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PoF: Best Single Games – Guards

| August 3, 2013

Khaled Elsayed continues the Page of Fame series as he breaks down the best single-game guard performances.

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Nate Livings: Consistency Concern

| March 30, 2012

When the Cowboys said goodbye to Montrae Holland and signed Nate Livings this offseason, did they truly upgrade at left guard? A quick scan of our rankings last season suggests they didn’t as Livings was ranked 56th while Holland finished 16th. That really doesn’t tell the whole story, though. Pro Football Focus’ grades come as a […]

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Re-Focused: Colts @ Bengals, Week 6

| October 19, 2011

It’s been a good week for the Cincinnati Bengals.  Before they managed to finagle potentially two first round draft picks for a player who would rather retire than play for them, they did just enough to beat the Indianapolis Colts and move to 4-2.  It’s easy to look past that 4-2 record and see that, […]

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The Week 10 “Had a Bad Day” team

| November 20, 2010

Another week in the NFL passes and another week results in some players having a bad day at the office. Who is going to make this week’s “Had a Bad Day” team? How many of these players are having more bad days than good? Everybody is about to become consumed with Pro Bowl fever, but […]

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Re-Focused: Week 10, Bengals at Colts

| November 17, 2010

While they were victorious, it wasn’t the kind of win that is going to inspire much Super Bowl chatter for the Colts. After being handed an early advantage by some lax play by the Bengals’ offense, the Colts really didn’t do all that much and very nearly let Cincinnati back into it. Is it a […]

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Re-Focused: Week 9, Steelers at Bengals

| November 10, 2010

You have to give the Bengals credit for getting themselves in position to win the game, but it was all-too-familiar a scenario. They fall behind, they play catch up, and then lose. That isn’t the mark of a playoff team, and it’s safe to say right now the Bengals aren’t a playoff team. In fact, […]

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32 Teams, 32 Observations

| October 9, 2010

  AFC EAST Buffalo Bills: Despite rushing the passer 92 times, Chris Kelsay has produced just five total quarterback pressures. That’s one for every 18.4 attempts, a very low number. Miami Dolphins: Just six times has Chad Henne attempted a pass of longer than 20 yards, with just two of those complete. New England Patriots: […]

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Re-Focused: Week 3, Bengals at Panthers

| September 28, 2010

This was not a pretty game of football. Both sides traded mistakes until the Bengals were eventually able to distance themselves and hold off a late Carolina resurgence to get the road win. Carolina, nursing a rookie quarterback, had some excuse for their play, but the Bengals and Carson Palmer didn’t have that luxury. Though […]

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First impressions: Hall of Fame Game

| August 9, 2010

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a full-game review. Truth be told, I haven’t even watched the whole thing yet and I’m not sure I will. What anyone can truly learn from watching third-stringers play against each other, I still don’t know. As with most preseason games, I focused my attention on the first few drives […]

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Rating the Madden Ratings: AFC

| July 29, 2010

The PFF team breaks down the ratings for AFC players in Madden 2011: BALTIMORE RAVENS While it’s pretty easy to judge and rate quarterbacks, Joe Flacco (87 rating) is a bit underrated here. His grade puts him in the average range, but he plays above his stats and has shown steady progress and star quality. […]

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