2015 Depth Charts: Philadelphia Eagles

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts: Philadelphia Eagles


•  Despite a solid stretch in 2013, Nick Foles fell back down somewhat in 2014. Grading positively in just three games last year and missing half of a season through injury, it’s not surprising that there has been talk about the Eagles looking to upgrade at the position.

•   The strength of the Eagles’ offense is the offensive line, with both Jason Peters and Evan Mathis up there with the best in the league. Center Jason Kelce isn’t too far behind, while right tackle Lane Johnson continues to impress in his young career.

•  At cornerback Cary Williams continues to be up and down. He’s capable of some impressive plays in coverage, but finds himself beaten by double moves too often to be considered anything better than average.

•  At PFF we’ve been able to the performances of long snappers further in the last two seasons. This year, nobody performed better than the Eagles’ Jon Dorenbos, with just three snaps off target all season.

Team Needs

Wide Receiver: We saw the Eagles look to bring in some more talent at receiver a year ago with Jordan Matthews, and that should continue again this year. Riley Cooper isn’t the top player that they need and, if Jeremy Maclin leaves as a free agent they’ll need to replace him as a starter.

Inside Linebacker: Mychal Kendricks has improved a lot in one spot after a rocky start to his career, but at this point they could do better than DeMeco Ryans next to him. He hasn’t had a positively graded season since 2012, so it’s fair to question if he can ever get back to that.

Quarterback: It’s frequently said that you don’t need a top quarterback in Chip Kelly’s offense, but that’s not to say that they still shouldn’t look to upgrade at the position. With the Oregon connection there will be plenty of talk about moving up in the draft for Marcus Mariota, but it seems likely that they’ll try to upgrade at the position in some way.


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  • Joe S

    I agree with everyone but two. Connor Barwin is very good and so is Cody Parkey. Please explain how these two pro bowlers are average?!?!?

    • Chris

      This was Barwin’s first season grading positively. As they’ve explained, these rankings aren’t based only on this year instead taking into account previous years as well. Barwin has been a career below average player who suddenly had one above average season.

      • Joe S

        Well he was pretty darn good last year too. Didnt get the sacks but was a great covering TE and got a lotta pressure on qb’s. He also blocked a ton of balls last year. Very underrated player

    • Jaguars28

      I’d go with green for Barwin.

  • Mike

    Lane Johnson should be Very Good. Also, Barwin is not an average player, although I get why you placed him there with how you’ve graded him.

  • Mike

    I also think as of right now, Allen Barbre would be the starter at RG. And I’m completely clueless how CB/Secondary isn’t placed as a need here.

  • Chris

    Pretty solid everywhere but QB and WR. Malcolm Jenkins’ grade surprised me.

    • Jaguars28

      Uhh, secondary? They allowed over 4,000 yards and 30 TDs through the air.

      • Chris

        Pretty solid meant they don’t have any real below average duds.

      • Riffle,Rod&Fly

        This style of play is going to put the opposing offense on the field often and strain the defense. They can still win though. Foles still went 5-2 with one glaringly bad game before the injury last season. He put up 411 yds against a stingy Cards D. They need some depth in those spots but I expect them to be back on top of the division next year.

        Luck will throw INTs. The Eagles will compromise their defense. Neither matters if they’re winning.

  • ZB

    Although I understand that Barwin only had one good season it was a very good season with 14.5 sacks. He should be labeled as good though, and not “average”. Parkey was 32/36 so I don’t quite understand his grade on PFF overall, not just this. Last I looked he didn’t grade out all that well. Maybe it was because he missed 2/16 from 30-39 and 2/6 from 40-49, but idk.


    Yeah Barwin is an absolute athletic freak, and was awesome this year. I think he is finally meshing with his potential, and should be just as good next year give him at least a green.

  • Jaguars28

    Better add Kiko Alonso and subtract Cary Williams and LeSean McCoy from the depth chart.

    • PetEng

      Don’t forget Trent Cole.

      Eagles are doing something big.

  • Vitor

    This OL is freak. It must be very nice playing QB for this team

    • KSSJ4

      If they stay healthy given the age of the left side.

    • Anthony Joseph Gomes

      and partly old and getting ready to retire