2014 Depth Chart: Kansas City Chiefs

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs.

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2014 Depth Chart: Kansas City Chiefs

2014 depth update KC

[Chart last updated 7/8/14] 


•  So why is Marcus Cooper below average after such a strong start to his NFL career? Well, after amassing a +9.1 coverage grade through Week 9, teams really started to figure Cooper out in the second half of the season. And when they did, it wasn’t pretty. His coverage grade over the next five games was -15.8 and, while his play leveled off at the end of the year, it’s tough to have him any higher after that rough stretch.

•  None of the elite players should really come as a surprise, but what it highlights is how top heavy the Chiefs roster is. Five of the twelve starters on defense (including the slot corner as a starter) are High Quality or better, but there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to depth.

•  Dwayne Bowe is a player who flashes brilliance, but just fails to deliver it on a consistent basis. He’s forced 20 missed tackles as a receiver over the past two years, but has produced just 1,473 receiving yards in that span too.

•  You might think that Alex Smith should be rated higher but, in truth, he took a step back as a passer in his first year in Kansas City. He had just five games where he had a passing grade of +1.1 or better, compared with six of -1.5 or lower.

Roster Battles

1.  Wide Receiver

Despite Bowe’s lack of consistency, he’s by far the best receiver on this roster and, while Donnie Avery was the team’s clear No. 2 last year, that doesn’t say much for the rest of the receiving corps. They’ve also lost Dexter McCluster who added something different to their offense, so who steps up to replace his 601 snaps will be interesting. Junior Hemingway looks like the likely candidate to see more snaps, and could find a niche in the slot if he proves himself. Outside of that it’s hard to get too excited about either A.J. Jenkins or Kyle Williams, but what’s clear is that someone, somewhere has to step up for the Chiefs.

2.  Backup Running Back

As their lone elite player on offense, Jamaal Charles is not only the team’s top running back, but also their most important offensive weapon. Behind him on the depth chart they have just 263 career snaps, however, with Knile Davis, Cyrus Gray and rookie De’Anthony Thomas. That won’t fill you with much confidence if Charles needs a break or if he was to miss anytime through injury, so they’ll be hoping that one of those three can establish themselves as a solid second option this offseason.

3.  Defensive End

With Dontari Poe and Mike Devito assumingly locked in as starters, there’s just one more spot up for grabs on the defensive line in Kansas City. Allen Bailey was on the field for 453 snaps last year and didn’t do a bad job, looking dependable against the run. With Tyson Jackson leaving for Atlanta in free agency, however, defensive lineman Vance Walker went the other way, arriving in Kansas City in March. It’s not a bad problem for the Chiefs to have, though, especially when you consider Bailey’s 453 regular season snaps were the most his three-year career so far and it wouldn’t be a shock to see both play a decent number of snaps as part of the defensive line rotation.


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  • Daniel Gleeson

    It’s fun to compare Poe’s level of play now to the concerns people had when he came out of college. I honestly thought he was going to be a bust; all the tools but no real instinct for the game. Kudos to the coaching staff at KC for transforming him into something special.

  • Jordan MacGeever

    this just shows why the Chiefs are likely to take a pretty big step back cap issues and losing a few key players hurt this team pretty bad in one off season. That offense is one of the worst in football on paper.

    • Kyle

      Offense is pretty much the same as last year, minus Dexter McCluster and Branden Albert (Albert is overrated by this site, I’d say). And they scored the 6th most points in football last year. Soooooooo.

      • Jordan MacGeever

        Albert is not overrated by this site he’s ranked exactly where he should be. Great pass blocker average run blocker. Around the 10th best LT in football

        • scomstock55

          i notice you didnt respond to kyles retort about our offense posting the 6th most points….

          • Robin

            Didn’t play the NFC west last year!

          • Chris

            I’m pretty sure their great success on the OL last year led to that #6 ranking. How can you not expect a regression with the talent outflux at guard and tackle?

          • kurt

            the “talent outflux” has been vastly overstated. albert is the only premier player they are losing, and they drafted fisher last year to account for that. the success of the line does rely on him taking a step forward this year, but he’s added weight and is moving back to his natural position on the left, so it isn’t that far-fetched.

            about guard, schwartz was a journeyman, and asamoah was benched in his favor, so they only lost one starter there. rishaw johnson is more than capable of filling that spot – people will know his name by the end of this season.

