2014 Depth Chart: Tennessee Titans

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 Tennessee Titans.

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2014 Depth Chart: Tennessee Titans

2014 depth update TEN

[Chart last updated 7/4/14]


•  It’s been tough to get a good read on quarterback Jake Locker throughout his first three seasons in the league, especially considering injuries have got in the way of him starting consistently — the former University of Washington star has never started more than seven games in a row. When he has played, he’s been up and down, with 2014 now an important year both for his own development and for helping the Titans decide if he’s the right quarterback to build around.

•  Some people might think Kendall Wright is rated too highly at dark green, with just 1,705 receiving yards in his first two seasons in the league. I think what we saw in 2013 was the beginning of Wright developing into an excellent playmaker, as highlighted by his 19 missed tackles forced and 6.2 yards after the catch average.

• 2013 saw Michael Griffin rebound from a poor 2012 season, but it wasn’t good enough for me to feel comfortable with anything higher than average. In coverage he was very much hit and miss and I’d like to see him play more like he did in 2011 before moving him up any further.

Roster Battles

1.  Running Back

With Chris Johnson no longer in Tennessee, it’s going to be interesting to see how they split the carries in 2014 and beyond. Shonn Greene last had a 1,000-yard season with Johnson’s new team, the New York Jets in 2012, but he’s yet to overly impress in any given season and seems like he’s better suited to a complementary role. They drafted Bishop Sankey in the second round of this year’s draft so likely have high hopes for him, while new signing Dexter McCluster has moved to running back, but likely in more of a Danny Woodhead-type role.

2.  Outside Linebacker

With the Titans shifting to more of a 3-4 defense this year, Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan will be asked to stand up. Morgan looks set to start on one side, while Wimbley is reportedly the leader to start on the other. He’s struggled as a pass rusher these past two years, though, and it would surprise me if Akeem Ayers doesn’t pass him as the starter before the season begins.


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  • Chris

    The LBs don’t make sense to me. Why are Brown and Wimbley starting over Ayers and Phillips?

    Hoping Justin Hunter takes a big step forward this year.

    • Gordon McGuinness

      Brown is on the inside, so that’s why he starts over Phillps. I agree with you on Wimbley and Ayers, but the last I’d read Wimbley was the front runner to start. Personally I’d start Ayers though.

  • letunisien

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    • Chris from the Cape

      Can’t someone block this guy?

      • Barron Buc

        Evan Mathis probably could

  • Barron Buc

    “Zach Mettenberg” lol

    • Chris

      Close enough right?

    • Gordon McGuinness

      Oops, thanks for spotting that. Have sent a correction in.

      • Barron Buc

        No problem, wasn’t intending to be rude BTW, I thought there was a limit that didn’t allow you to put his full name down.

        • Gordon McGuinness

          Ha, nope this one was just a case of me typing while half asleep!

  • DrAWNiloc

    Thanks, Gordon. I wonder why Tennessee fans are so patient with Jake Locker. Given his soft schedule, I certainly agree this is his last chance for redemption. If Sankey doesn’t disappoint, even mediocre quarterbacking might suffice this year. Personally, I suspect we’ll be seeing Zach M sooner than we imagined.

  • Les Snead

    Rams should pick up the phone and trade Laurinitus and Brockers to TEN for Al Woods and Colin McCarthy, since according to PFF those players are just as good and would save a lot of money.

    • JT

      GMs have better things to do than rely on a website to tell them how good or bad a player is.

      • Phil

        Which is quite an ironic statement considering that now 12 of the 32 teams work with (and pay) PFF for player analytics work…

    • PhilRealist

      What’s the ram’s record lately?

      At best, 7 wins… lol.

  • letunisien

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  • Paddy Holland

    i know dexter mccluster has changed teams and will be in a new role but he’s been playing for few years now, how much information is required?

  • DLane

    i have high hopes for this team this year under new coach WHIZ. They seem to have put a nice Oline together for Locker to succeed. I Think Kendall Wright will set a foot in the door of WR2 status. I also think switching to a 3-4 Defense will fit them far better then the original 4-3 they ran with. If all goes well for this team i see them and predict them to win the south over the Colts this year. Indy still has a shaky Oline and skeptical D and Houston has no QB that makes me comfortable putting them atop the south. Tennessee is one of my surprises of 2014.

  • asdf

    Excited for this new Tenn defense. Horton’s gonna run a 1 gap/mixed gap 3-4 with Casey as the under tackle and might play some 4T as well. Excited to see how Morgan adapts as well.