2014 Depth Chart: Baltimore Ravens

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 Baltimore Ravens.

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2014 Depth Chart: Baltimore Ravens

2014 depth update BAL

[Chart last updated: 7/2/14… see update notes from 7/2/14]


•  Ray Rice’s decline from a premier player to a roster question mark has been precipitous and somewhat accentuated by our view that he was never much more than an average pure runner on his best day. That said, he was, until recently, the NFL’s best pass-catching halfback and, while his skill has waned in that area too, we decided what’s left (together with the atrocious performance of his O-line last year) should just save him from being labelled “below average”.

•  As left tackles go, Eugene Monroe is a very well-rounded player. He majors in pass protection, but is no mug in the running game either and is still improving. In the end he was a hair away from a “high quality” grade but a slightly improved 2014 should see him move into that category.

•  Why, when if anything he played worse than Gino Gradkowski, have we got A.Q. Shipley rated higher? Because he’s a pure center and when forced to play guard, as he was last year, he was obviously overmatched. He did well at C for Indianapolis in 2012 and should only be viewed in that capacity.

•  Both Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs have shown signs of age for two seasons running now. Last year we gave Suggs a pass because of his injury and Ngata due to his playing out of favorite position (he played more 5-technique in 2012). While they are still good players, Ngata’s highlight plays have become further apart and Suggs’ Pass Rushing Productivity, although still good for such a dominant run defender, is merely average when judged independently.

Roster Battles

1.  Left Inside Linebacker

Most Ravens fans were happy when their team was able to select Arthur Brown in the second round of 2012, if not as a replacement to Ray Lewis, then more as logical progression. However, almost from his mistake in punt protection in Week 1 that allowed the Broncos to open the lead they would not relinquish, things never quite went to plan. He could never beat out (initially) Josh Bynes and then Jameel McClain, despite the latter playing very poorly. When C.J. Mosley was chosen with the 17th overall selection this year it left no one in doubt to the front office view. However, as we have just seen, not everything runs to a script so maybe Brown (and Bynes) will get another shot.

2.  Free Safety

When used in the Ravens’ single-high defense, more often than not Matt Elam appeared out of place, but that’s what happens when you effectively have two strong safeties on the field together (as they did last year due to the pairing with James Ihedigbo). This year Elam will be used much closer to the line of scrimmage, where he looked far more comfortable, and Baltimore will need to find the man to play behind him. Draftee Terrence Brooks seems a logical choice, but that’s still a projection and maybe Anthony Levine or Omar Brown will state a case. Let’s just hope they don’t have to pair Elam with UFA, Darian Stewart or we may be in for a rerun of 2013.


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  • Nick Jones

    Just a question, what does the bolded mean? They are borderline the grade above?

    • Nick Jones

      oops. just read it’s over 30’s. What happened to your gradings that had players in between tiers and ready to move up etc?

    • Joe

      Over 30.

  • Eddie

    I would really like to know how Jimmy Smith is only an average starter after he ended last year

  • Everything Burrito

    I would not be surprised to see Jernigan in the starting lineup on opening day.

  • bz2

    Wow, they’re a bit thin at tackle, aren’t they? Also Flacco as “average”, that’s harsh on a man who was not too long ago the best paid player in football :)

    • Wyzel

      Best paid does not equal best in football. I would call him above average, because he seems to come through when you need him too, but then there are those times you go WTF.

  • Sam

    So let me get this straight….Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata aren’t “High Quality”? Ok, I have to call shenanigans on this whole report. Its completely bogus and quite frankly its way off. Calling Joe Flacco and Ray Rice average startes is hilarious. Both are in the top half of the league at their position which constitutes to at least a “Good Start” if not “High Quality” As for Torrey Smith and Dennis Pitta, I will agree on Good Starter, but could make the argument for them to be “High Quality”.

    Again, this type of assessment proves your lack of knowledge with not only the Baltimore Ravens, but the NFL in general.

    • John

      dude seriously if you watched them play Rice didn’t do shit and Flacco deserves some of the blame. Yea the way they ended they are average, and rice should have been worse. Suggs is above average cause he defends the run well but died the 2nd half of the season, and if you still believe Ngata is High Quality then put on the tape from 2011 and compare it to the last 2 seasons. Don’t criticize others knowledge that clearly is above yours, Im a DieHard fan but I’m not talent biased.

  • NJ

    Aaron Mellette??

  • Roger

    Just wondering, why would you give Jimmy Smith “average starter” if he was ranked as one of the best 1 on 1 corners in the league? Also why is Daryl Smith average? You guys seem a little too harsh when grading the Ravens. Also, the Ravens sign James Hurst as an UDFA. He should be the starting RT.

    • Jesse Murray

      Really who ranked Smith that high? He had a purple patch of 7 good games in his entire career and now he is the be all end all? Come on now. Go watch his last 2 games of the season, he sure didnt look like one the best 1 v1 Cbs in the NFL.

      • Roger

        I have to disagree with you. You’re telling me a guy that shutdown guys like Megatron, Antonio Brown, A.J Green and Brandon Marshall isn’t good? 2 games don’t tell the story of his whole season.

      • Brandon

        The real question is, do you even watch Ravens games?

  • Diggity Denny McDennerson

    Jimmy Smith only shut down…Antonio Brown…twice….Calvin Johnson…Brandon marshall…definitely average

    • Jesse Murray

      Really you have stats proving that? Johnson had 98 yards, dropped an easy long pass for a TD and Stafford was utterly woeful that game. Smith wasnt in coverage on Johnson, Webb was for most the game. Try again. Same with AB, Webb took most of the snaps with AB, then Graham and Smith had a handful, Smith primarily covered Sanders & Cotchery. He did play well against Marshall but contrary to what you believe he was not singled up on Marshall the entire game. Webb again saw just as many snaps on Marshall. Smith also had snaps v Jefferies. I also Smith get burned by Marvin Jones, Greg Little, Edelman and other Wrs that dont exactly inspire pro bowl thoughts. Smith flashes but outside of a 5-7 stretch has yet to do so with consistency. PFF has every right to see him as average.

  • Charlie D.

    Ok…. Flacco is average after having no O-line, run game and medicore WRs, and Eli Manning is a good starter after having a decent run game, O-line and WRs, but Eli throws more picks and less touchdowns than Flacco………

    • Litework

      Torrey Smith had more yards than Victor Cruz. The Giants o-line isnt very good and their running game wasnt good. Andre Brown and David Wilson were hurt for most of the season.

    • 5aiah

      Flacco is the perfect Ravens “type” QB but he has always been in the average QB discussion. He doesn’t elevate anyone and needs great conditions to make things happen.

  • Lord Father

    Man i do not agree with Eugene Monroe’s ranking at all. He has had 3 straight years with a 20+ rating….that’s bordering on elite yet he is only ranked good?

  • Jim Davis

    What idiot wrote this BS?

  • 5aiah

    Jimmy Smith should be next level for sure.