          • Chris

            I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I can counterpoint though.

            Yes they both played RG, as I said earlier, but they both played it very well (with Schwarz being top 5 at the position). Losing one would be fine because you have someone to replace. Losing both creates a hole that they’ll now full with an unknown. It’s always risky counting on unknowns to produce.

            The same goes for Fisher. Sure it’s his natural position, and great for him adding weight to his frame. But the fact is he got blown up in pass protection. Now I realize the technique is different on the left, but come on. He was terrible. He could progress sure, but you’re banking on him to improve while getting handed a tougher assignment. How many 1st round tackles don’t pan out? He is no guarantee.

            The only guarantees on this OL:

            Linkenbach and Allen suck. You have two questionable products at tackle, and an average center. That is not a recipe for good producrion.

          • Paddy Holland

            i might be wrong here but i thought fisher matched up against teams no.1 pass rushers more than albert. also stephenson amassed a +4.5 over the final seven games (longest stretch of consecutive starts?). PFF weren’t terribly impressed with development of Knile Davis?

          • Jordan MacGeever

            maybe that’s coz teams want to face Eric Fisher coz they know there not going to get too much pressure against Albert common sense! Everyone knows Albert is a great pass blocker.

    • Chris from the Cape

      They were and are far from a great team, but with an elite front 7 they are (health permitting of Houston + Hali in particular) capable of hanging with any team in the league, as some would have favored them in Foxboro to go to the AFC Chmp if the miraculous comeback didn’t happen at Lucas Oil.

      In any case, word choice is generally at the root of disagreements, so as to elaborate I was going with the scale of

      13-15 wins=Elite

      11-12 wins= Very Good

      9-10 wins= Good

      8 wins=Average

      While I see a step back from their 2013, when they were 11-3 verses non Super Bowl teams, and don’t think their deficiencies (as I originally remarked upon), have been addressed, Albert, Jackson + McCluster are no better than the kind of talents successful franchises move on from year in and out.

    • scomstock55

      wtf? If Im not mistaken the Chiefs offense was firmly entrenched in the top 10 in scoring. What other stat matters more for an offense?

      • Chris

        The fact that their offense was very run based and depended heavily on a good OL. The OL is now a veritable weakness, and the rest of the offense should regress with it.

        • Adam

          >run based
          >running-back based

          Know the difference man. Reid runs a west coast offense which means pass first, run second. The biggest running-back plays we run are screens, which apparently we aren’t too bad at.

          • Chris

            Charles had the 2nd most carries in the regular season. I don’t care if it’s pass first, they still ran it a hell of a lot.

            That also doesn’t change the fact that they’re losing their 3 best OL this off season.

          • Woody

            What? Charles had the 10th most carries in the league… http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/rushing/sort/rushingAttempts

            Three of the guys who started last year will also start this year. Chiefs may have lost three guys on the o-line, but they only combined to play two spots.

          • Steve Blank

            they arent losing the three best….they lost the best tackle…thats it…Asamoah was already benched and Schwartz was good but not dominant….stop hatin dude

          • Chris


          • Steve Blank

            bs…he didnt have that many carries..you are pulling shit out of your ass to make a point that doesnt exist..

          • Adam

            lol thats just wrong. youre also delusional about how good the Chiefs OL was last year. get it together

  • Chris

    Look at that offensive line…*shudders*

    8 wins max for them this year.

    • Jordan MacGeever

      must be only OL in the league which 4 players below average on it and not one player better than average

      • Adam

        Hey, at least they’re just below average. For young or inexperienced offensive lineman, that’s almost to be expected. There are several teams out there with 1 or more poor starters on their O-line. We’ll see how that comes into play

      • Robin

        Take a look at Jacksonville

      • Chris

        I’m currently in the process of charting out all the OL’s that they’ve reviewed so far and adding up the totals. But my quick response is that KC will have one of the worst OLs out of a playoff contender, especially considering how good they were last year and how far they’ve fallen.

        Jacksonville is not a playoff contender and their OL sucked last year, so they aren’t the same.

        The intent of my original post was to say, wow look how crappy that OL is – no way they have as much success as last year – they’ll be lucky to win 8 games now.

