2014 Depth Chart: New York Giants

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 New York Giants.

| 3 years ago

2014 Depth Chart: New York Giants

2014 depth update NYG

[Chart last updated 7/1/14… see update notes from 7/1/14]


•  Eli Manning finished 32nd in our QB grading rankings in 2013 but is a good starter? Well, we don’t want to punish him too much for what definitely was a poor season. But you only have to go back to 2012 to find him at his best, finishing as our seventh-highest graded quarterback and with that in mind, I think it’s unlikely he plays as poorly in 2014.

•  We haven’t seen enough of  Johnathan Hankins to make a true judgement on him but, from the little we have seen, it’s not surprising that he seems likely to see bigger roles in 2014. He looked to be very good against the run and will soften the blow of losing Lival Joseph in free agency if you can continue to show that on a higher snap count.

•  Linebacker is where the Giants look weakest defensively, with new signing Jameel McClain not looking like even an average player since the 2011 season. At his best he was a solid linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen him at that level now.

•  However they look to have made some solid additions at cornerback, with both Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond both likely to make big impacts in their first seasons for the Giants.

Roster Battles

1.  Linebacker

Personally I would have both as starters over McClain, but it looks like Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams will battle it out for the spot on the other side. Neither stood out much, positively or negatively, last year but, if anything, Williams had the better year in coverage but struggled more against the run.

2.  Center

The Giants signed center J.D. Walton in the offseason and, while he struggled badly in his last full year as a starter in 2011, he did start the 2012 season well before going down with a season ending injury. The problem for Walton is that he hasn’t played a snap since Week 4 of the 2012 season and will have to hold off rookie second-round draft pick Weston Richburg to keep the starting role in 2014. Richburg has spent time at guard during OTAs, however, so the Giants may seen him as their top backup across the interior in his first season in the league.

3.  Wide Receiver

After Victor Cruz, who is likely to be Eli Manning’s favorite target in 2014? They spent a first round draft pick on Odell Beckham Jr. and brought back Mario Manningham after two seasons in San Francisco. You’ve also got Rueben Randle who saw a bigger role in his second season, but don’t sleep on Jerrel Jernigan, who played just 221 snaps but had two big games to end the year, and forced six missed tackles from 29 receptions in 2013.


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  • Jordan MacGeever

    Good job showing how poor this roster is

    • Chris from the Cape

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 1-5 vs the NFC East.

    • DrAWNiloc

      Actually, this is much better than I thought they’d evaluate, especially on the offensive line. I’m no fan of theirs but if the rookies, Richburg and Beckham, can contribute the NYGs may contend in the NFC East (albeit the NFl’s worst conference) and, as we all know, once the NYGs get into the playoffs all bets are off.

  • Topher Doll

    My only real question is about DE Ayers. He ranked 13th in over grading for all 4-3 DE’s and 10th in PRP among the 4-3 DE’s. Why is he average?

    • Gordon McGuinness

      While his PRP was 10th, his grade as a pass rusher was 18th amongst 4-3 DEs, with his best play coming against the run. It was his best year as a pro, but came on just 514 snaps. Would probably have him a step higher had we seen that before from him, and he’ll take that step up, for me anyway, if he can repeat last season in 2014.

      • Topher Doll

        Wow quickest reply I’ve ever gotten PFF, thanks for your feedback.

        • Chris from the Cape

          These guys on PFF are great for helping us all through the offseason!

    • trex

      Giants are always rated lower than they really are.the oddsmakers hate us.we ruin their season

  • Chris from the Cape

    Even as a Pats fan, I thought Manning deserved the benefit of the doubt with the light green, but I’m not convinced about Rashad Jennings: he’s got average written all over him + hasn’t a track record to show otherwise.

    I furthermore was surprised to see Victor Cruz in the next category up, even though he didn’t break the 1,000 yard mark. In the same light that Brady wasn’t given much slack for poor receivers, I don’t think any great numbers could be expected by Cruz with the horrible QB play and weak contributions by Nicks, Wilson + the like.

  • Jason McEwan

    Can you explain why Zak DeOssie was rated so poorly? He’s been known for making tackles down field after snapping.

    • PFF_Pete

      DeOssie had a rough 2013, had almost as many missed tackles (4) as tackles (6). Also had a rough 2nd half as a snapper, particularly in Wk 17 vs WAS. Good sign is, maybe you can blame that game on the weather, and LS is the kind of position where a player can turn it around quickly. I wouldn’t get too down on him.

    • trex

      I am saying this is all bullcrap

  • JM

    If Will Hill were to be listed what would he have been rated?

  • trex

    Gentlemen we can’t define our team at this point with this rozter.things will change quickly and WE will reevaluate our team as the season goes.you know this crap is total BS anyway

  • Justin Marchant

    So 2012 helps Eli but not Brady? Are you guys Giants fans or just bipolar?

  • Michael Collins

    A Pats fan should claim he is elite. Twice he took a mid talent team and crushed you guys in two Super Bowls!

    • Jared

      The defense on both those Giants teams were well above average especially 2007.

      • Troy J Orourke

        Eli put up very impressive stats in the 3 games he played vs them in 2007 and 2011.

  • Zachariah Miller

    Wow, Antrel Rolle had a nice season, I’m surprised he didn’t grade out to High Quality. You could argue he was the Giants’ best player last year.

  • Michael Collins

    You are too harsh on all of the Giant defenders but especially Antre Rolle and Prince. Last year the Giant offense led the league in turnovers and was 28th in first downs (meaning a lot of 3 and outs) and yet the Giants Defense finished in the top 10 in a lot of categories. Imagine how good they would have been if the offense wasn’t so pitiful.

  • Michael Collins

    You were way to generous to Will Beatty. He led the league in sacks allowed as a LT! The Giants as a team led the league too.