2014 Free Agent Offensive Tackles

The 2014 free agent offensive tackles with PFF grades and snap counts.

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2014 Free Agent Offensive Tackles

2014-FA-POS-OTWelcome to the Pro Football Focus Free Agent page for Offensive Tackles.

Here you will find all the available free agents as well as how many snaps they played in 2013 and their PFF grade for the year.

Below the table you’ll find by-position and by-team free agent links as well as a few important disclaimers.


2014 Free Agent Offensive Tackles

NameAge2013 Team2014 TeamRatingSnaps
Jordan Gross34CARUFA33.51014
Zach Strief30NONO26.51062
Eugene Monroe27BLTBLT20.41069
Anthony Collins28CINTB14.0592
Branden Albert29KCMIA10.0800
Donald Penn31TBOAK8.11064
Rodger Saffold26SLSL6.7557
Eben Britton26CHICHI4.1239
David Stewart32TENCUT2.8813
J'Marcus Webb26MINUFA2.7108
Dennis Roland31CINUFA0.923
Thomas Welch27BUFRFA0.79
Will Yeatman26MIARFA0.418
Andrew Gardner28HSTPHI0.00
Bruce Campbell26CARUFA0.00
Jonathan Scott31CHIUFA0.00
Mike Johnson27ATLATL0.00
Sean Locklear33ATLUFA0.00
Breno Giacomini28SEANYJ-0.2552
Tony Pashos34OAKUFA-0.5735
Winston Justice29DENDEN-0.519
Tyson Clabo32MIAUFA-0.8962
Austin Howard27NYJOAK-1.01071
Jason Fox26DETMIA-1.9205
Byron Bell25CARCAR-2.81026
Jeremy Trueblood31ATLUFA-2.9641
Sam Young27JAXJAX-3.29
Will Svitek32NEUFA-3.4238
Ryan Harris29HSTUFA-5.3485
Jared Veldheer27OAKARZ-5.5335
Mike Otto31TENUFA-5.8154
Levi Brown30PITCUT-5.8269
Guy Whimper31PITPIT-6.0270
Jonathan Martin25MIASF-6.9458
Charles Brown27NONYG-9.2974
Marshall Newhouse25GBCIN-9.7250
Michael Oher28BLTTEN-12.61125
Eric Winston30ARZUFA-16.31086
Khalif Barnes32OAKOAK-17.01068
Bryant McKinnie34MIAUFA-20.71044
Cameron Bradfield26JAXJAX-24.7811


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Now for some disclaimers:

–  The overall ratings only tell part of the story and feature no weighting for specific facets of play. For more in-depth analysis, sign up for our PFF Premium Statistics.

–  All ratings and snap counts are from the 2013 regular season only and ratings between players of two different positions are not meant to be compared.

–  Sorting players by position and ranking won’t necessarily get you the same order we’ve used in some of our articles. That’s because we’ve done more to put the numbers into context. The grades require intelligence applied to them.

–  This list of players consists only of players who ended the season on a roster in 2013 and are scheduled to become free agents when the 2014 league year begins, or players who have been released during the offseason; players that are exclusive rights free agents are not included.

–  Player ages are as of September 1, 2014.

–  If you spot any errors please contact Nathan Jahnke on twitter and he’ll set about fixing it.


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