        • Steve Blank

          how far they have fallen? what are you basing that on? They havent played a down yet…lol. All this crap is based on what people “think” is gonna happen when it comes to rookies and untested players….I think it will be fine if our TEs can stay healthy and give Alex that quick outlet he needs…a quick release makes even the sorriest line look good

          • Adam

            yes. I consider Denver’s line to be ok, but since Peyton knows how to get rid of the ball quick, they look amazing in their stats

          • Steve Blank

            yep…Im guessing that with a year under his belt in this new offense, and a couple (TE Kelce and DAT) quick new targets, Alex will get rid of the ball sooner and the line will then look better…hopefully those quick releases will be completed around 70 percent of the time since they will be thrown under 10 yards per …

    • iresh32

      How can this coaching staff just completely ignore IMO the most important part of an offense. You can’t do anything on offense with bad Oline. Terrible.

      • Adam

        Maybe, and this is a huge one here, because they don’t evaluate their players the same way PFF does. Maybe they are paid millions to do their jobs to the best of their ability and have years of experience to draw upon for reference. I am guessing that the FO trusts the personnel they have, for if they didn’t, we would’ve seen a marked effort by them to improve their personnel.

  • Aaron Fleming

    Sorry…. wrong, Vance Walker, is the second string DT and will give Poe more time off this year, making Poe’s snaps more effective we hope. LDE is going to be Catapano or Bailey…….. we know Bailey is a jag… hope that Cat can step up

  • Adam

    This offensive line is only going to get better with young guys all down the line. The defense is supreme with few holes (in the secondary with younger guys). 2nd year in Reid’s system. Look out for the Chiefs, I say. Although many Broncos bangwagoners are going to say differently

    • Rick S.

      As a Bronco fan, I feel the Chiefs are a good team with some great players and coaching. With that said, I consider the Chargers to be the bigger threat in the AFC West. I actually think San Diego would win the AFC South and North if they were in either of those divisions. I predict KC will go 8-8 or 9-7 and be in playoff hunt to the wire.

      My concerns with the Chiefs:
      1. They got a lot of lucky breaks (regular season) last year in facing a lot of backup QBs along with a favorable schedule.
      2. Their offense is too dependent on Jamaal Charles. Running Backs are much more prone to injury than QBs, and have skills that have been known to erode rapidly.
      3. The O-Line is at best a Work In Progress

      • scomstock55

        with a healthy Travis Kelce and an upgrade at the slot, we should see quicker releases from Smith and that will result in a better rating for our 0-line. Denver’s O line isnt that great…its just that Peyton gets rid of the ball so fast he is rarely touched. The same type of quick release can do the same for KC and the perception of its O-line play

      • Tony

        The Broncos faced the likes of Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick, T. Pryor, M. McGloin, and Eli Manning just like the Chiefs did. The only real lucky break for the Chiefs came when they faced Jeff Tuel (who arguably played better than Manuel anyway).

        Meanwhile the Broncos lost to many of the good teams they faced like the Chargers, Colts, Pats, and Seahawks. The exact same argument can be made that the Broncos feasted off a weak schedule while struggling against playoff teams.

        • Adam

          Speaking of luck, how about New England’s O-line crapping out in the AFC championship game? I am more concern about the Broncos keeping up their success.

          Manning is fragile and faced the same cupcake competition the Chiefs did last year, which kept him relatively healthy (still did get nicked up somehow). This year the NFC West is coming after him. Plus he has another year of age on him (the clock is ticking).

          Which is why Elway tried to sign an all-star team this off season. Andy Reid can tell you what happens when you do that.

  • Ulises

    Hey, why Ryan Succop grade is too low? I know is a kicker, but I have the impression that he is not that terrible

    • Paddy Holland

      i was also under the impression that colquitt was one of the better punters in the league. last year wasn’t his best year, but he is regularly near the top when it comes to inside twenty and coming up with some nice boots when it counts.

      • Adam

        Colquitt is a top 10 punter for sure, and has been for a while. B/R ranked him at 9 for last year. Meanwhile, his brother Britton is regarded here as a good starter, and is ranked on B/R at 19. So there must be some kind of discrepancy.

