2014 Depth Chart: Jacksonville Jaguars

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars.

| 3 years ago

2014 Depth Chart: Jacksonville Jaguars

2014 depth update JAX

[Chart last updated 7/4/14] 


•  Should Jaguars fans be concerned about that offensive line? While we’ve seen plenty of offensive tackles take a big step forward in their second year, something which should give hope after Luke Joeckel’s early struggles, the rest of the line is still a major concern. Only new starting guard Zane Beadles is considered an average starter or better, and there aren’t any backups to get excited about to replace anyone just yet.

•  Chris Clemons might not be a top pass rusher anymore but, as we saw in the Super Bowl, he can still be a very effective defensive end on his day. Coupled with Red Bryant, the Jaguars have added two talented linemen from Seattle this offseason.

•  Cecil Shorts probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves from most and, despite some injury troubles last year, he’s a decent receiver to have around. The problem for the Jaguars, though, especially with Justin Blackmon unlikely to feature this season, is that there aren’t any other proven receivers on the roster. That’s definitely a concern when you are likely to see a rookie quarterback starting for at least part of the season.

•  Safety John Cyprien finished the year with a grade of -17.4, so why exactly is he an average starter? Well, as much as he struggled early in the year, he improved drastically in the second half, grading out at +1.1 in the final eight games.

Roster Battles

1.  Quarterback

The most obvious battle in Jacksonville this season is who starts the season under center. They made a point of bringing back Chad Henne despite his struggles last year, but drafted Blake Bortles with the third overall pick in the draft. It’s clear that this is Bortles’ job long term, the bigger question is how long Henne can hold him off.

2.  Backup Running Back

After signing him in free agency, the Jaguars expect Toby Gerhart to be their feature back in 2014, but what about behind him on the depth chart? Jordan Todman saw 76 carries last year but, averaging just 3.4 yards per carry, didn’t do much to get you excited, while Denard Robinson forced just one missed tackle from 20 carries but fumbled three times. The wild card here is rookie Storm Johnson and, while he may have been drafted in the seventh round, could easily pass Todman and Robinson with a strong preseason.

3.  Center

With Brad Meester retiring at the end of the 2013 season, the Jaguars find themselves looking for a new starting center for the first time in a long time. The favorite for the job right now looks to be Mike Brewster, however, his work at guard in his first two seasons will definitely give Jaguars fans cause for concern. Behind him it’s the untested Patrick Lewis and rookie Luke Bowakno, and as much as Brewster has struggled, we’ve haven’t seen any of either of those two to judge whether or not they would be a better option.


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  • chillermonster

    You guys really think that Ace Sanders can keep Allen Robinson off the field? My guess is that Robinson is the WR2 and Lee and Sanders have to battle it out (with Lee winning) for WR3.

    • Calvin Wasdyke

      Shorts, Robinson, Sanders.

  • Jagsfan

    I wish I understood the metrics…

    Poz is a below average middle linebacker?

    • Wyzel

      I wondered that too, I always thought he was solid, but that is where name versus production is not the same. Looking game by game last year he has a lot of negative games. last year he only had 3 games above 0, and ended 42/55 ILB. Year before he was 47th. 2011 he was good with a 12.9+ though I wouldnt be surprised if that goes up with better D-line in front of him. Many ILB’s look bad if their line constantly lets gaurds plow into them


      He can’t cover and can’t stop the run at a high level. Even when he was getting hype in Buffalo he was struggling against the pass. He also has serious durability issues.

      • Jagsfan

        He has missed one game in the last three seasons with the Jags, and has had over 100 tackles in the last two. He has also provided multi int seasons for three years running. I’m not saying that he should be elite, far from. But when you look at his body of work, consistency, and productivity, he is not a below average mlb

        • NFL PODCAST

          Look at where he makes his tackles next year and you might agree with me and the guy who wrote this. They all seem to be 5 or 6 yards down the field on a running play… Watch when it is a 3rd and short and he is blitzing down the A gap, he just doesn’t make big plays when tackling and can’t beat blocks. You mention the Int’s but I think he is terrible in coverage. A player like Ej Henderson who is a free agent would be a pretty big upgrade because he can actually stuff running lanes along with being one hell of a blitzer. I probably would have rated Puz as average but I can’t disagree with him being below average.

          • pbskids4000

            Posluszny led the league in run stop % last and was 9th in tackle efficiency. That in itself should make at least an average to slightly above average MLB.

  • Fintasy

    I should have bought stock in red, orange, and yellow marker companies

  • Duuuuuvaaaaaaal

    I feel like Jacksonville’s reputation is influencing the grades for some of these players more than their true ability.

    Not saying we have any elite or even high quality starters, but Marks should be green; Gerhart, Poz, and especially Pasztor should be yellow: and Bradfield should be orange. Also, Telvin is ahead of J.T. Thomas and could even end up starting over Geno at WILL.

    • Graham Barfield

      Poz has been pretty much mediocre in the last two seasons.

      • Duuuuuvaaaaaaal

        Eh, I think it’s hard to look at Poz without the context of his ridiculous contract. He hasn’t played at a level anywhere close his play, but how many linebackers got a pick 6 on Peyton last year? His playmaking ability balances out his inconsistency to an average grade in my view.

        • bobrulz

          Usually players that are considered “playmakers” also “make” a lot of plays that are the kind that you don’t want.

    • redtigernine

      I think For Poz it was that he didn’t really have quality LB by him, or even a good Dline in front of him. Meaning the other Team always keyed on keeping him out of the play.

  • Mike

    Luke Joeckel’s 1 quarter at left tackle was enough to tell you he’s a below average starter?

    • Graham Barfield

      He played in five games last year. Started four at RT, moved to LT against STL and broke his ankle. He was pretty “meh” in his first four games. Got beat a lot.

  • Nine Oh Fo

    It’s a crime that Pasztor isn’t at least yellow. He held his own TWICE last year against J.J. Watt. The man deserves a medal.


    A lot of great work on these depth charts but I think you were a little off base with Toby Gerhart being a below average starter.Granted, I wasn’t happy with his 2012 season but he was impressive in 2013 in what opportunities he had. He is an excellent pass blocker and never loses yards. Yea, he doesn’t have great speed but averaged 7.9 yards per carry last year.. I think he is a back that will benefit from a bigger workload and he can play all 3 downs which certainly should be enough for an average rating.