2009 Team Pass Protection Rankings: A Look Back

| 6 years ago

2009 Team Pass Protection Rankings: A Look Back

Starting Monday, we’ll begin a series breaking down the best individual pass protectors for 2010, so be sure to check back in.
In the mean time – on the heels of our 2010 team pass protection rankings – here’s a quick look back at what the same formula produced in 2009.

A familiar group would up at the top as Indianapolis’ concoction of few extra blockers and quick-triggered quarterback balanced a relatively porous line and again formed the pressure-handling unit that others looked up to.
Linked below is the three-part series written by Neil Hornsby.
As a refresher, the formula used in this exercise was:

(Total Pressure [sacks + 0.75 * Hits + 0.75 * Hurries] / Passing Plays) * (Average Blockers / Passing Play) = Pass Protection Rating

2009: No. 32 to No. 23

Kicking things off in Oakland, Mario Henderson “anchored” the last-ranked pass protection group in the league. Keeping in backs as extra blockers – as effective as they were – was not enough to pull this group up.
At No. 23, Carolina’s Ryan Kalil was a standout, but surrounded with lacking help, backs that couldn’t support the front five, and a QB that withered in the face of pressure, the Panthers fell into the bottom third of the league.
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2009: No. 22 to No. 13

Injuries and sub-par performance were the story for the 49ers’ pass protection efforts in 2009. Scramble as they might to plug holes, there were just too many to fill – an issue they tried to rectify in the 2010 draft.
Tennessee wasn’t as good as they were the season before, but landed fairly high on the 2009 list. Highlighted by the fall-off of Michael Roos (who has since continued his slide), this still-decent unit was headed in the wrong direction.
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2009: No. 12 to No.1

Slotting in at No. 12, the Rams, like Indy, chose not to hold in many extra blockers, but unlike the Colts, didn’t have the QB able to negate pressure with quick and smart decision making. A strong pass-blocking line and lots of receivers in routes, but just a QB away from tying it together.
The Colts’ synergistic unit rose to the top in a relatively unorthodox manner. Not the best protection from their line, but the other parts and schemes factored in to make this the top pass protection group for 2009.
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