        Just another example of the Chiefs being the victim of mass bias. People are riding the Manning bang-wagon like he’s the next messiah. But things are different when you’re a top team in the league from Week 1 and the target is on your back. And people forget how fragile Manning is. Last year they had just as weak of a schedule as the Chiefs and so stayed relatively healthy. This year we all play the NFC West, chopped full of adamant defensive backfield and furious pass rushers. Not to mention the rookie talent the AFC West picked to make something happen.

  • Joey Carr

    Uhhh, Jenkins backs up Avery not Bowe. They don’t even play the same spot. Commings is a Safety, not a corner, though he can play press on the line if needed. Walker is backing up Powe at DT and Baily is getting the reps at DE. I would start this chart over with the players in the spots that they will actually play and then see how it looks.

    • Chris

      You should read the intro, instead of sounding like a total ass. This whole project is about helping out to produce the best quality depth chart analysis on the Internet. Obviously they aren’t at all 32 team camps so the info they glean isn’t going to be as accurate as you get following your one team.

      “However, if you do see mistakes or have comments, I’d encourage you to post them in the comments section of each article (or below if it relates to the entire series). If you believe that information is definitive (and not just your opinion) it would be great if you could post a link.

      For example, if the head coach has just come out and said X player will be given the first opportunity to win the starting job, it would be really helpful if you could give me a quick way to verify it. If we work together on this we can produce an extremely accurate and definitive set of depth charts that will hopefully be useful for everyone.”

      The short version? Thanks for the positional info. Be a little more professional about it. If you want to start your own website go right ahead.

      • Joseph Carr

        A good place to start is kcchiefs.com. Everything I said is there in the OTA and rookie mini camp conversations and interviews with the players and the coaches. Abudulla vs Commings at FS. Jenkins vs Avery at WR2. Hemmingway vs Weston vs Williams vs Thomas in the slot with possibly all making the team. Baily vs Cattapano at LDE running with the 1’s. Vance Walker backing up Poe at NT and playing the nickel.

        Coaches are currently high on Jenkins stepping up, the 3 safety combo of Berry, Commings and Abudulla in Bob Sutton’s defense and the explosiveness at RB and on special teams.

        Ford will bring and extra element we lacked last season. This could be the extra element our improved secondary can take advantage of.

        • Chris

          *thumbs up*

          I just can’t see a team who was so dependant on their great OL last year overcome such turnover and outflux of talent. They don’t have the skill position players to overcome a bad line.

          The defense should still be top 5 though. Gotta put in my love for Eric Berry as a Tennessee guy.

  • Chris

    Okay out of the 16 Depth Chart’s they’ve previewed so far, I’ve totaled the OL grades of all the starters using the following point system:

    Elite = 3
    High Quality = 2
    Good = 1
    Average = 0
    Below Avg = -1
    Poor = -2
    Not Enough Info = 0
    Rookie = 0

    Obviously this system has a flaw – an average starter is likely better than a player graded as Not Enough Info or a Rookie. However ceilings for rookies can be higher than a typical career average starter (Zeitler and Warford come to mind). But this process will give a rough estimate of the overall quality of each team’s OL.

    Ranked best to worst:

    DEN: +6
    CLE: +5
    CIN: +4
    HOU: +4
    BAL: +3
    DAL: +3
    GB: +3
    DET: +2
    IND: +1
    ATL: +0
    BUF: -1
    CAR: -1
    CHI: -1
    ARZ: -2
    JAX: -4
    KC: -4

    Obviously Jacksonville is going to suck. Joekel didn’t look good last year prior to his injury, and that was at RT. Now one could make the argument that he’s a better pass blocker, so moving to the left side could benefit him. But in his one start at LT last year after Monroe’s exit, he was absolutely burned by STL, putting up a -2.5 grade in just 12 snaps that was equally poor in both phases.

    On the flip side, Pasztor is not a good player either. His pass blocking is actually decent, but his work in the run game is really subpar for a RT and I think they were generous with his ‘below average’ grade. He had 8 negative run grades in his 12 starts including 7 in the red.

    Inside they have the potential to be a little better, but it’s all potential. Beadles is their best lineman, but only by default. He is a pretty decent run blocker but his pass blocking is not very good, and that was with Peyton in the backfield getting the ball out quicker than anyone. How’s he gonna do with Henne and/or a rookie in the pocket? Also, did he look better than he was in Denver because of the quality of the lineman around him? He won’t be playing next to Pro Bowl talent in Jacksonville.

