2014 Depth Chart: Oakland Raiders

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 Oakland Raiders.

| 3 years ago

2014 Depth Chart: Oakland Raiders

2014 depth update OAK

[Chart last updated 7/8/14]


•  The Raiders invested a lot in their front seven this year and, while we don’t have any of the new additions higher than light green, adding the likes of Lamarr Woodley, Justin Tuck, Antonio Smith and rookie Khalil Mack should make things exciting for Raiders fans in 2014.

•  You don’t want to be saying that you haven’t seen enough of a 2013 first-round draft pick a year on, but with D.J. Hayden playing just 353 snaps last year, that’s where we are. More of a concern is that there have been reports that he won’t be ready to go until the start of training camp, meaning you have a player who needs all the reps he can get currently falling behind.

•  As well as having just one high quality starter on the roster, the Raiders also have the issue of having questionable depth. There are 19 players currently listed as backups that are either rookies, or players we just haven’t seen enough of to judge. How they perform when needed will have a big impact on the Raiders’ season.

•  How the Raiders attack opposing offenses on third down will be interesting,  with the early indication being that Pat Sims would come off the field and they would use Woodley, Tuck, Smith and Mack to get after the quarterback.

Roster Battles

1.  Quarterback

Matt Schaub was acquired via trade with the assumption that he would be the team’s starter in 2014, but is that a given? Drafting Derek Carr in the second round of the NFL Draft made things less clear cut and, while Schaub may ultimately end up winning the job, I won’t be surprised to see Carr starting before the season comes to an end.

2.  Left Guard

While second-round draft pick may have to wait until later in the year to start, it would be even less of a surprise if third-rounder Gabe Jackson wasn’t starting on the Raiders’ offensive line in his rookie year. He’s battling it out with veteran Khalif Barnes but, if Barnes’ starts at left guard late in 2013 are anything to go by, Jackson will only need to be solid to prove to be a better option than him.

3.  Wide Receiver

I liked the signing of James Jones from the Green Bay Packers, but I do question how the rest of their wide receiver depth chart will stack up. Rod Streater and Denarius Moore look set to be their second and third targets, but I really liked the flashes of potential we saw from Andre Holmes. A big target who had a big game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving, he may surprise some people if he gets a chance. They recently signed former Browns pass catcher Greg Little, but his trouble with drops throughout his career still prevent me from thinking he can offer much.


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  • Jay

    Just after 1 year of bad football you think Schaub is below average? wow

    • Jay

      Oh, and when Run DMC is healthy he is above average.

      • Chris

        I would agree with both. Schaub should be average, and McFadden should be at least average.

      • Woody

        When was he last healthy?

    • Benny Lava

      Can you name 16 starting QBs worse than him?

      • zilchzerozip

        Starting QBs Schaub is clearly superior to:

        Jacksonville Jaguars – Chad Henne
        Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh McCown
        Cincinnati Bengals – Andy Dalton
        Arizona Cardinals – Carson Palmer
        Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker?
        Cleveland Browns – Hoyer/Manziel
        Minnesota Vikings – Bridgewater/Cassel
        New York Jets – Geno Smith/Michael Vick
        Houston Texans – Ryan Fitzpatrick/Case Keenum
        Buffalo Bills – E.J. Manuel

        …So he’s no lower than 20th.

        Starting QBs Schaub is debatably superior to:

        St Louis Rams – Sam Bradford
        Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill
        Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Foles
        Kansas City Chiefs – Alex Smith

        Highly-regarded QBs coming off a poor season:

        New York Giants – Eli Manning
        Washington Redskins – RG III
        Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco

        …So I wouldn’t rate him higher than 13th.

        Eli is marked as a “Good Starter” despite having a season worse than Schaub (3 points lower pass rating, worse TD:INT ratio) last year, and last year was the worst of Schaub’s career by far (he was a pro-bowler the season before). But Eli has two rings, so he is given the benefit of the doubt. Schaub also played on the worst team in the league last year, despite being a playoff contender the year before.

        I believe Schaub is, at worst, an average quarterback.

        • bobrulz

          There is no way that Schaub is better than Dalton and Palmer should be in the “debatable” category. It’s also too soon to say that he’s better than Josh McCown. Maybe McCown has legitimately improved. He is not even close to better than Tannehill, Foles, or Smith, and there’s nothing debatable about that. I have him rated as the 28th best QB, between Cassel and Fitzpatrick. Admittedly he’s shown much more than either of them over the course of his career, and could easily bounce back this season, but he was AWFUL last year. Not even just mediocre. Flat-out awful.

        • Youngblood

          He’s not clearly better than McCown, Dalton, Palmer, Locker, or Vick…AND I’d rather go into the season with Manziel, Bridgewater, Manuel, or Smith because at least they have upside. Schaub sucks.

        • Gaek

          Just LOL.

  • DrAWNiloc

    This looks reasonable, although I’m a little surprised at Nick Roach’s evaluation. Aside from starting in front of the perfectly adequate Kevin Burnett [so far] in 2014, he was a very respectable 18th overall among LBs in 2013 IDP pools. Perhaps I was his lucky charm; he was little short of dominant in the games I watched.

    The Raiders won’t contend this year but, for once, we can say they drafted well.

    • Chris

      They’ve definitely made some improvements. They’ve overhauled the DL and secondary – if guys stay healthy they aren’t really dominant but they don’t really have any weaknesses either.

      They signed what I consider to be a great game manager who just fell apart last year. They look pretty average all over the offense.

      I think they might make a few strides forward this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t finish last in the division.

      • Chris from the Cape

        (Of course it would take a plane crash to overtake DEN)
        Ahead of SD or KC ? I would find it very surprising. This is one of the most FA overhauled rosters I’ve seen in some time though, it should be interesting to see how the pieces fit.

        • Chris

          My brief synopses:

          SD has major defensive issues especially in the secondary, and I’m expecting Rivers to regress without Whisenhunt.

          KC is due for a major regression on offense with all the talent they lost on the OL.

          Couple both of those with all the pieces Oakland seemingly added and I could see them finishing .500 and topping one of those other two.

  • Carl Cockerham

    You’re only assuming that this is the starting lineup anyway! I know you’re a big-time writer but they didn’t show you they’re real depth chart and there are still positions to be won. Especially with this team, we don’t know until we see them play. But the article was entertaining.

    • Carl Cockerham

      My bad! You’re not even the one that put the assumed depth chart together.

  • Eric O. Nelson, III

    Sure looks like a 4 win team.

  • Gaek

    How can Schaub not be “red”? :)

  • maurice

    McFadden is better then mjd! and when he’s health id say is a good starter!