2014 FA Winners-Losers2

2014 Free Agency Winners and Losers

Sam Monson gives his impression of teams that did well in the early phases of free agency and those who didn't maximize their ... [read more]

FA Special: 4 Questions, 4 Analysts

Steve, Sam, Ben and Khaled discuss their key developments from the past 10 days of free ... [read more]

Julius Peppers: Halting the Slide

Ben Stockwell looks at whether the Packers biggest foray into free agency in recent memory can deliver as the money would suggest they ... [read more]

Free Agency Reactions: Day 9

Day Nine of Free Agency is off and running, with the PFF team breaking down the moves, visits and rumors out ... [read more]

Palazzolo’s Pitch: Scheming

Steve Palazzolo looks at defensive free agent signings and the associated scheme effects that come with ... [read more]

Free Agency Reactions: Day 8

And on the eighth day, the PFF reactions free agency ... [read more]

Zone vs. Man

Sam Monson gets deeper into the idea of cornerbacks being more suited for one scheme or ... [read more]

Rookies in Focus: Interior O-Linemen

The rookies on the interior are Steve Palazzolo's focus this time as he breaks down their 2013 ... [read more]

Pass Rushing: Bringing Numbers

Nathan Jahnke follows up his Team Blitzing article by proving that quantity has a quality all its own both good and bad in rushing the ... [read more]

Envisioning Change: Buccaneers Offense

Plugging in free agent additions, Rick Drummond offers a glimpse of the new Tampa Bay offensive ... [read more]

Alterraun Verner: Approximating Revis

Considering cost and scheme, Sam Monson shows how Alterraun Verner can be an upgrade at Darrelle Revis' spot in the new Bucs ... [read more]

Sig Stats: Slot Coverage

Jumping to the other side of the ball, Gordon McGuinness checks out the slot ... [read more]

2014 Projected Lineups

PFF's look at the current state of all 32 rosters as we head into the 2014 free agency ... [read more]

Projected Lineups: Seattle Seahawks

The Superbowl champions will look to repeat their success in 2014, but how does the roster look before the draft and free agency? Gordon ... [read more]

Projected Lineups: Denver Broncos

Rick Drummond looks over the Denver lineup, noting the strengths and weaknesses of its current ... [read more]

Projected Lineups: San Francisco 49ers

Though the Niners don't have much cap space, they return perhaps the league's most talented roster and are certainly capable of making ... [read more]

Projected Lineups: New England Patriots

Steve Palazzolo has a look at the current state of the Patriots' ... [read more]

Projected Lineups: Carolina Panthers

Gordon McGuinness looks at the defending NFC South champions and their projected roster for the 2014 season with free agency just around ... [read more]

Expected Completion Percentage and Defensive Personnel Faced

Mike Clay examines the impact defensive personnel and depth has on a quarterback's completion ... [read more]

3 for 3 Mock Draft No. 2 – Free Agency Edition, Round 1

Leading up the 2014 NFL Draft, PFF Fantasy will be conducting three, three-round mock drafts. Here are the Round 1 results for 3 for 3 Mock ... [read more]

The Impact of Defensive Packages on Yards Per Carry

Mike Clay analyzes the impact of each defensive personnel package on rushing ... [read more]

Weekly Rundown: DJax and CJ2K

Jeff Ratcliffe breaks down the happenings from around the league this past week, including DeSean Jackson's signing with Washington, and ... [read more]

Ryan Tannehill: The Florida Key

PAt Thorman takes a look at the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill's fantasy prospects for ... [read more]

Giants Sign Robert Ayers

Giants scoop up one of the few defensive ends still on the market in Robert Ayers. Nate Hodges discusses the potential IDP ... [read more]

The PFF Page of Fame

A collection of pieces detailing the highest grades at each position that PFF has ever given out, both for single seasons and single ... [read more]

PoF: Best Single Games – Safeties

Our first installment of Page of Fame honors concludes today with a look at the best single-game performances from the last line of ... [read more]

PoF: Best Single Games – Cornerbacks

Today's Page of Fame honors the best single-game performances we've seen from the league's cornerbacks since ... [read more]

PoF: Best Single Games – 4-3 OLBs

While securing the perimeter or standing up the run, 4-3 OLB's need to master a lot. Khaled Elsayed details their top single game efforts ... [read more]

PoF: Best Single Games – Rush Linebackers

Page of Fame continues it's dissection of the best single-games of the past five years with today's look at the league's best linebackers ... [read more]

PoF: Best Single Games – Inside Linebackers

Few positions demand more of a defender than the inside linebacker spot - here's the best single games we've ever seen from the men in the ... [read more]

PFF All-Postseason Team, 2008-2013

Khaled Elsayed highlights the best postseason runs we've seen and builds a team of the tops at each ... [read more]

2013 PFF All-NFC West Team

In what may be the best division in football, Khaled Elsayed had a number of impressive players to choose from to comprise the All-NFC West ... [read more]

2013 PFF All-NFC South Team

Ben Stockwell introduces a team of NFC South standouts that includes what might be the best of the All-Division ... [read more]

2013 PFF All-NFC North Team

The next stop in the PFF All-Division series is the NFC North courtesy of Nathan ... [read more]

2013 PFF All-NFC East Team

Sam Monson provides a position-by-position look at the best of the NFC East from ... [read more]

2013 PFF All-AFC West Team

Rick Drummond presents a team of AFC West standouts, headlined by an MVP passer, reps from the league's top O-line, and a destructive front ... [read more]