL and continuing to put up historical type numbers and they only get Bennett as an alternate and Sherman as 4th haha? They’ve given up under 7 points a game over the last month and giving up less yardage than last year despite playing Rodgers, Manning, Rivers, and Romo with injuries early in the season.

    Thomas is playing like a 1st team all pro. What a laughing stock.

    Lynch will always be an alternate for some reason even though he’s solid every year when you see RB’s go up and down with the offensive lines. And Wilson is on pace for 4000 all purpose and is probably going down as the most dangerous dual threat QB in history because he runs for huge gains and also completes well over 60% of his passes with UDFA receivers.

    • Chris

      Slurp slurp.

      1. Wilson is a game manager that can scramble.
      2. Lynch is so good yet Seattle’s about to let him go next year?

      • [email protected]

        You have to credit somebody for Seattle’s offensive efficiency, if its not Wilson and Lynch who is it?

        • Chris

          Where was the personal attack? Both of those are legitimate counterarguments.

          Btw if you keep calling me an asshole I’m gonna have to start questioning the friendship bracelet I got you for Christmas.

          • Bill

            Seahawks defense will lock up the bengals bum

          • Chris

            Dalton doesn’t need any help locking down the Bengals offense, Randy.

  • Jeff

    Good thing Maurkice Pouncey won the fan vote for the Pro Bowl… was a shame he missed out last year on the Pro Bowl. People here don’t know how good of a center he is… best in the league! 3x All Pro… bet you he is 1st team again this year

    …… /sarcasm

  • Fedorable

    I get that these are based off of numbers. But it should also go to show how flawed this system can be.

    As a Bills fan, I can only speak to our team. But I don’t know that there would be many Bills fans that actually think Corey Graham is the best of our D-backs. Mario Williams is 5th in the league in sacks and has been on a tear all season. Yet, he’s not a top 8 edge rusher?

    Not saying that there are too many outrageous choices here, but simply looking at stats doesn’t always work.

    • Jeff

      “Mario Williams is 5th in the league in sacks and has been on a tear all season. Yet, he’s not a top 8 edge rusher?… but simply looking at stats doesn’t always work.”

      Your statement is a paradox. PFF doesn’t base their grades on just “sacks”… yes Williams has played well, but he is nowhere as good as the players picked ahead of him. Sacks don’t tell the whole story. I wish the Pro Bowl actually was based on data that showed the top performers, and not just on 1 stat line.

  • DH


  • Pacoheadley

    How is Suh not a starter?

  • TheBigDoopa

    Any list of the best safeties in the NFL that doesn’t have Earl Thomas and/or Kam Chancellor on it is not only flawed, it’s criminally negligent.

  • Steven Ivill is gay

    Kyle Long?

  • davathon

    I was disappointed when the Dolphins traded Vontae Davis. He was excellent for the Dolphins, too. He can cover and tackle. I’m sure his grandma is proud.

  • Quail

    PFF you guys are the laughing joke of the NFL and you know nothing. All you care about is money and name credibility. Not individuals and their accomplishments. PFF should be banned from anything to do with the NFL. Their a disgrace…..like goodell. I hope every team can agree with me. Happy Holidays Peeps

  • Matthew Mullen

    I honestly get leaving Chancellor off, because he was hurt and ineffective for half the season, but Earl Thomas not even making the reserve list is a joke to a degree that I don’t care to read the rest of this.

  • Ben Connor

    The fact that Tony Romo is not on here is a complete joke and I stopped reading this after seeing that…

  • Steve W

    Surprised by some Olineman picks, especially rookie C Linsley–not sure I agree, though he’s far exceeded what I expected from him as a rookie. Also, I think Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes deserved a nod. And believe it or not, I say this as a Stockholder Packer fan.

  • mondel

    Matt Ryan and Drew Brees? Now that’s funny.

  • stephan

    Worse about Brees, did you see what Brady just did to help the Patriots sign additional players? He already was taking less than market, way less, to free up dollars. And now he gave up his guarantee, so Pats wouldn’t have to hold money in escrow. In reality, probalby a low risk of them every cutting him. But it just highlights Brady has always been about winning. Brees, on the other hand, absolutely held the Saints up in his contract, if you remember, and now that contract is going to kill them for a few more years unless restructured. I believe he will be counting 26 mil against the salary cap, about twice that of Brady. And if you remember those negotiations, oh my 1) Drew Brees insisted on being highest paid quarterback, ok not the worst thing, but not Brady 2) Agent for Brees wanted not just highest paid, but wanted almost 20% more than next highest paid qb at time, who I believe was Manning 3) when demands weren’t met initially, they pushed it in the press, that Saints were playing hard ball with Brees, guy who had won superbowl and rescued the town, when all the Saints were objecting to was paying Bress 20% MORE than any other quarterback. They eventually did make him the highest paid qb, just not 20% more than Manning. But that contract is going to kill any rebuilding.