2014 PFF All-NFC East Team

The NFC East's All-Division team includes reps from each of the four squads. Gordon McGuinness lets you know who the standouts were at each position for 2014.

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2014 PFF All-NFC East Team

2014-ALL-NFCEThe NFC East was hotly contested by the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys for much of the season. The Cowboys eventually earned the division crown and won a playoff game before falling to the Green Bay Packers.

In the end, they were the only team in the division to make the postseason and, while the rest of the division will be doing their best to change that in 2015, all four teams are represented in this 2014 All-Division Team. So, with that in mind, let’s break down the best of the best in the NFC East.


Quarterback: Tony Romo (DAL)

Romo was particularly impressive on deep passes, throwing the most touchdowns in the league with 14, and with an Accuracy Percentage of 50.8% on throws 20 yards or more downfield.

Running Back: DeMarco Murray (DAL)

Tough to bring down, Murray finished the year with 85 missed tackles forced as a runner and receiver, and averaging 2.54 yards after contact per carry.

Fullback: Henry Hynoski (NYG)

On his comeback from a season-ending injury a year ago, Hynoski had the second-highest run blocking grade of any full back in the league.

Wide Receivers: Dez Bryant (DAL), Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG), Jeremy Maclin (PHI)

Bryant was the main recipient of Romo’s deep throws, securing all 15 catchable targets for 539 yards and eight touchdowns. Odell Beckham Jr. was a revelation as a rookie, finishing the season third among wide receivers with an average of 2.74 Yards Per Route Run. Maclin makes the team as our NFC East slot receiver, with a league-best 2.41 Yards Per Route Run and six touchdowns from the slot.

Tight End: Jason Witten (DAL)

Witten was as reliable a target for the Cowboys as ever, dropping just two of the 66 catchable passes thrown his way for a Drop Rate of 3.03, tied for third-best among tight ends.

Tackles: Jason Peters (PHI) and Lane Johnson (PHI)

It’s no surprise that the Eagles’ tackles make the All-NFC East squad, with Peters finishing third among tackles with a Pass Blocking Efficiency Rating of 97.0. Johnson missed the first four games through suspension but looked good on his return, grading negatively in just two games.

Guards: Evan Mathis (PHI) and Zach Martin (DAL)

Mathis missed seven games in 2014, but still finished the season as our second-highest graded guard. Martin may have been a rookie, but he more than held his own, with only two right guards finishing 2014 with a higher grade.

Center: Travis Frederick (DAL)

Rounding out our offensive line, Frederick had a fine second season, with the highest run-blocking grade among centers for the second year in a row.


Edge Defenders: Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG) and Ryan Kerrigan (WAS)

Grading positively against the run and as a pass rusher, Pierre-Paul finished the season with 13 sacks, nine hits and 38 quarterback hurries. Kerrigan had his best season as a pass rusher, with the fourth-highest pass rushing grade among 304 outside linebackers.

Defensive Interior – Ends: Fletcher Cox (PHI) and Tyrone Crawford (DAL)

Fantastic against the run, Cox had the third highest Run Stop Percentage among 3-4 defensive ends, with 39 tackles resulting in defensive stops. Crawford did his damage as a pass rusher, with a Pass Rushing Productivity rating of 7.6.

Defensive Interior – Nose: Johnathan Hankins (NYG)

A phenomenal second season from Hankins, with only six defensive tackles finishing the season with a higher grade. Most impressive was that he proved himself to be an excellent all-around player, with 35 total pressures to go along with his work against the run.

Linebackers: Mychal Kendricks (PHI) and Rolando McClain (DAL)

Kendricks had a good season in coverage but his work as a pass rusher helped a lot too, with 27 total pressures from 122 pass rushing snaps. McClain had a strong return to action after ending his retirement, grading positively against the run, in coverage and as a pass rusher.

Cornerbacks: Orlando Scandrick (DAL), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (NYG), Brandon Boykin (PHI)

Scandrick had one of his best seasons since entering the league, allowing just 516 yards in coverage and no touchdowns. Rodgers-Cromartie allowed just 492, though he did surrender five touchdowns through the air. Boykin had another good year from the slot, allowing no touchdowns from the 64 passes thrown into his coverage.

Safeties: Malcolm Jenkins (PHI) and Nate Allen (PHI)

Jenkins took well to his change of scenery in Philadelphia, finishing the year with 11 pass breakups. He’s joined by his teammate Allen, who had four interceptions and graded positively against the run.


Kicker: Dan Bailey (DAL): Connecting on 24 of his 28 field goal attempts, and going five of seven on attempts from 50 yards or more, Bailey was our second-highest graded kicker in that regard.

