2015 Top Free Agents: Specialists

Not to be forgotten, the free agent kickers, punters and long-snappers get a look here as Gordon McGuinness lists the top options at each ... [read more]

NFC West: Franchise Tags

The NFC West is stocked with talent but each team has looming free agents decisions that will help shape the 2015 race and PFF breaks it ... [read more]

2015 Top Free Agents: Linebackers

You’ve surely had a flip through the PFF Free Agent Tracker by this point, so this set of articles will build nicely on what you’ve ... [read more]

NFC South: Franchise Tags

Is there a tag to be given out in the South? Mike Renner looks through the options to offer a plan for each ... [read more]

PFF’s 2015 Top 75 Free Agents

PFF ranks the 75 free agents that stand atop the list of available veteran talent for ... [read more]

NFC North: Franchise Tags

Matt Claassen has a look at each of the NFC North teams and their franchise tag ... [read more]

2015 Top Free Agents: Running Backs

Running backs are still a physical force in today's NFL and Matt Claassen analyzes the top free agents that could possibly be available to ... [read more]

NFC East: Franchise Tags

Chris Phillips resumes the PFF series taking a look at just who may be franchise tagged with today's installment stopping in the NFC ... [read more]

2015 Top Free Agents: Cornerbacks

Kevin Connaghan reviews the top segment of the 2015 cornerbacks that will hit free agency shortly as the NFL transitions to a new ... [read more]

2015 Top Free Agents: Guards & Centers

Ben Stockwell continues the PFF journey looking at free agents with a review of the top centers and guards available for the 2015 ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: New York Giants

Notes •  Coming into this series I would have found it difficult to call any rookie Elite after their first season, but this year I ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: New Orleans Saints

Notes •  At wide reciever, Marques Colston and Brandin Cooks are both at roughly the same level now, though their careers are going in ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: New England Patriots

Notes •  LeGarrette Blount continues to deliver a lot despite not playing many snaps. We’d like to see him get the opportunity for ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: Minnesota Vikings

Notes •  Teddy Bridgewater had his struggles at the start of the season, but he ended it strong, with the highest grade amongst all ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: Miami Dolphins

Notes •  Ryan Tannehill can be a Very Good quarterback, but he needs to improve on his consistency in order to get there. He had some ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: Kansas City Chiefs

Notes •  Travis Kelce emerged as one of the best and most well rounded tight ends in the league in 2014. Making an impact as a receiver, ... [read more]

PFF’s 2015 Top 75 Free Agents

PFF ranks the 75 free agents that stand atop the list of available veteran talent for ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: Jacksonville Jaguars

Notes •  Blake Bortles struggled as a rookie, with the lowest graded first season of any quarterback since Blaine Gabbert. He did look ... [read more]

2015 Depth Charts: Indianapolis Colts

Notes •  Will Trent Richardson even be on the roster by the time the season rolls around? Even if he is it’s unlikely he’ll ... [read more]

2015 Top Free Agents: Running Backs

Running backs are still a physical force in today's NFL and Matt Claassen analyzes the top free agents that could possibly be available to ... [read more]

2014 PFF All-NFC West Team

A balanced group, this All-Division team features at least five players from each NFC West ... [read more]

2014 PFF All-NFC South Team

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2014 PFF All-NFC North Team

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2014 PFF All-NFC East Team

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2014 PFF All-AFC West Team

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2014 PFF All-AFC South Team

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2014 PFF All-AFC North Team

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2014 PFF All-AFC East Team

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2014 PFF All-Third Year Team

Showing well in their third season, these players from the 2012 draft form the All-Third Year ... [read more]

2014 PFF All-Sophomore Team

Sophomores have put the growing pains of their rookie season behind them and Khaled Elsayed takes a look at those who've shown best for ... [read more]
Cam Newton

Early ADP Check: Cam and JStew

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The fantasy impact of recent roster moves

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Touchdown Receptions: Skill or Opportunity?

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Dynasty Stock Watch – February

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Top IDP Free Agents

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PoF: Passing Under Pressure

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PoF: Pass Rushing Productivity

A look back through time at the statistically most prolific pass rushers using the Pass Rushing Productivity signature ... [read more]

The PFF Page of Fame

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PoF: Best Single Games – Safeties

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ReFo: Patriots vs. Seahawks, Super Bowl XLIX

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