    Brewster wasn’t even a full-time starter at Center last year and has had major issues run blocking at times (2 red grades in his 3 starts). He definitely deserves the Poor rating he was given.

    The other wild card is Linder, 3rd rounder from Miami. He has good size for a guard (6.06/310), but how much can a 3rd round rookie be counted on in his 1st year, especially when playing on a line filled with scrubs?

    SUMMARY: Joeckel could improve and maybe realize some of his 1st round potential, Beadles could continue to be at least average, and Linder could end up being decent as a rookie. However that’s the best things will get, as Brewster and Pasztor shouldn’t be starting and their lack of talent will drag down the whole unit.

    The turnover at KC is the issue. Albert is going to get at least a Good rating when they preview Miami. Asamoah got a Good rating when they did Atlanta, and Schwartz was the 3rd ranked RG in the league last year so he should be at least High Quality and possibly Elite when they grade the Giants.

    Replacing them is a whole bunch of nothing. Fisher is switching to LT, which figures to be a disaster based on how poor his pass blocking was last year at RT. He had 8 negative pass blocking grades in 14 starts including 6 Reds. At RT. Based on how he played last year he probably deserved a Poor, but I’m guessing based on potential he got bumped up a level.

    3rd year Stephenson is going to step in as a full-time starter at RT. He is a 3rd rounder from 2012 and has been a part-time injury fill-in his 1st two years. He struggled his rookie year and continued to do so last year with a -9.5 grade in only 600 snaps. And he’s sucked at both tackle positions, so there’s no reason to believe he will be anything but a below average player this year. In fact I think he probably deserved a Poor grade.

    LG Allen is also going into his 3rd year, however the former 2nd rounder has been tasked with starting since he entered the league. It has not been pretty. He’s posted a run blocking grade of worse than -12 in both years. His pass protection is average, but run blocking is definitely more important for an interior lineman and he is beyond bad. I think his Below Average grade here is generous as well.

    Linkenbach will step in at RG. I can’t stress enough how bad of a downgrade this is from Asamoah/Schwartz. Linkenbach was a part-time reserve as a UDFA in 2010, and wasn’t very good wherever he played. He got pushed into a starting role at tackle in 2011 and 2012 and was just abysmal. There’s no other way to put it. He’s posted a -35.2 overall grade in his 2 years as a full-time starter with major issues in both phases. He was demoted last year and still posted a -7.5 grade in only 400 snaps, so he was on pace for another -18 year again. Linkenbach definitely deserved a Poor grade.

    Hudson is the only one I’d say deserved his grade. He is a pretty average center who has been a pretty good run blocker. However, I see the potential for a down year considering who he’s playing with now. Both guards that figure to flank him have shown major issues blocking the run – can he continue to be a decent run blocker with such poor production next to him?

    PFF gave this fivesome a collective -4, but I’d say that is generous and I may have gone with something more like -6/7. For a team that built their success running the ball and using Smith as a game manager, their OL was a huge part of their success last year, helping them make the leap they did from a bad team with a great defense to a great team with a great defense.

    Now their OL figures to be among the worst in the league, and certainly among the absolute worst out of 2013 playoff teams. I’ll stick to my original position – they’ll have major issues moving the ball this year and will be lucky to win 8 games. Their ridiculous defense will keep them in games but you just can’t succeed with a team so devoid of offensive weapons if you don’t have a good OL. You have to have one or the other – at least Arizona has Fitzgerald, Floyd, Ellington etc. KC has no playmakers outside of Charles and Bowe and a terrible line. Things will be rough this year and I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs.

    I really think Oakland could possibly make the leap and overtake KC this year. SD still has major defensive issues especially in the secondary. I don’t see any team in this division really challenging Denver at all this year.

    • Ton

      Um, just no. The fact is this Oline will have all its starters in their second year of Reid’s system and all of them made at least one start last year. Linkenbach isn’t even running with the first team at OTAs. Fisher will almost certainly improve as well.

      The backups from last year’s line were more than able to handle the Chargers in week 17, and Charles has overcome bad blocking in the past.
      Moreover, both Albert and Asamoah missed several games last year, as did Eric Fisher. Not to mention that Schwartz didn’t see significant snaps in several games.

