2014 Depth Charts

A team-by-team look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster.

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2014 Depth Charts

2014-depth-chartsSo here they are. The much-requested depth charts – or at least the beginning of the series. And this time they are back for good. We’ll give you one a day from now (which should take us close to the start of training camp) and try and update the published ones as frequently as possible, at least up to Week 1 of the regular season.

As usual, please read the associated notes below (and on the individual articles) as the devil is usually in the detail. However, if you do see mistakes or have comments, I’d encourage you to post them in the comments section of each article (or below if it relates to the entire series). If you believe that information is definitive (and not just your opinion) it would be great if you could post a link.

For example, if the head coach has just come out and said X player will be given the first opportunity to win the starting job, it would be really helpful if you could give me a quick way to verify it. If we work together on this we can produce an extremely accurate and definitive set of depth charts that will hopefully be useful for everyone.

Key Points

1.  We are not trying to recreate the entire roster and place every undrafted free agent and their comings and goings. The charts will currently include: anyone who played in the NFL last year, 2014 draftees, and players from last year who would likely have played but for injury. As UDFA’s clearly move into contention for a roster spot we’ll include them, but not before.

2.  The grade given is for now – it’s not a prediction of future development. While it’s primarily based on last year (or their last year of action) it does include more than just a nod to their career. For example, if a corner played well up until 2013 and then stunk, we’ll take account of his better years as well. Further, if you notice the occasional difference in grades between this set and our previous projected lineups series, it’ll most likely be down to this being primarily my work, checked by Khaled, while the previous series was built through a different process. In many respects I’m keen to show there are differences. No one in PFF believes the overall grades are absolutely definitive and neither should you. For example, how should one weight the relative receiving and blocking skills of a tight end? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

3.  Elite is as advertised. Broadly it’s the best 50 players in the NFL but that doesn’t mean its two or three from each position group across the board. There may be none or there may be seven or eight. That’s just the nature of it; some periods are good for one position, some others. Additionally, remember that our “Top 101 Players” series is based solely on their performance in 2013. These charts, as described above, take more than just last season into account.

4.  The grade is for the position specified and doesn’t include their usefulness on special teams. So, for example, while we know Justin Bethel of Arizona is currently the best special teams player in football, his grade reflects only his play at cornerback.

5.  2013 was the first season we began to grade long-snappers and other special teams positions in unrivaled fine detail. We don’t just factor totally botched snaps into a long snapper’s grade, but snaps that are significantly off-line in any direction, whether that inaccuracy was compensated for by the punter or holder or not. A long-snapper’s grade will also be made up from his work on coverage units and can be harmed by missed tackles, poor lane-discipline among other factors.

6.  Players over 30 years old are marked in bold.


Links to the charts as they post:

Arizona Cardinals Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers New York Giants
Chicago Bears New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals Oakland Raiders
Cleveland Browns Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers
Detroit Lions San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks
Houston Texans St Louis Rams
Indianapolis Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs Washington Redskins



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  • Joe

    I love how these intros are starting to include more (and more specific) caveats as the body of pff increases and people point to previous articles to discredit current ones.

    • Wyzel

      Yeah depending on the writer you see some back and forth of rankings.

      • PFF_Neil

        For clarification, nobody at PFF is saying these grades are definitive – just as nobody thinks the grades on the site are definitive. They are simply a tool to aid understanding. Now I do believe (given the effort I know goes into producing them) they are the best tool out there but they still have flaws.
        Even if they didn’t there would still be players who come close to the dividing line between one category and another so it’s inevitable different people may see that differently.
        Now if you see grade differences of more than one category please shout because that’s more likely a mistake than I marginally disagreeing with another PFFer.

  • Robin

    Arizona Cardinal fans must love never having to wait! /jk but eagerly looking forward to how these have changed after free agency and the draft.

  • Nick Jones

    How is Peterson not classed as elite? What is your cut off for elite? Only a select few are arguably better at CB.

    • PFF_Neil

      Check out the Arizona article itself for my notes on Peterson.