Punter: Tress Way (WAS): A solid season from the Washington punter saw him finish the year as the seventh ranked player at the position, with 24 of his 76 punts landing inside the 20-yard line.

Returner: Darren Sproles (PHI): Sproles lead the league in punt return yardage, averaged 13.0 yards per punt return and was one of just two players to score twice in that role.

Special Teamer: James Casey (PHI): Casey was one of the best in the league on kick coverage, and finished the season with seven tackles and four assists on special teams.


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  • NAJ

    Only Washington player in the team outside of a punter and you get his name wrong…pretty poor show.

    • a57se

      Who cares.

    • bobrulz

      Even Washington fans don’t care about Washington.

  • Khris

    As an Eagles fan, I’m a little surpsied/dumbfounded that you put Nate Allen on this list. Watching all of the games, I can tell you this guy does nothing special, but maybe you guys see something that I don’t. I cannot even think of a reason why he should be here. Maybe the rest of the safeties in the division were just that bad. Agree with Malcolm Jenkins though, and I would like to take this time to thank the New Orleans Saints.

    • techprcarm

      ME TOO!!! Out of all of the Eagles names, the only one got me confused is Nate Allen.

    • brent

      Allen had a good solid year. And I watch every eagle game. So what are u talking about? His big mistake came vs cards j brown got behind him for game winning to.

      • 700Level

        I saw him get beat several times. Khris is right: He did absolutely nothing special. Was he awful? No. But I can’t believe there wasn’t another S in the NFC East better than him.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Blegh. Too bad Foles wasn’t around to take the QB spot.

    • HarshTimes

      Actually, he was around and the stats were pretty poor. It will be a surprise if he keeps his job at Philly.

      • Riffle,Rod&Fly

        You realize he was injured for half the season, right? I know you’re a Cowboys fan, but even you should have wondered why Sanchez was starting for them.

        • Corey

          Because if he had played the whole season he was on pace for what? 28 tds and about 18 interceptions? not terrible but would have been 3rd in the division.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    In a perfect world, the Cowboys will let Bryant AND Murray walk.

    • HarshTimes

      Not hardly.

  • Steve Bogucki

    Agree with most of this. Though, I am with the others who are confused by the selection of Nate Allen at safety.

    I’ve always had an interest and hopefulness for Allen’s career as he was one of the few pro ball players I had occasionally encountered at the Athletics Department while at USF. And, with that, he always seemed an especially nice, articulate dude. So, it’s been really disappointing how it has turned out. Though I don’t think the Eagles’ CBs are good, I do think they are left often exposed because of Allen’s poor backup coverage.

  • Joe Minx

    No love for Cody Parkey? Led the NFC in scoring, set the NFL rookie scoring record, & was perfect from 50+.

    • Dalen Erickson

      True but Dan Bailey set the all time record for field goal percentage accuracy last year making him the most accurate in NFL history (I cant remember what the requirement is for minimum number of FGs is to qualify). If Parkey wasnt in a division with Bailey he would’ve been the guy for sure.

  • TheGimletEye

    This is great for Eagles fans. How many Eagles are participating in the post-season play-offs. I think that number would be zero.

  • doug

    Nate Allen???? If he was in the top two, then the NFC East has a Safety problem.

  • 700Level

    Allen sucks in coverage. In one game I saw him clearly read what was happening, but he simply did not have the speed to do anything about it and he and the CB got beat for a TD. He seems like a great guy and a hard worker with a decent football IQ, but he’s basically a sub-par S. I can believe he grades well vs. the run, but he doesn’t have the speed to be a good S.

  • HernandezCelly

    Half of the players on the all redskin team are not redskins. Maybe in 2017 when Snyder pays of the remaining balance on the Deion Sanders and Albert Haynesworth contracts he could afford to bring in some talent from this millennium. I gotta give it
    to Washington though, they have done a great job building a talented Rams team.

  • Dalen Erickson

    Church was better than Allen I think. I also think Antrell Rolle might’ve been better. He certainly was in 13 but Im not sure where you guys have him in 14. I know he fell off. I assume its Nates superior man coverage ability to those other two that lands him on this list. That part of his game was pretty solid. Tyron Smith is miles better than Johnson and would be better suited at RT than LT so that didn’t work for me either. Dwayne Harris had several more tackles on special teams than Casey but Casey did block a punt or FG (cant remember which). Just so you know Im not biased for my Cowboys I think Amukamara should be there instead of Scandy. Hurt or not he is a WAY better player (then again Im also a Huskers fan so maybe I cant be trusted lol). I also think Hatcher should replace Crawford in this lineup. Just my rambling, disorganized thoughts on the matter.