      And lol at the thought of the raiders overtaking anyone in the AFC west. Come talk to me when you can’t just beat them with screens (which the chiefs Oline is very good at btw).

      • Chris

        Yes they missed games, but they had the depth last year to absorb that. How many teams can lose a starting guard in Asamoah, who was a good player in his own right, and have a guy step off the bench and finish top 5 at the position?

        Bottom line they lost their top 3 lineman and replaced them with nothing? You can babble about 2nd year progress all you want, but that is no sure thing.

        • Adam

          Then it is also trivial to babble about how they will suck this year. In the second year under Reids system, and with all of these guys being very young, there are two equally potential outcomes: 1. They are forced to improve to help the team win, or 2. they dont progress and the Chiefs go below or at .500. But what I don’t understand is how last years grades directly indicate upcoming play. Especially when their jobs are to improve and get better year to year under the direction of coaches whose job is to make them better.

          For that matter, how many young offensive lineman are stellar right out of the gate anyway? From what I understand, it takes time for O-lineman to get better (especially as a whole unit), usually into their 3rd or 4th year. And since these lineman are coming into their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th/5th years as starters or regular contributors, I’d say chances are more than likely that they will improve.

          So many Bronco band-wagoners here…

        • scomstock55

          they didnt lose their top three…Asamoah had already been supplanted…Alberts replacement will be much bette with a year under his belt. LT is a difficult position to learn at that level. Rishaw Johnson is better than people give him credit for…as an avid fan I watch and rewatch all the games…and even watch the “coaches” film available on the internet (for a fee)….the addition of Kelce and an upgrade at the slot will also help “improve” the OL…by virtue of quicker releases by Smith. Less hurries and sacks that way…refer to avg release times by QB compared to sack/hurry numbers….research research research

      • scomstock55

        that set of “backups” you refer to gave up way fewer hurries and sacks than the starters did….do you research….

  • Rudy Fierro

    I’d say Avery should be graded as an average player and Flowers should definitely be considered high quality. Also, Berry as an elite? I’m not sure about that, and Poe is not a top ten interior lineman.

    • Levi

      Anybody who doesn’t think Poe is not a top interior linemen does not deserve any gravity when discussing linemen.

      • Rudy Fierro

        “doesn’t think Poe is not”

        So you agree with me? or is it that your brain isn’t capable of understanding double negatives? Because if it’s the latter, then you don’t deserve any “gravity” when discussing anything in the English language.

        And I’m not saying Poe is not a good player. I’m saying I can think of about ten interior linemen that I’d rather have. It’s an opinion. Live with it.

        • scomstock55

          so state it as an opinion….not as if it is the truth and the final answer….at least that is how your assessment reads to me…

    • uh

      you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, rudy.

      • Rudy Fierro

        I might not be the sharpest, but I’m pretty sure I’m sharper than you, “Mr. uh”.

    • Jordan MacGeever

      Avery maybe the worst starting WR in the NFL….how is this even debatable?

      • Rudy Fierro

        Trust me, it’s absolutely debatable. You’re probably just a Chiefs fan (homer) who doesn’t like what I said about Berry and Poe.

  • Chris from the Cape

    ..Such an unusual makeup for a good team. While when their pass rush + Dwayne Bowe are on their game they can play with anyone, but in a pass happy league they just don’t seem to be constructed to consistently win games.

    • Jordan MacGeever

      who said they were a good team? they’ve lost a few key players and they had a joke schedule last year

      • scomstock55

        not a good team? bah….we hung in there with Denver TWICE…and lost in that last second one time….we literally thrashed INDY but were decimated by injury…this is a GOOD team with potential in place to be much better in the second year of this system…

      • Isendoof

        name one “key” player that they lost. Just one will do.

      • Steve Blank

        bullshit joke schedule…the reason they did worse in the second half was primarily the injuries to our pass rushers….with a pass rush any and every team would get picked apart by Manning and Rivers….even without a pass rush we played two very close games with the Broncos…and barring injuries we would have continued to dominate the Colts too….or are they a joke too?