      • Jack Casey

        I think Peterson is consistently overrated. Not saying he isn’t a good player.. He is a very good CB. But I don’t think he every time I hear people talk about Revis, Sherman and even Haden that Peterson should always get included in that discussion.

  • Hsanchez957

    I don’t envy Redskins fans having to wait.

  • RO24

    Hey just wanted to say thanks for posting these – I know you get people moaning about why so-and-so isn’t rated higher but there are those of that appreciate it’s a subjective art 😉

    So yeah cheers and keep ’em coming!

    • PFF_Neil

      Thank you. We’ll do our best.

      • Max Bryant

        tannhill a good starter and alex smith and flacco are just average…. yeah quite subjective to say the leasr

        • YoureWrong

          You must not follow football too closely max. Sound like the kinda guy that gets his sports info strictly from ESPN O__O

  • jesuschristlordensav

    is there a reason green bay was skipped…other than to piss me off

    • OG PackerBacker

      OP must be a hatin ass bears fan.

    • Kevin

      Was just going to post the same thing. Been waiting for weeks for the Packers depth chart to be posted by PFF and they pull this garbage off.

  • Jubair

    What happened to Green Bay? Why were they skipped?

  • wil

    any news when the raiders will be done

  • Eddie

    I love these charts, they are fantastic. i don’t want to sound impatient or unappreciative but i would love it if you could pump them out faster, they are a joy to look at.

  • Ryan

    Why do ESPN insiders get info from PFF that PFF members don’t get?

    • David Burton Allen

      The probably pay for it, a higher level of subscription if you will. More in depth on demand analysis.

  • Zachariah Miller

    Boy, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Philly. I could see us having anywhere from 2-5 elites players, thought I doubt you’ll give it to Foles after 2/3 of an elite year.

    I think you had Kelce graded out as the best C in football, though with the elite system you have that might not make the cut.

    And then Peters could be either or, depending on where exactly the cutoff is.

  • ian duncan

    Why is it that Tom Brady is not Elite I hate the Patriots but him and Peyton will always be 1, 2 in most peoples minds and maybe Rodgers. And how is it that the only other high quality quarterback besides Brady is Rothlisberger? Do you truly believe that he is better than the likes of Cam Newton and Andrew Luck right now?

  • David Burton Allen

    Darn you and your alphabetical order. Darn you.

  • Trent Baalkeaholic

    Where is the 49ers Depth Chart, and Why/How was it skipped. LETS GO, lol!

  • letunisien

    WATCH BEIN SPORTS http://www.le-tunisien.net

  • Someone with eyes

    This website is so flawed beyond belief I can’t people actually listen to these people….guys are elite that missed half the season(Byrd), Lots of players are graded based on players around them(better line= better QB grade or better QB= better line grade oh yeah as soon as Peyton leaves the line he goes to will be the best too). Some ratings make no sense at all….Dwayne Allen is a high quality starter yet has done barely anything while a solid TE like Olson comes up big in both passing and blocking nearly every week is just a good starter. 4-3 MLBs are penalized because they are rarely pass rushing and don’t have the edges to blitz on like other LBs have nor the gaps unless the offensive line opens up in the middle for some reason on a passing play. Certain players have easy or hard matchups that incredibly skew their ratings up or down…Brady throws pass to a bad WR or WRs can’t get open; opens more room to screw up on the play on a QB that can’t run. Certain guys like Von Miller shouldn’t touch the top 101 if guys like Rodgers can’t. Nothing is more accurate than the All Pros throughout the years but its sad that people would actually think this is more precise lol.

  • GESBoulder

    Based off the v2.0 (completed 7/8/14) of PFF depth charts’ rating catagories quantified (with a draft position based value for starting rookies week 1, and a PFF based value for NEIs) and plugged into my power rating model; here are the resulting power ratings.

    New Orleans
    San Francisco
    New England
    Green Bay
    San Diego
    Kansas City
    New York Giants
    Tampa Bay
    St Louis
    New York Jets

    NFL Average