      • Steve Blank

        6th in scoring with “no QB or WR or TE or OL”….how could they be a bad team and accomplish this? and dont say the schedule…we scored more in the second half of the season…against opponents you thought were good (assuming you meant the first 9 games were a joke)…

        • Perception

          Chiefs offensive scoring:
          Weeks 1-9: 18.4 PPG
          Weeks 11-17: 26.7 PPG
          Weeks 11-13,16-17: 22.8 (excluding blowouts vs WAS/OAK)

          Opponents’ Average PPG:
          Weeks 1-9: 12.3
          Weeks 11-17: 27.7

          Yes, while their offense did produce more in the second half of the season, they proved they could not do enough to win consistently without an elite defense.

          • Steve Blank

            very nice work …a clear illustration of the assertion that without a consistent pass rush, a team can and will get scored on in this league…even the worst QBs at this level will hit the open receivers more than 60 percent of the time…..and with the Chiefs playing the press man style…it is probably higher…it is very very hard to cover someone one on one for more than 4 or 5 seconds

    • Steve Blank

      6th in scoring with a ragtag group of TEs in an offense based on a lot of TE play is pretty damn good….6th in scoring with a team that everyone says has no QB or WRs is pretty damn good….the Chiefs never get the credit they deserve…

      • Perception

        When you take out defensive and special teams scores, and limit it to offensive points scored ONLY, the Chiefs drop to 15th in scoring. 22.06 PPG–just above the league average of 21.5.
        11 of their 52 touchdowns were non-offensive, which was the most in the league. Bengals and Bears were tied for second with 7 each.

        • Steve Blank

          so, are you trying to illustrate that the Chiefs are a bad team by deleting two thirds of where the scoring opportunities come from? Id say finishing 15th with only one third of the opportunity is good…lol…​

          Steve Comstock

          • Perception

            Not at all. Very good on defense (when healthy) and special teams. Just stating that using their 6th ranked PPG to defend their production on offense is misleading (and so is saying I’m disregarding 2/3 of their scoring opportunities). Collectively as an offense they were nothing more than average last year though.
            That’s not to say that getting points from your D/ST isn’t important or impactful, because obviously it is. However you cannot rely on on that week-in and week-out.

          • Steve Blank

            ok, back to the point then…if we can maintain an “AVG” NFL offensive output with what some call a less than avg line, wr corps, qb, TE, than we are doing pretty darn good. Im wondering about the DST scoring of the other 5 teams in front of them…how far do they drop off….

  • jjjj

    This team makes no sense.. so far and maybe the only team that has 4 elite players. All avg and below avg oline, yet Jamaal Charles is a top3 rb.

    • Steve Blank

      yeah..I agree…I guess with an “avg” line he could have gotten 2500 yards….

  • Rick S.

    Chiefs are probably the only team beside Seattle to have four elite players, yet have more below avg and poor players than every other playoff teams. IMO, the hardest team to predict in 2014.

    • Zachariah Miller

      Eagles may very well have 4.

      Lesean Mccoy, Evan Mathis, and Jason Peters are ranked very highly in PFF’s top 101 list, and they had Jason Kelce as the single best center in football last year.

      Their Offensive will essentially look like the Chief’s defense here.

  • Thu Ha
  • Mikey C

    Having a sub-par O-line and WRs on top of a game-managing, noodle-armed QB should doom any offense, right? If I had only seen the first half of last season, this analysis of the depth chart would seem spot on. During that span, KC won with defense (and ST) while the offense struggled mightily.

    But wait a minute … KC’s offense was terrific later in the season. After their bye-week, KC averaged 38 ppg (not including week 17 because the starters did not play, but including the the 45-44 playoff loss at Indy).

    Obviously KC’s front office understands that pass defense was the biggest weakness; they took the best outside pass rusher available at pick 23 overall and a DB with their next pick. If Andy Reid can once again get top-ten production from this average-at-best offensive group, then watch out because the defense is loaded.

    • Mikey C

      * correction , averaged 33 ppg after the bye

  • Madi

    Given PFF’s depressing take on Alex Smith’s performance in last year’s Wild Card game against the Colts, I’m surprised they were gracious enough to call him average.


  • TruthDetector

    Brandon Flowers?

    Since KC released him nine days ago, it’s nearly time to remove him from the depth chart.

  • George McDowell

    If Dontari Poe is elite, I’m Miley Cyrus.